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Marc Sparks Funds Non-Profit Organizations

Marc Sparks Funds Non-Profit Organizations published on

The Dallas PRNewswire published Marc Sparks’ announcement on rewarding the second winner of Spark Tank. He founded the organization alongside Lynne Sipiora with the aim of mentoring small non-profit firms that support the society through providing profitable products and services. Spark Tank team announced the inner, Mommies in Need, an organization that offers child care support to small families in need. Besides, Mommies in Need provides affordable health care services to families including extra support and consistency at no cost. In her appreciation speech, the founder and president of Mommies in Need, Natalie Boyle acknowledged Spark Tank and Marc Sparks for rewarding them.

Thanks to Spark Tank, Mommies in Need has begun their search for multilingual professional nannies who can handle kids with special needs. Word has it that Mommies in Need have new openings to assist more families especially the stay – at- home parents who are going through a health crisis. For the short listing of an organization in Spark Tank, the company must have a minimum of two years operation. All shortlisted groups are offered ten minutes presentation to explain their mission, vision and objectives including a series of strategies implemented to achieve set goals.

After the organization’s presentation, Spark Tank presents a questionnaire to the team with an additional ten minutes for answering the questions in the questionnaire. Spark Tank evaluates the programs of the firms according to their presentation and if an organization had an incredible presentation, the panel offers the grant to the winners. Marc Spark’s aim was to mentor talented teams from non-profit organizations with a subsidy. In addition to the award, Spark Tank provides mentorship classes on leadership because most enterprises fail due to the inability of the team to express itself.

Marc Sparks established Spark Tank program from his entrepreneurial background to anchor community success. Because he is Dallas-based, the program has seen the Dallas community grow into more non-profit organizations through funded grants. In his speech, Marc Sparks says that the third round of Spark Tank applications is on until 1st October. Failure to send in applications by 1st October means no admission. After the round three nominations, Spark Tank will hold a competition for the first, second and third winners to determine the next recipient of the grant.

About Spark Tank
The Dallas-based entrepreneur, Marc Sparks owns a home office and commits to developing companies for entrepreneurs. Spark Tank features innovative ideas geared towards asking social service workers with entrepreneurial skills to mentor young entrepreneurs. Spark Tank was established to fund community projects. After his successful project at the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter, Marc Sparks committed his achievement to supporting the homeless, non-profit firms and talented entrepreneurs.

Bernardo Chua Makes Headlines Again

Bernardo Chua Makes Headlines Again published on

Bernardo Chua is a well known name in the multi level marketing industry. His name has been in headlines many times in the last two decades. He has recently found his name in headlines again thanks to the latest additions to his company, Organo Gold. This time Bernardo Chua was brought into the public’s eye thanks to the press release on

The article was released in March 2016. It was titled, “Bernardo Chua Motivates Retail Customers and Distributors With New Rewards Program.” The article discusses the new Perferred Customers rewards program that Organo Gold began offering during the Holiday season of 2015. The reward programs offers members special incentives and discounts only available to them. It also offers these members superb customer service and support options.

As his Facebook notes, Chua was born in the Philippines in September of 1974. There he was raised and received his education. He attended college at the University of East Manila. He then began working for his mentor, Leon Soon Seng, at Gano Excel Malaysia in the early 1990s. He then helped establish, and later expand, Gano Excel Philippines.

In 2008, Chua branched out on his own and began Organo Gold. The company produces high quality, organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other products using a special mushroom. The company’s products are available through independent distributors. The business began in the Philippines but quickly expanded. It currently operates in over thirty-five countries and is one of the fastest growing organizations worldwide. The headquarters are currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

There is little doubt that Bernardo Chua is a major player in the global multi level marketing industry. He has been in the industry for the better part of the last two decades. He has even received several awards for his outstanding work. Some of these awards include The People’s Choice Award and the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award. Mr. Chua has also been the recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal.  See his full list of awards and credentials on LinkedIn.

The Amazing Success of Brian Bonar

The Amazing Success of Brian Bonar published on

In the world of finance, Brian Bonar is a name that has become very well known to many. His success has not only benefitted the organizations in which he is a part of, but he has helped the entire industry as well. Brian Bonar has also been named the Cambridge Who’s who Executive of the Year in Finance. This award was given to Bonar due to his amazing achievements and leadership skills in the world of finance. Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History

The Dalrada Financial Corporation has been the main focus of Bonar over the last few years. His position as CEO and Chairman of this Financial Corporation has helped him to create a great deal of success for this corporation. There are few individuals who would be as well qualified as Bonar to run this financial corporation.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, it is easy to see why Bonar is one of the most well experienced and qualified individuals who can help run a financial corporation. Dalrada Financial Corporation has helped many companies all over the world with different employer benefits and aftermarket products. Dalrada is growing very steadily with Bonar at the head of this corporation.

Bonar continues to be a leader who proves himself on a daily basis. There are very few individuals who have been able to achieve the level of success as Brian Bonar (according to PR News Wire) in the financial industry. With his Ph.D and his affiliation with the American Finance Association, it is easy to see why Bonar’s career continues to grow so quickly.

There are many different individuals in the finance world who look up to Bonar as a leader who knows how to get business done. The future looks very bright for Bonar as he continues to move forward with the amazing finacial services that Dalrada provides. Learn more:

Sanjay Shah Heads Solo Capital And Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah Heads Solo Capital And Autism Rocks published on

For the majority of business leaders the chance to prove themselves a success in their chosen industry is often seen as the ultimate achievement, but for Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah the chance to provide assistance for family’s living with autism is perhaps his crowning glory. Shah established the Solo Capital brand in September 2011 as he sought a way of staying active in the financial industry while also allowing himself the chance to spend more time than ever before with his children and wife.

