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Wilderness at Heart with Mark Hutchinson

Wilderness at Heart with Mark Hutchinson published on

At an early age Mark Hutchinson was plunging headfirst into his desire for the bush and wildlife. His young memories are of discovering the outdoors, farming in the Outback, and being around the bush. At age 19, Mark started exploring Africa by car, driving the length. His travels further instilled his passion for wildlife and began his career focused on reintroducing people to the bush and wildlife. He founded his first wildlife adventure company at age 22 called Untamed. His goal was to reconnect people with the outdoors and bring them back to an appreciation for the wildlife around us. Untamed has attracted people from all walks of life from all over the world. During his work with Untamed Mark met his wife Sophia. They both share a desire for people and wilderness adventure. Learn more:

A little over ten years ago, Mark met his now business partner Anton Lategan while completing an EcoTraining course in South Africa. They started working together at EcoTraining and helped launched it into a new business called Avana which was a wilderness training business. After years in business school and many years at Avana, Mark felt the need to further the idea of conservation of the bush. Mark, along with Anton Lategan took the idea of wilderness adventure through conservation and founded WildArk. WildArk is an ecofriendly company, dedicated to helping preserve our ecosystems. They strive to protect wildlife and to keep the bush as ecofriendly as possible, establishing when needed environmentally safe buildings and conservation practices. Mark’s passion for showing people what they can learn about themselves and the world through wilderness excursion shadows WildArk’s founding ideas and principles. Mark continues to be out in the bush as much as possible when he is not tending to the daily routines of running a business. He and his wife along with their four children are a big part of WildArk and are dedicated to teaching others the value of protecting our ecosystems so we can enjoy all the wilderness offers. Learn more: