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Betsy DeVos and her Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos and her Philanthropy published on

Betsy DeVos was born in the America in 1958 and is, therefore, a legitimate American citizen by birth. She is a businesswoman who also has an incredible knowledge of politics. That said, Betsy DeVos is currently serving in the US government as the secretary of Education. Her life is also defined by her philanthropic work which is also covered in the article.


Betsy DeVos as the US Education Secretary


Betsy DeVos due to her great political interests and the fact that she is a businesswoman who has a great mastery of handling funds, she was selected as the US Education Secretary by the President, Donald Trump. Betsy DeVos has made lots of donations before, and she continues to do so. Most of her donations are always channeled toward redefining the US academic system. She is a philanthropist who has taken part in funding several projects in her country, US.


Betsy DeVos Philanthropic Work


For several years, Betsy has taken the frontline in fighting for the positive changes in the US education sector. Since most public schools are believed to be failing, which is true, Betsy became part of the solution by making donations to public schools so that they have enough resources to enhance the learning process and hence academic excellence.


Other Professions


Betsy and her husband have a great interest in embracing technology that made them find and start the Windquest Group. This company majors on using technology to manufacture clean and environmentally friendly energy. Besides that, Betsy DeVos has some experience with marketing since she worked as the President of Amway, the marketing company which was founded by her father. Throughout her life, Betsy as lived with the faith that great things can only happen when people came together and joined hands with the aim of reaching greater heights. Her primary goals are to one day be remembered as someone who made efforts toward bettering the education and corporate worlds.




DeVos’ philanthropic work is not something new as it is innate. The act of giving to the society can be traced back into the history of DeVos’ family. She is that one person who have poured millions of money to ensure that many people are given the opportunity to go through the formal education system so that one day, their lives can be different. According to sources, it is believed that DeVos was selected as the secretary of US education due to her great work in line with education.


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