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OSI Group McDonalds Partnership

OSI Group McDonalds Partnership published on

OSI Group is a private meat processing company located in America that offers services to food service industries. A good example of a food industry that works closely with OSI Group is McDonald’s company where it became OSI Group Mcdonald. The headquarters of OSI group is located in Aurora, Illinois and has succeeded to operate 65 facilities in 17 countries. The OSI group company was founded 1990 at Chicago, United States. The company’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin. It supports over 20,000 employees. The company dates back in 1909, where Otto Kolschowsky formed a family meat market at Oak Park, Illinois. Learn more at

He later expanded the meat company and moved it to Maywood, Chicago. OSI group later came to be known as Otto and Sans where it gained popularity as a quality meat producing company. OSI Group McDonalds became a solid alliance and they started working together. It is a famous fast food company. It was founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California and the founders were Richard and Maurice McDonald. The company first started as a hamburger restaurant which later grew to become a franchise company. The company’s headquarters were in Chicago.

Currently, the McDonald’s company had succeeded to run 37241 fast food restaurants across the world where it produces a variety of products like hamburgers, soft drinks, and many other fast food products. It is with no doubt that McDonald’s company is a success. OSI Group Mcdonalds has a played a big role in McDonald’s company. In 1955, it supplied McDonald with fresh beef when the company was starting up its first restaurant. The company relied on OSI group’s meat supply until it worked its way up to success.

Since then, it has formed close ties with OSI group company where OSI has excellent skills in keeping up with changes in the market where it always adjusts to meet the customers’ expectations. OSI Group Mcdonalds decided to expand to Europe where it acquired a Dutch company known as Baho Foods. David McDonald earlier had worked with OSI group where he learned and gained a lot of experience which he has applied McDonald’s company. OSI Group McDonald’s company provides fresh food products to consumers in the market. OSI Group Mcdonalds has been a successful partnership.

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Jacob Gottlieb Altium

Jacob Gottlieb Altium published on

Gottlieb Altium is the founder of Hedge-Fund Firm who liquidated a company by the name Visium Asset Management after an insider-trading scandal hit the Visium company. The scandal involved inflating or mismarking the costs of assets and that of a bond portfolio. However, Gottlieb was found not guilty of any wrongdoing, and he was considering to pay off clients who had lost their money on the company’s corruption case.

During the interview with “the Wall Street Journal” Mr. Gottlieb who is 46 years of age said that he has been doing investment ventures since he was a teenager. He further expressed that he plans to engage in investment activities forever. He founded a family company called Altium Capital that employed six people who manage the personal wealth of their clients.

The company specialized in health-care investing and also makes bets on the stock. Mr. Gottlieb employed his brother Mark Gottlieb as the chief operating officer of the company. The moment he liquidated Visium he focuses on reinvesting in another venture.

Mr. Gottlieb is a medical doctor by profession thus the reason why he is focused on providing health-care hedge fund. He claims that several companies are going public with value creation as well as value destruction. The new company Altium capital will operate on a similar strategy as Visium but with a focus on systematic and thoughtful research.

When Visium was started in 2005, the company managed about $8 billion of assets. By 2016 the firm Portfolio manager was charged by a federal prosecutor for trading confidential government information of generic-drug approvals.

The manager committed suicide at his home, and the prosecutor accused Stefan Lumiere a former Visium Portfolio Manager for mismarking securities. Stefan Lumiere was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment when he pleaded not guilty with a $1 million fine as well as three years supervised release. The two managers were barred from working in the securities industry again.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar published on

Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the familiar Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas and a board-certified plastic surgeon. The surgery institute in Dallas focuses on the cosmetic surgery of breast, body, nose, eyes, and face. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has broad experience and adequate expertise in the art of plastic surgery through which he assists his patients to gain their health back. His sensitivity and warmth carry through his mastery of art and passion.

The doctor is affiliated with different hospitals in the area including the Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. Dr. Jejurikar pursued his course from the University Of Michigan Medical School where he graduated with a Degree in Medicine and has been in practice for approximately 20 years. He approves various kinds of health insurance and is privileged to be among the six doctors at Dallas Medical Center and the nine plastic surgeons specialists at Pine Creek Medical Center.

