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Boraie, a Dependable Partner in Urban Real Estate Development

Boraie, a Dependable Partner in Urban Real Estate Development published on

Boraie Development is the company to choose when you want to break into new frontiers. The urban real estate market has been lagging for far too long but not anymore. Boraie, thanks to its robust management structure, is now spreading its wings into the urban arena.



According to NJ Biz, the corporation which got developed decades ago has withstood the test of time to emerge a titan in its niche. Boraie, thanks to its many years of operation, has been able to forge partnerships with individuals highly in-sync with the construction industry, a move that has seen the company’s flagship projects getting fulfilled in little to no time.



I believe that it is these partnerships that have, in a way, contributed to Boraie Development’s successes. Today, the world is a better place because of Boraie and I will tell you why. The institution, ever since it got enacted, has penetrated deeper into the peri-urban landscape, transforming the terrain into what you currently experience in urban areas. In truth, Boraie Development has outdone itself time and again.



Newark, as it turns out, is the ideal case study, a testament of Boraie’s ambitions. The company which has previously stagnated is currently making efforts to transform Newark through a multi-million dollar project that has already borne fruit by helping realize an over twenty-floor exquisite-grade building. In short, Boraie is taking on a new breed of a client, one that is able to pay top dollar to get the job done.



Shaq Towers, as the new building gets known, got christened recently in an occasion that attracted dignitaries from left, right, and center. In the middle of it, all was Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA Hall of Famer. Recall, Shaquille had a successful streak playing professional basketball. Therefore, the former basketball player, all thanks to his significant wealth, is transforming Newark with the help of Boraie Development.



As they say, East or West home is the best. O’Neal, who also happens to be Newark native, has big plans for his hometown; plans aimed at making the region’s economy grow. Shaq Towers, a seventy-nine million dollar apartment has already brought good tidings to Newark by providing more housing opportunities for those who would so wish to relocate to that part of the divide. From the look of things, Boraie Development’s bold moves are paying off as it has always been the corporation’s interest to see to it that its clients and communities thrive.