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Founder Mike Baur Inspires Young Entrepreneurs as Investment Strategist for Swiss Start Up Factory

Founder Mike Baur Inspires Young Entrepreneurs as Investment Strategist for Swiss Start Up Factory published on

Mike Baur is a skilled businessman with leadership skills and passion for success; providing opportunities for a future generation of young entrepreneurs within the startup industry.


In 2014, Mike founded the Swiss Startup Factory in Switzerland. Today, the company is the number one chosen startup accelerator program within Switzerland and around the world. As the Executive Chairman of Swiss Start Up Factory, Mike has succeeded in becoming a primary professional resource for building companies, not only because of his strong knowledge within the business, but mostly because of his passion.


Mike has an exuberant and high-spirited energy that has an effect on entrepreneurs, which as a result creates a level of great enthusiasm within the Swiss Start Up Factory team and enables them strive for higher levels of achievement. Mike inspires people with his tenacious can-do attitude towards business which impacts all of those with whom he engages.


Swiss Start Up Factory has a unique three-month program that provides entrepreneurs with the platform and foundation needed in order to create their company using a business model that is non-traditional. The program gives each entrepreneur office space to navigate within their team while providing full access to coaching, mentoring and advanced digital technology. Additionally, there is a great advantage for all entrepreneurs for receiving capital investments which the program helps to facilitate. Mike personally designed the program with a high level network of investment strategies, and he’s very involved within the process for matching each investor with the right startup company.


Mike believes that in order to bridge the existing economy with a futuristic growth economy, there needs to be a high focus on digital transformation. He is extremely active within the evolution of the transformation within Sweeden as a board member within several Swiss companies. Mike is also the Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Start up Invest; a prominent financing company that is chosen by investors for non-traditional lending, and he’s held that position since 2016.


As a previous investment banker for more than 20 years, Mike has a skillful advantage for accomplishing the precise alliance between an investor and a young entrepreneur. He has experience as a board member of a leading Swiss Bank which he held prior to founding the Swiss Start Up Factory.


Mike Baur has created a success by continuing to allow his passion for guiding his business ideas and generating excitement towards innovative investment choices.


Bob Reina Is A Man Of Many Talents

Bob Reina Is A Man Of Many Talents published on

Bob Reina has a great mind for business and that is something that often gets overlooked by others when it comes to successful companies. Talk Fusion has had a ton of success in the past year using video. Bob Reina himself,, has noted how important video is and having the best quality video out there for the public. For Bob Reina, it all starts with the IT team. They often say that a company is only as good as the people that work there. Bob Reina has some of the best men and women working for him, and they know exactly what he wants and how to get it out there.

After all, they have a lot of companies out there relying on him. They rely on him and the company because they are the engine that makes the company run. Without Bob Reina being part of it and Talk Fusion, it makes things extremely difficult. No one likes it when things get too difficult or too challenging as then they are losing focus on the task at hand. Bob Reina wants to make sure that never happens to anyone. He wants everyone that uses their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats to have great success at all .He does not want anything to stand in their way.

When they have a clear path and it is paved for them, they are really going to show the world what they are made of as a company. Bob Reina has talked about making the company effective and that is exactly what the company is doing. He also wants the company to be fun, and it is clear everyone at Talk Fusion is having a lot of fun while working there. How could they not be? They are working on a product that is changing the world.

They are changing the world for the better and making things more enjoyable for those that pour every lost ounce of them into their companies. This means something to them, and if anyone understands that, it is Bob Reina as he feels the same way about Talk Fusion.

Are Loans Making New Jersey Into A Tourist Destination?

Are Loans Making New Jersey Into A Tourist Destination? published on

The loans that are obtained for the various buildings around New Jersey are really helpful because they come from a company that does this kind of work every day. Devco has been doing these loans for a while, and they are working with a lot of local governments to give them the money they need. The Press of Atlantic City makes sure that these loans are in the news, and they are talking about how they are helping a lot of cities in the state.
A city that wants to be a tourist destination will be able to get the loan they want for the buildings they want. They might start off with the idea for a hotel and convention center, and then a lot of other things will get built in the area for the same purposes. They want to capitalize on the commerce in the area, and they want to make sure that they are going to have a chance to attract people there.

These same communities usually have a lot of people who need jobs, and that is why they need to be sure that they are going to get the help they need to give everyone a new job. They want all the people that live there to be sure that they can go out and get a job quickly, and they also want these people to know that they are going to be able to live in the area.

Taxes will start to pay back the loans, and the community will have more money to make everything better. This is the perfect way to make a city in New Jersey into a better place, and Devco provides the money for it without a problem. Every city gets the cash it needs, builds what it wants and they have a better future for their people.


Slyce Had A Tremendous Fourth-Quarter in 2015

Slyce Had A Tremendous Fourth-Quarter in 2015 published on 1 Comment on Slyce Had A Tremendous Fourth-Quarter in 2015

Slyce has proven to be one of the great success stories to come out of the tech startup world. Slyce was founded in 2012, and the Toronto company debuted an image recognition app in 2013. The app proved to be a solid hit with retailers and consumers. With image recognition software, the ability to search for merchandise was made a lot easier. At the end of the fourth-quarter of 2015, Slyce released a report detailing the major year-ending events. The report is impressive. Slyce truly made major inroads towards exceptional growth during the year.

Slyce was able to receive $7 million in additional investment funding. The company has had a great deal of good fortune when it comes to raising capital. The funds raised by the company have been put to solid use developing and acquiring new image recognition technology and software.

The report does go into detail over a number of those new developments. A content management system made its debut in the fourth-quarter, and so did a special program designed to make strategic recommendations to consumers surfing through an online retail site.

Among the most important developments during the fourth-quarter were the deals signed with top online retails. As long as Slyce continues to enter into partnerships with companies such as, the company will be primed for success.