Also, Dr. Sameer is ranked as one of the key physicians in the country according to patients’ reviews. Every year, approximately 100 million patients within the US access websites such as Vitals, Patients’ Choice and UCompareHealthCare to give experience feedback regarding their physicians.

It’s only those physicians with bedside manner and ideal overall scores who are selected and voted by their patients for the Compassionate Doctor recognition. From about 870,000 active physicians in the country, just three percent including Dr. Sameer who was accorded the 2012 honor. The Compassionate Doctor certification is one of the Patients’ Choice recognition programs where patients are given a chance to vote for the doctors who served them best.

While commenting on the recognition, Dr. Sameer confirmed that it was quite an honor for him. He also added that it was honorable of him to have been selected by his patients who came out in big numbers to rate him with positive reviews.

NewsWatch TV-Kidslox

NewsWatch TV-Kidslox published on

NewsWatch is a award winning t.v program that first aired in March 1990, at the time it primarily focused on financial problems. Today it falls more under the category of TV news magazine and covers a variety of topics that the general public has an evident interest in.

Some of the topics NewsWatch covers today include: technology, consumer news, celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, editorial and sponsored consumer reviews, breaking medical and governments news, and public service announcements.

Segments run by the station are usually self-contained reports that are no longer than two minutes. Aside from segments, interviews are also conducted; these can cover a large variety of topics.



These days children spend a ridiculous amount of their time electronic devices every day. But the unsettling part is how unaware parents are of the type of sites that their children could be accessing during their screen time. This is where Kidslox comes in, it is a app available on both android and ios formats and allows parents to set restrictions and monitor their children’s screen time. It has five primary easy to use features :instant lock down,day limit, schedule, content filter, and restriction of apps. The app will also not drain your battery nor your data, it has be optimized for the best convenience.

Kidslox is optimal and easy to navigate with it’s easy to use platform. The app also works across devices, so it will still work if the parent has an ios and child an android and vice versa. This is one of the features that makes Kidslox unique, there are very few companies that are cross platform.

Shervin Pishevar says crypto currencies will likely be ruled by SEC as securities

Shervin Pishevar says crypto currencies will likely be ruled by SEC as securities published on

Shervin Pishevar ranks among the most influential figures in the world of technology. He has founded a number of high-tech firms himself, including such widely recognized names as Ionside, WebOS and Social Gaming Network. But it has been as the founder and CEO of Investment company that Shervin Pishevar has really made waves in the tech sector. His company has been responsible for the early round financing of companies ranging from Airbnb to Uber to Virgin Hyperloop. Investment company continues to be a force within Silicon Valley, fighting to create the next generation of disruptive startups.

In his limited spare time, Shervin Pishevar also runs one of the most heavily trafficked Twitter feeds in the tech world. He has more than 100,000 subscribers, including some of the nation’s foremost thought leaders and influencers. In a recent Tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar discussed his view that crypto currencies will ultimately be treated by the authorities not as a means of payment, but primarily as securities.

Major implications for those involved in ICOs

Shervin Pishevar points out that the recent flood of ICOs, short for initial coin offerings, has created a serious problem for the SEC. Because these offering so closely resemble the issuance of equity shares, Pishevar believes that the SEC will eventually be forced to declare cryptocurrencies to be a form a security. Should this happen, Pishevar warns, investors may be on the hook for serious civil liabilities and, in many cases, may be subject to having their assets seized as part of the compensatory process in criminal proceedings.

Pishevar says that many of the ICOs that have taken place will ultimately turn out to be toxic for those left holding the bag when the music stops. Should this transpire, Pishevar says that it is likely that the SEC and other regulatory and law enforcement agencies may seek so-called claw back from any early investors who profited from the ICOs. This means that the government could seize assets of those who have shown a profit on any ICO.

Malcolm Casselle, the president Of WAX.

