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Sanjay Shah Heads Solo Capital And Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah Heads Solo Capital And Autism Rocks published on

For the majority of business leaders the chance to prove themselves a success in their chosen industry is often seen as the ultimate achievement, but for Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah the chance to provide assistance for family’s living with autism is perhaps his crowning glory. Shah established the Solo Capital brand in September 2011 as he sought a way of staying active in the financial industry while also allowing himself the chance to spend more time than ever before with his children and wife.

Sanjay Shah has led a life filled with success, but has also sought to find the best possible opportunities to live a full life where he has the opportunity to help others. The need to assist others could be seen clearly in the need of Sanjay Shah to study medicine in the hope of becoming a doctor, but he abandoned these studies in favor of a career in finance. Shah was a major success in his early years as an investment specialist, but did not want to continue working long hours following the 2008 economic slowdown; instead Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital, which had grown to have assets totaling around $100 million by March 2015.

The success of Solo Capital is a major achievement, but Sanjay Shah has become well known for his role with the Autism Rocks charity that organizes musical performances in a bid to raise finds and awareness for those affected by autism. Sanjay Shah has a personal history with autism that includes the diagnosis of his youngest son with the neurological condition and inspired his journey with Autism Rocks; the success of the charity has resulted in the first major festival to be held by the group in Dubai in the Summer of 2016.


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Forefront Capital Partners For Military Support

Forefront Capital Partners For Military Support published on 1 Comment on Forefront Capital Partners For Military Support

Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler announced his company’s partnership with the Easter Seals Dixon Center to aid veterans and military families with a variety of educational and outreach efforts. “This partnership is indicative of Forefront Capital’s commitment to serve the ever changing needs of today’s military community,” said Reifler on Twitter. As part of this partnership Forefront Capital will also advance Easter Seals a $3 million donation. This innovative collaboration will provide the military community with professional development and job training, healthcare, and educational resources.

Easter Seals, a 100-year old charitable organization, has been a leading provider of family-centered services, working every day helping individuals overcome their barriers. The non-profit provides a wide array of free training and resources to the less fortunate, and the goal is to provide veterans and their military families with the knowledge and tools needed to secure meaningful employment. “Through our collaboration, we seek to empower motivated individuals and create economic opportunity for military families,” said Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler.

Brad Reifler: Quiet Revolutionary

For financial investment experts, like Brad Reifler, it’s not always about wealth creation, but also about giving back. For more than 30 years, Reifler has been a cerebral champion in the finance industry, founding not one, but three successful companies, including Reifler Trading, Pali Capital, and the global family of Forefront Capital. His sharp focus and operational efficiency has confirmed his reputation as one of the best in the business.

Making Innovative Changes

Last year, Brad Reifler’s company, Forefront Capital created a new investment vehicle, Forefront Capital Trust, targeting middle-class investors. This fund allows non-accredited investors to consider funds once only marketed to the millionaire crowd. After SEC changes, this closed market has been opened up to the middle-class. According to Reifler, “it was not only good business sense but it was the right thing to do.” Reifler has found new success by redefining the market and including a new subset of investors. “Look for those unexpected new markets and read broadly to learn where new opportunities may lie,” says Reifler.

Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Industry

Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Industry published on 1 Comment on Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Industry


In my opinion, one of the most prominent and selfless families in the United States is the DeVos family that has profited from the family business of Amway Corporation. Despite the large profits, the DeVos family has used their wealth to give back to the community in order to share their wealth rather than keep it. Dick DeVos, a member of the family is especially interested in making considerable donations to his community in Michigan through his family foundation. One of his biggest donations go towards education as a way of making it available for all individuals despite financial situations or hardships. Mr. DeVos is a firm believer that a child from a low-income family should have the same opportunities with the potential they show.

DeVos has many interests besides his business endeavors and philanthropy efforts. He is an avid sailor and an accomplished pilot.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

In recent news, as a new hobby, Dick and his wife, Betsy have become involved in the liquor business. Dick and Betsy have become large investors to the Coppercraft distillery and have enabled the distillery to expand. 

The current owner of the distillery is Walter Catton III who open this distillery in 2013. The new investments made have enabled him to expand the distillery to a new 9,000 sq-foot facility which includes both a tasting room that can seat over 50 people as well as a brand new kitchen.

Coppercraft Distillery is currently building the company’s inventory due to the Tulip Time Festival that is up and coming in the Lakeshore area. The distillery currently ships their product to over 100 different locations that are located in Colorado, Illinois, as well as in Michigan.

With the new expansion of the distillery, Dick DeVos and Mr. Catton are accepting more experience part-time and full-time workers. The products that are currently produced include whiskey, vodka, rum, as well as gin. With the expansion of the distillery, the company will now expand to include both handcrafted beer as well as wine. This, in Mr. DeVos’ eyes will broaden the market of alcohol drinkers. With the new changes in the distillery, Mr. DeVos and his partner are pleased with the expansion and are now focusing on new possible projects to improve the company even more. With Mr. Catton’s expertise in liquor, and Mr. DeVos’ skill with business, the distillery will continue to flourish.