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Fabletics-Feel Great in Your Athleisure Wear

Fabletics-Feel Great in Your Athleisure Wear published on

Fabletics has become dominate in a market that is primarily dominated by Amazon. Fabletics has grown to become worth $250 million, and it is continuing to grow in popularity and in size. What sets Fabletics apart from similar marketing structures is that Fabletics uses a subscription service and offers a personalized shopping experience for its customers. Fabletics has its members take a lifestyle quiz to find out what the best fit and style is for every one of their customers. Fabletics offers not only convenience but a membership to a great clothing brand as well.


Name brand clothing has traditionally been defined by the quality and the price of the products, but that’s no longer the case in this day and age. These days the consumer is seeking out convenience and service. Design and gamification are also important factors that help the consumer to decide whether they are going to buy a product or not.


Fabletics plans on opening additional stores and already have stores located in Illinois, Florida, California, and Hawaii. According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of Fabletics, the membership model of Fabletics is what helps them to offer such great service and at a fraction of the cost of similar products.


Fabletics uses a technique known as “reverse showrooming.” This is basically where customers shop offline but then end up buying the same items somewhere else for a lower price. Fabletics turned these shopping habits into a plus for the company and have slowly grown the company rather than going the pop-up route that many competitors take. This resulted in 30-50 percent of customers already being members who walked through the door s of a physical store. It also meant that 25 percent actually became members while shopping in their physical stores.


Fabletics has not gone unnoticed, and even celebrities have fallen in love with the brand. Fabletics was founded in 2013 and has since become known as the personalized athleisure brand. The brand encouraged women to embrace the shape they are and to feel great in what they wear.


Although Kate Hudson has no background in business, she has a great style sense and stays very involved with her growing company. This dedication has helped her to understand what the customer wants and ultimately doesn’t want and has allowed her to adjust her product line to fit the consumer. A great way to find out what the customer wants is for new members to take the Lifestyle quiz ad well.

Fabletics: Crowd-Sourced Success

Fabletics: Crowd-Sourced Success published on

It’s fairly obvious these days consumers have all the power. Arguably, that’s always been the case but not really. Traditionally, consumers had to rely on company-produced advertisements that only told people what the company wanted people to know. Recently, a shift in consumer behavior gave all the power to the crowd.

These days, consumers use customer reviews to determine their final purchases. The most shocking part of this new trend is that people trust random online reviews more than they trust company advertising. As society becomes more intertwined with technology, online reviews grow in popularity. One study showed that people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends.

Online reviews boosted the success of many companies. Newer companies, who have more tech-savvy executives, achieved the most success. Fabletics is one of those companies. When Fabletics launched, activewear was relatively new, and that market was already dominated.

Thanks to user reviews and a number of other strategies, the brand grew over 200 percent in its first four years. Last year, the company was estimated to be worth over $250 million. So far, sales seem to be continuously increasing, as the company continues to attract more monthly members and social media followers.

Most of those Twitter followers follow Fabletics because of Kate Hudson. Ms. Hudson is a co-founder of the brand and a heavy player at the company. She’s more than the pretty celebrity earning paychecks from a sponsor. Fabletics stands for something to her.

For her, it stands against America’s obsession with unhealthy habits. For a long time, America’s struggle with health and fitness, but now, more people are becoming health conscious. In particular, millennial show the most dedication, and they’re also the biggest consumers of activewear. They love being able to wear the same outfit to the gym and around town.

Hudson and Fabletics rely heavily on the information they get from sales numbers and customers. They use a lot of data to try to predict what their members will want in the coming months. It’s a risky strategy, but it pays off with at least one hot item selling more than they expected.

It gives them the opportunity to create products for every month. There are hundreds of styles on Fabletics, so it’s nearly impossible for any woman to not find something she likes.

Kate Hudson: An Entrepreneur Who Introduced Fabletics, A Modern Era For Online Shopping

Kate Hudson: An Entrepreneur Who Introduced Fabletics, A Modern Era For Online Shopping published on

In this competitive world where crocodiles exist in every field, Kate Hudson has stepped in with Fabletics and capture an approximately US$250 million business in just three years. Part of a growing ‘active wear’ movement, this product uses a subscription method to sell clothing. Brands that are of high-value can define by quality and price of the different services along with the goods, but recently a change in economics had confirmed that combination is no longer adequate to be viable or guarantee success. Comparing Fabletics to Warby Parker and Apple, a strategy that is used by them solely depends on memberships. And their strategy is so effective that they are to open another brand except for 16 others which are in places like Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.



Unlike different other counterparts where people browse offline but then purchase items elsewhere because they found a more aggressive price there, Fabletics turned the browsing experience of a user into a fruitful deal no matter if a user is purchasing from the same store or not. Fabletics comprehend that showing an appropriate content in the digital and physical form is imperative with the aim of not destroying the journey of a brand hunt for a customer. Using local data that is available online about preferences means that different physical stores will stock items that are likely to appeal to them which could also vary as tastes and trends change.



Stores are also stocked based on numerous inputs including membership preferences for social media sentiment, store heat-mapping data, local members and real-time activity for sales. Dustin Netral, SVP Operations said serendipity of shopping is significant to us, but this brand built on emerging global trends for fashion with data that is as per user preference to elevate gratification. They add in new ranges and do intelligent tests all the time to improve the user experience. Fabletics isn’t without the challenges, but as a company progresses and moves into different territories (and with fresh competitors) the balance of consumer education, lifestyle and customer experience appears to be paying off. Fabletics might be listed among a growing army of data-aware, nimble and brands that are risk-positive who comprehend “new” consumer. Whether it’s a clever distribution, innovative membership programs, and fast purchase options, a brand like Fabletics isn’t without challenges.



Fabletics, it’s an apparel company made by Kate Hudson, operates on a monthly structure for membership. If you join as a registered VIP Member, your first outfit will cost only $25, and you will also get discounted price on la carte items. But the primary benefit of joining is that you will get an outfit that is curated for you every month. And, if you do not want anything, you can also skip a month, and you will get charged nothing for that month. When you join Fabletics, you will have to take a survey, and you must go for it because it will help Fabletics to know the types of workouts you normally perform along with the styles of outfits you love to wear such as shorts, tanks, etc.