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Oncotarget speaks up on the Dangers of E-cigarettes

Oncotarget speaks up on the Dangers of E-cigarettes published on

A study that was set off by the University of Rochester Medical Center and The National Institute of Health sought to investigate the repercussions that electronic cigarettes had on human health. Mikhail Blagosklonny published the results with evidence that indicated that gums and teeth were susceptible to damage from the use of these electronic cigarettes just like they were vulnerable to the regular kind of cigarettes. This research initiative was spearheaded by Irfan Rahman, Ph.D.; the professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry.Experts state that the results of this study were mind boggling especially due to the fact that the effects of a regular cigarette were completely mixed up.

Previously, these experts believed that adverse reactions on human health for smokers were due the chemicals that were found in regular citizens. However, this research demonstrated otherwise. It highlighted the fact that the process of burning an electronic cigarette also prompted the emitting of inflammatory proteins, especially in oral cells.According to the study, diseases in the oral cavity and gums came about as a result of this cellular irritation. The flavors on the electronic cigarettes also have detrimental effects on the teeth and gums. Mikhail Blagosklonny published these findings in light of their commitment to making important facts like these available to the masses.

About Oncotarget


Launched in 2010, Oncotarget is a reputable, influential and acclaimed medical journal that is accessible online on a weekly basis. It centers around innovative research initiatives that focus on microbes, aging, and cancer among other topics.Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov are the main editors of the journal. Oncotarget also features as one of the leading journals in the U.S with up to 10,000 citations. Between 2015 and 2016, it also had a coveted impact factor of 5.008. Mikhail Blagosklonny also doubles as a researcher and scientist who is globally recognized for his contributions in the mechanisms of aging and various aspects of cancer.Article submissions on Oncotarget are done through an online system. The journal then implements the Creative Commons Attribution License. This license enables authors to maintain ownership of all copyrights.

How Three Young Entrepreneurs from Washington made an Empire

How Three Young Entrepreneurs from Washington made an Empire published on

When Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet were sitting in college discussing what they would do after school, they had no idea that in 2016, they would have one of the most successful startups in the state.

While they always knew that the chances of them ending up in employment were slim, they did not act on their dreams until after they graduated from college. After college, they did not even look for a job. The three agree that they had been influenced by their parents who were businesspersons.

Like most young entrepreneurs, the three did not have capital to start a business. They persuaded their friends and relatives to donate to them some money that they could use as capital. Their family and friends came through and provided the money they needed to open the first Sweetgreen store.

After their first restaurant, the budding entrepreneurs knew that they did not have time to relax and needed to grow their business and open more store as they had stipulated in their business plan. They used their well-developed and comprehensive business plan to convince investors to pump money into their growing business.

Soon after, their business took off and went national. The people embraced and loved their business model. During an interview, Jammet, who serves as the co-CEO of Sweetgreen, said that their company’s products were not the foods they offered, but the values they instill in people. The values were based on the desire to achieve a sustainable and healthy life.

Even with the growth, they barely changed their business plan. This gave the investors a confidence in the company and the individuals running it. All they were doing was implementing their business plan through the revenues they generated and the money investors pumped into the business.

All the three original founders serve as co-executive officers to the company. They possess unique skill sets that have helped them to grow the business. For instance, Nathaniel Ru uses his financial analysis skills he obtained from the University to help their empire with financial matters.

Businesses run by several people enjoy different skill sets brought in by each of the individuals. Sweetgreen’s co-CEO, Nathaniel Ru, brings into the firm’s management the skills acquired through a degree in finance. The CEO is also fluent in both English and Spanish making him ideal with all engagements between the firm and the Hispanic community. Nathaniel is a food and yoga enthusiast.



Medicare Advantage plan

Medicare Advantage plan published on

Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance program contracted by the federal government to provide health care services in the United States. The program is categorized in three plans, preferred provider organizations, private fee for services, and health maintenance organizations. Either of the medicare advantage plan covers emergency cases and any urgently needed health care service.

There are other minor medicare plans such as medicare medical savings accounts, special need plans, and provider sponsored organizations at

The original Medicare is a program administered by the federal government while Medicare Advantage plan is administered by private insurance companies that offer medical benefits services. Medicare Advantage plan covers part A and part B of the Medicare benefits that are provided by the original Medicare program.

Each Medicare Plan like InnovaCare Health has its way of functionality; the Programs have different restrictions, rules, and charges which dictate when, where and how you can get the services. Some Medicare plans extend their services to offering extra services such as hearing and dental services while others don’t. Hence, it is significant to find out the services offered by a Medicare Advantage cover before you subscribe.

The part A of a Medicare Cover provides medical payments for In-patients while part B of the same Medicare Plan covers for out-patients. It also provides payments for the surgeons and physicians practice services incurred on You can only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan if you don’t suffer from any End-stage Renal Diseases. However, people with ESRD or any other special needs are eligible for a Medicare Plan only if they are insured in Special Need Plan.

