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Brown Modeling Agency Brings Opportunities To The South

Brown Modeling Agency Brings Opportunities To The South published on

When you think of modeling you automatically think New York. But that’s not the only place that puts out some fantastic models. The Brown Agency located in Austin Texas has been continually growing and changing the lives of models and actors in the south.


The Brown Agency is a full-service talent agency. They help inspiring models and actors live their dreams in several different niches. They specialize in commercials, television, film, industrial videos, voiceover, print, catalogue, fashion, runway, conventions, tradeshows, promotional, and corporate events.


Most people think that to be a model you have to be tall. Well sometimes you do if you are doing runway and certain shoots. But there are so many opportunities available for any height. There’s a perfect fit for everyone.


Runway and High Fashion requires women to be tall and thin. Their height should be between 5’8” to 5’ll”. Men need to be very fit and between 5’11” to 6’2”. This type of modeling requires a lot of experience and training in runway walking.


Commercial Print includes magazines, books, and billboards. This all depends on what the company is trying to represent. The main thing needed for commercial print is that the model knows how to smile and pose properly.


Plus Size Modeling has become high in demand and gaining ground in the industry. Sizes for plus size modeling need to be 10-16 US. There are no real height requirements unless the model is interested in runway. Then they would have to be at least 5’8”.

Commercial Television has to do with each specific project. This is different than modeling. When it comes to television, training in acting is a must.


According to Market Wired, Film and Television are leaning more toward everyday people. In this area it still matters what exactly they are looking for in a role. Obviously if they are looking for a bald man, not everyone will fit. Some roles however are pretty general. For example they might be looking for a female police officer whose age is around 30. Speaking roles will require training in acting.


If you still want to be in the industry but don’t have a lot of acting experience yet, there is always extra work. Extras believe it or not are very important to a scene. If it’s an amusement park scene, it would look weird if it was just the major actors in the amusement park. Although they can still look for certain people, there are plenty of scenes that use crowds. This means anyone from babies to people in their 90’s could be used. They don’t usually have any requirements either. You could be short, overweight, or even with a disability and can still be in front of the camera.



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