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End Citizens United Backs Pureval

End Citizens United Backs Pureval published on

Every four years a cadre of media reporters descend upon Ohio to track how the quintessential “swing state” is trending as it is a bellwether for the country as a whole. However, during this year’s midterms that same media cadre may need to start taking notice of the competitive race that is developing in Ohio’s First Congressional District. Aftab Pureval, currently the Clerk of the Hamilton County’s court system, is as Ohio as it gets as well as being an effective leader and presenting himself as a new generation of leadership for the district that includes large parts of Cincinnati. Helping Pureval’s bid to flip the district back to Democrat for the first time since 2008 will be End Citizens United: a group that has backed most, if not all, of the Democratic upsets that we have witnessed os far this election cycle.

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Since the 2010 election the First District has been somewhat solidly Republican — however, there are most definitely some reasons to be an optimistic Democrat in Ohio this time around. Pureval’s refusal of Corporate PAC money puts him in direct contrast of his Republican opponent, and the polls and data show clearly that voters favor candidates who listen to the will of the people and not the will of deep-pocketed special interest groups. A graduate of Ohio’s public school system (including Ohio State University) it is safe to say that Aftab truly understands the struggles facing the working-class in Ohio. With the help of End Citizens United which boasts 405,000 donors around the country the Pureval campaign has a unique opportunity to flip back into the blue column this November. As Aftab looks to continue to build his bipartisan support in the district the rejection of Corporate PAC money is surely to win praise from people all across the political spectrum — and who knows, these independents may be the deciding factor in the election according to

It is going to take everything the Purveal campaign has and more to win the First Congressional District, but media prognosticators everywhere are predicting a “Blue Wave” this November. As End Citizens United showed in Alabama (they were an early backer of eventual upset winner Doug Jones) the “impossible” may actually be possible this cycle. With a dynamic, young and moral candidate like Aftab Purveal on ECU’s side it only adds more excitement behind the Ohio Democrats. By placing importance on the issue of ridding our system of dark money, Purveal presents himself as the clear moral choice in the race.

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