Malcolm Casselle, the president Of WAX. published on

Malcolm is the current president Of Wax which stands for (Worldwide Asset exchange). He is also the head and CIO of OPSkins. This is the most prominent platform for selling and buying items, which include video games. Previously, Malcolm Casselle was the president and a CTO at tronc. Malcolm was responsible for overseeing the rapid growth of properties and also leveraging of digital assets. Recently, he was the general manager and SVP of Digital media at SeaChange international. This is the same organization that acquired his firm Timeline Labs where he was the chief executive. Malcolm’s organization was the most prominent and leading in delivering all solutions for other firms to display, discover and also measure engaging content that is set on social signaling.

In the past, Malcolm Casselle foresaw the startups in the digital industry. He also led the startup of MediaPass, which is the prominent digital subscription key to most significant media organizations, a gamer social platform of 22M, Xfire and Groupon’s joint scheme with Tencent that is based in China. Additionally, Malcolm has been actively investing in organizations like Zynga, Facebook and also placing funds in vast data and blockchain verticals. Early, when Malcolm was setting off in his career adventure, he was at one time the co-founder of company PCCW. This is a telecommunication firm that is based in Hong Kong China. The firm is currently valued at $35 billion. As he was still serving PCCW, he strived and assisted the firm to raise billions of dollars. The cash was for the organizations public offering and thousands of other private transactions.

Malcolm Casselle pursued a bachelor’s degree in Computer science at Stanford University. After completing his degree, he decided to further his education. He pursued a master’s degree in Information Technology, at the same University. Malcolm is fairly educated, and his qualifications speak for themselves. He is capable of expressing both Mandarin and Japanese.


Upwork  Providing Regular Work to Freelancers

Upwork  Providing Regular Work to Freelancers published on

Upwork is a popular online platform for freelancers and clients to come together and collaborate. While there are many other platforms online that aims to help the freelancers to find work, one of the largest as well as the most secure and consistent is Upwork. It was founded in the year 2015 with the merger of two of the largest freelancing platforms online namely Elance and Odesk. Currently, the billed amount by freelancers on Upwork annually crosses over a billion dollar that exemplifies the scale at which the Upwork is operating.

If you are a freelancer looking to take your career to the next level or is just getting started in the field of freelancing, registering at Upwork would be helpful. Registering at Upwork would help you get much exposure in the open freelancing platform and help you get work on a regular basis. For most of the freelancers, the challenge is to get a consistent flow of work. It is this problem that Upwork can solve for you, but you need to follow specific steps to make sure that you do not miss out. The first step to achieving success on Upwork is to make a robust, descriptive, and an impressive profile where you showcase your skills as well as say something about yourself.

Once you have your profile set up, you would be able to connect with the employers. However, with the free pattern, you would get limited tokens that you can use to bid on the projects. Choosing wisely and smartly from the hundreds and thousands of open projects would help you get started sooner. Make sure that you connect with the employer and provide a fair rate, which would increase your chances of getting the project. The payments are made on the hourly or fixed basis, which can be mutually decided between you and the employer. Upwork would take its cut, and the cut amount would reduce as your revenue increases. If there are any issues mid-way through the project or if you don’t get paid, rest assured that the internal dispute resolving system at Upwork would have your back.

InnovaCare Health: an Experience of Great Leadership with Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkindes

InnovaCare Health: an Experience of Great Leadership with Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkindes published on

InnovaCare partners with the health organizations seeking to manage their patients’ population in a value-based model. With more than 120 years of expertise in healthcare management, InnovaCare has impressively delivered high-quality, affordable client-oriented services, that surpass the expectations of their clients. The healthcare services at InnovaCare are strategically modeled in such a way that they can adequately maneuver the challenges that hamper the modern world of healthcare services. The success of the company is mainly attributable to the commitment that the firm has placed on Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN is a breakthrough public-private partnership payment program that aims to propel the health system towards quality based service payment.


