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The Humanitarian and Passionate Character of Ara Chackerian

The Humanitarian and Passionate Character of Ara Chackerian published on

Ara Chackerian has been popularly referred to as an angel investor which is true judging from his success as an investor. However, he is popular for three things in particular, prowess in business management, investments and his philanthropic acts. The later has come out strong just showing what kind of a person this mogul is.


As a matter of fact, most of his career has been community focused. In healthcare industry, he has been very aggressive in ensuring high standards of service delivery are achieved for the benefit of not just TMS health solutions but also the public at large. He has researched widely, and come up with innovative products to make patients experience relaxing and alternative treatment methods effective and affordable. This is just one primary effort towards making the community around more empowered.


Elsewhere, Ara Chackerian has great interest in environmental conservation and management. He has been consistently supported and funded such courses. The Nicaragua-Limonapa Teak farm has been one of his area of focus. Alongside other stakeholders, he has ensured environmental friendly agricultural practices are adopted. This is in a bid to maximize the land use, improve efficiency and generally conserve the environment for generations coming after us. Check out



In addition, he has a heart for the young people from whence he sees so much potential. He has supported the youth such as the Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures and CREA Nacaragua; these are youth groups. Ara has worked all round with them to ensure they have education, secure employment opportunities and their talents and abilities are nurtured. For more details visit


About Ara Chackerian


Ara Chackerian is an investor, businessman, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is the Founder and President of TMS Health Solution which offers managed health care services. He is also credited to business development and has founded startup business ventures in the healthcare industry such as TMS Health Solutions, Mint Medical Education, PipelineRX, Embion Links and BMC Diagnostics. He studied Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University but has been developing sustainable business ventures in healthcare. Ara Chackerian lives in San Francisco and is among the key innovative leaders globally in this industry.



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Thor Halvorseen

Thor Halvorseen published on



Thor Halvorseen created the Human Rights Foundation in 2005, opening its headquarters in New York City in August of 2006. There are many well known prisoners of conscience on the International Council for the Human Rights Foundation. The key views of the Human Rights Foundation are freedom of self-determination and freedom from tyranny that Halvorseen has worked to create as the leader. Halvorseen has been a harsh critic of many governments that practice harsh punishments for political opponents such as China, Taiwan, Uganda and his own home land, Venezuela. He brings issues to the forefront that are pertinent to all people including Americans. Halvorseen sights that to deny the rights and liberty to one class of people, is to essentially deny rights and democracy to all people. The Human Rights Foundation has also been active in publicizing people who are well known in Hollywood for taking monetary funds from dictators. These actions lead Halvorseen to create the Oslo Freedom Forum as a meeting of human rights advocacy participants bringing together human rights advocates from around the world to discuss the issues that are being faced today. This gathering takes place every year and has been widely publicized by many well known publications such as Wired and Time magazines. Halvorseen is also a part of the Children’s Peace Movement helping children across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Halvorseen has also been very involved in bringing awareness through the medium of film. He as been a co-producer and executive producer on several movies such as Freedom’s Fury and Hammer and Tickle. Halvorseen has also made the most successful documentary in Estonia, The Singing Revolution, a film about the nonviolent struggle for political independence from Soviet occupation. Thor Halvorseen has also received many awards for his hard work in these areas showing that one can work towards a greater good and have a positive impact on the world.