Sanjay Shah has led a life filled with success, but has also sought to find the best possible opportunities to live a full life where he has the opportunity to help others. The need to assist others could be seen clearly in the need of Sanjay Shah to study medicine in the hope of becoming a doctor, but he abandoned these studies in favor of a career in finance. Shah was a major success in his early years as an investment specialist, but did not want to continue working long hours following the 2008 economic slowdown; instead Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital, which had grown to have assets totaling around $100 million by March 2015.

The success of Solo Capital is a major achievement, but Sanjay Shah has become well known for his role with the Autism Rocks charity that organizes musical performances in a bid to raise finds and awareness for those affected by autism. Sanjay Shah has a personal history with autism that includes the diagnosis of his youngest son with the neurological condition and inspired his journey with Autism Rocks; the success of the charity has resulted in the first major festival to be held by the group in Dubai in the Summer of 2016.


Learn more about Solo Capital:


Coriant’s Ascent to Success

Coriant’s Ascent to Success published on 1 Comment on Coriant’s Ascent to Success

Coriant is one of the world’s top network service providers, lending its services to 9 of the top 10 Tier 1 Communications Service Providers around the world. Coriant was formed as a merger between Nokia Siemens Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs in 2013. Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant, a title held since late 2015. Coriant provides a number of products and services to its customers, including edge routing, optical transport solutions, and intelligent network management.

Kheradpir has a long history of bringing prosperity to technological companies. His strong foundation of technological expertise is rooted at Cornell University, where he earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in electrical engineering. GTE Corporation hired him directly out of college. Shortly after his hire, GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to yield Verizon, where Kheradpir was named as both the EVP and CIO. While at Verizon, Kheradpir significantly contributed to the development of FiOS, a project that required an initial investment of more than $20 billion.

After his departure from Verizon, Kheradpir served as the COO/CTO of Barclays, an international banking institution. There, he helped develop Pingit, a mobile payment system. Shaygan next worked for Juniper Networks as CEO, where he designed a revolutionary Integrated Operating Plan.

Today, Coriant holds more than 1,800 patents and a handful of transmission speed records thanks to Shaygan Kheradpir’s well-guided leadership.

US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny

US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny published on 1 Comment on US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny

In an interview on CNBC Squakbox the US Money Reserve president, Philip Diehl, argued his case against keeping the penny in circulation . Despite the fact that there are those who are strongly invested in keeping the penny around, Diehl asks the audience to consider all the disadvantages of keeping the penny.

The US Money Reserve president first began by arguing that no one uses the penny any more. He went on to claim that a good portion of the American population passes up pennies that they see on the street rather than making the effort to pick them up and save them. He goes on to point out that around 75% of all transactions in the United States happen electronically in the modern era.

That leaves only approximately 25% of financial transactions to be completed with cash and with the market the way it is, Diehl argues that the penny is completely irrelevent. He also points out that it costs far more to make the penny than it is worth. With the penny taken out of circulation, nearly $100 million could be allocated elsewhere annually, according to his Facebook page.

There are, however, opposing forces to the US Money Reserve president’s efforts to eliminate the penny. One of those forces would be zinc. There are also economists who speculate that perhaps removing the penny from American currency will drive up prices and press inflation. Diehl argues that the impact would be minimal and that he believes the market will balance itself with very little effort.

Lobbists interested continuing to include the penny in American currency make arguements that it will change the market if it is removed. The US Reserve, however, could not be more clear on its position about the penny being an irrelevent and overly expensive piece of outdated currency.

Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology

Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology published on 1 Comment on Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology

If you are into communication technology or just a communication enthusiast then Coriant is the right company for you. With over 3 decades in information technology sector it is experienced at what it does. The company mainly deals with communication data networking ensuring that data travels from point of origin and then dispersed to other networks. Before its spin off in 2013 from its mother company Coriant was one of the pioneers in DWBM enabled transmissions that pioneered in high speed data transmission. We are talking about the late 1990s to early 2000 when communication was at its stone age. A person then cannot be mistaken by stating that Coriant diversified communication evolving it with time and making it what it is today.

Coriant is aware of the need to share its telecommunication innovations that’s why it demonstrated its new innovation at the world mobile congress in Barcelona in January. As they say information is power, Coriant has absorbed it at a technological point of view and tasked itself with providing the best data networking services to its client to enable communication. Some of the best telecommunication companies in the world rely on Coriant to provide them with optical based communication gadgets that they use in their day to day operations. The company technological prowess has reached a stage that it is able to generate transmission at a capacity of over 57.6 Tbps.

It is not only focused on evolving technology but also seeking people with interest in data networking. Via its website there are job openings and an appeal from the giant company to future employees to join and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Running a multi-billion telecommunication entity is not easy. Holding the reigns of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir who also seconds as the chairman of board of directors. An information technology engineer he understands the need for faster communication and need to evolve and revolutionize video, mobile and data networking. He has raised the ranks over the years accumulating experience as he climbed each step. He is a true story of hard work and determination having started as a network routing manager at the GTE laboratories and later becoming head of information at the same corporation. Follow Kheradpir on Twitter and LinkedIn


To be offered such a prime position one must have the know-how and dedication to run such a corporation.