Besides the Leaning and Action Network, The leadership of Innovacare has steered the company to the top of the healthcare services industry. Rick Shinto, The Chief Executive Officer of Innovacare, is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the healthcare industry. With 25 years of operational and clinical healthcare, Dr. Shinto has made a significant contribution to the growth and development of Innovacare Health. Previously, he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta as well Chief Executive Officer, PMC Medicare Choice. He was elected to serve in the American Health Insurance Plan since 2017. AHIP is the most crucial trade alliance in the industry. For more details visit


Shinto is a passionate and dedicated leader. His selfless contribution to the healthcare sector has not gone unnoticed. Recently, the Modern Healthcare announced Richard Shinto as one of 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of California in Irvine; a medical degree from the State University of New York, and an M.B.A from the University of Redlands. You can visit


Penelope Kokkinides is another pillar that has strongly supported Innovacare. Her performance as a healthcare manager has been excellent. In June 2015, Penelope came back to InnovaCare Health. Previously she served as the Chief Operating Officer for Aveta Inc. and InnovaCare Health. She now works as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare. She is massively talented and experienced in health care, especially in government programs, managing health care operations, and developing clinical programs. Her area of focus is on organizational infrastructure and efficiency. Kokkinides acquired a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages from the Binghamton University; a master’s in social work, New York University and, an advanced in alcohol and substances abuse.





The Chainsmokers Rise To The Top

The Chainsmokers Rise To The Top published on

The Chainsmokers are a group that was started in New York City in the year of 2012. They are an American production and DJ duo. Even though they got their start in 2012, their first major breakthrough was not until 2014. This article is going to look into a little about their history and also, the making of their new music video for their hit single, “Side Effects”.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Chainsmokers got started in 2012. In 2014, they had a breakthrough single hit the top 20 in several countries. In October of 2015, they had a new debut released which featured their single “Roses” and hit the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Not only have the Chainsmokers had many songs released from the year 2014-now, but they have won many awards! Some of these awards include 2 American Music Awards, 7 Billboard Music Awards, and 8 Iheart Radio Music Awards. They are currently working on their fifth song of 2018, while also working on their new album.

As I mentioned earlier, they are working on the music video for their new single “Side Effects”. This video features the hit show Riverdale’s star, Camila Mendes. Mendes plays a hotel employee who at the beginning of the video, receives a call from her boss telling her she will be working through the weekend. As you can tell, Mendes is an overworked employee but instead of getting down in the dumps about having to work more she rips off her uniform and scurries through the brightly lit hotel.

The Chainsmokers have only been around for about 6 years, but they are definitely leaving their mark. Over the next few years, they are determined to go nowhere but up, and it is exciting to think about where they will be 6 years from now.

The Multiple Benefits Of GreenSky Credit’s App

The Multiple Benefits Of GreenSky Credit’s App published on

I teach a business class and am always harping on the fact that future entrepreneurs need to focus less on the money and more on enrichment. You bring so much more to the economy when you focus on how to make people’s lives better with your products. And there’s no better an example than David Zalik’s GreenSky Credit. I recently found a rundown of his company in Forbes magazine.

GreenSky Credit’s App

It all starts on the phone. GreenSky Credit brings value to the customer through convenience. Their app allows homeowners to secure home improvement loans in just minutes, and filling out the application is very simple. The app allows you to take a picture of your drivers license which fills out most of the application for you. And you receive a decision about your home improvement loan in just minutes.

A Beneficial Cycle

Homeowners are happy with GreenSky Credit’s service because they are able to work towards the home of their dreams while keeping a little bit of cash in their pockets. This extra cash allows the homeowner to make further improvements in order to expedite the entire home-improvement process, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Contractors salivate for the work provided by the app. The convenience of the app allows more homeowners to secure loans which provide more work for contractors. Contractors are then the salesman. They are the ones pushing homeowners to use the app in order to secure work quickly.



Banks also benefit from this cycle. GreenSky Credit secures loans through brick-and-mortar banks who are happy to assume all the risks. They trust David Zalik’s company because the financial tech app only approves those with incredible credit scores.

Profiting Without Owning Anything

Everybody is happy in this beneficial cycle all while GreenSky Credit receives profits from both ends. Contractors cut a check to the financial tech company for the work while banks share a percentage of their spreadsheets at the end of the year in exchange for the loans. Meanwhile, the financial tech company owns only the transaction without assuming any risks.