Medicare plans usually charges a premium fee in addition to Medicare part B premium. There is an ample fixed amount that is charged by every plan which is known as copayment. This is charged whenever you get medical services. Some of the plans also charge coinsurance fee which is a certain percentage of the cost of the services you receive.

One of the leading Medicare Advantage Plan which provides high-quality health care services is InnovaCare. InnovaCare organization uses the most advanced technology and efficient models and equipment for healthcare services.

Innovacare insurance is spearheaded by Dr. Rick Shinto. Richard who the president and the CEO work hand in hand with Penelope Kokkinides/ as the Chief Administration Officer. They strive to redefine and coordinate better healthcare services by offering innovative and quality care across the diversity.

US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny

US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny published on 1 Comment on US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny

In an interview on CNBC Squakbox the US Money Reserve president, Philip Diehl, argued his case against keeping the penny in circulation . Despite the fact that there are those who are strongly invested in keeping the penny around, Diehl asks the audience to consider all the disadvantages of keeping the penny.

The US Money Reserve president first began by arguing that no one uses the penny any more. He went on to claim that a good portion of the American population passes up pennies that they see on the street rather than making the effort to pick them up and save them. He goes on to point out that around 75% of all transactions in the United States happen electronically in the modern era.

That leaves only approximately 25% of financial transactions to be completed with cash and with the market the way it is, Diehl argues that the penny is completely irrelevent. He also points out that it costs far more to make the penny than it is worth. With the penny taken out of circulation, nearly $100 million could be allocated elsewhere annually, according to his Facebook page.

There are, however, opposing forces to the US Money Reserve president’s efforts to eliminate the penny. One of those forces would be zinc. There are also economists who speculate that perhaps removing the penny from American currency will drive up prices and press inflation. Diehl argues that the impact would be minimal and that he believes the market will balance itself with very little effort.

Lobbists interested continuing to include the penny in American currency make arguements that it will change the market if it is removed. The US Reserve, however, could not be more clear on its position about the penny being an irrelevent and overly expensive piece of outdated currency.

Organo Gold: Making Healthy Coffee

Organo Gold: Making Healthy Coffee published on 1 Comment on Organo Gold: Making Healthy Coffee

Addictive, energizing, and a staple in the diets and lives of billions of people around the world, coffee has always been a favorite drink of the tired and worn out. But it is healthy?

The latest healthy coffee and tea product, Organo Gold, is making waves as a drink that actually improves or mitigates a variety of health issues. Drinkers of Organ Gold have seen benefits affecting asthma, diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other problems in a positive way. The secret of Organo Gold is its incorporation of Ganoderma Lucidum, a 4,000 year old Chinese herb that acts as an antioxidant and adaptogen.

Organo Gold is popular for its taste as well as health benefits. Available in a wife range of favors, former non-coffee drinkers have actually begun to indulge thanks to the taste appeal of the drink.

So who is behind this revolutionary new product? CEO Bernardo T. Chua founded the company in 2008, motivated by his desire to sell a healthy alternative to the mass produced, generic coffee drinks. Originally from the Philippiens, CrunchBase indicates that Chua began his career in 1999 as the co-founder and General Manager of Gano Excel. Under his direction, the company expanded international into the United States, Hing Kong and Canada. He moved to California to take on the role of president at Gano Exxcel USA. It was at Gano Excel that Chua learned about infusing products with ganoderma and saw its numerous health benefits in action.

While at Gano Excel, Chua was awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. He used his years of experience and knowledge to start Organo Gold. Thanks to his business acumen and the success of his products, Organo Gold is sold in over 35 countries spanning 6 continents. Chua was able to expand operations and open Organo Gold Singapore in 2015. Now, the company is ranked 55th in Direct Selling New’s Top 100 largest network marketing company.

It’s possible to now have the best of both worlds: a daily cup of joe and the knowledge that it’s a healthy choice.  There is a great speech from Bernardo Chua on YouTube about the benefits of Ganonderma and how his company has grown from his philosophies.

How Brian Torchin Helps People To Find Work In Healthcare

How Brian Torchin Helps People To Find Work In Healthcare published on 1 Comment on How Brian Torchin Helps People To Find Work In Healthcare

Finding work as a healthcare professional can be tough, but you can expedite the process of finding work. Healthcare staffing agencies assist a large number of people to find employment in the field. Some healthcare staffing agencies have an exceptionally good track record of helping people to secure employment. One of these agencies is HCRC, which is run by Brian Torchin. Brian Torchin has a great deal of experience with the healthcare industry. He currently works in both the role of a medical professional and in a managerial role. This gives him an exceptionally well rounded perspective. HCRC is set up to simultaneously help healthcare companies recruit talented employees, while helping those prospective employees in the healthcare field to secure employment.

Brian Torchin currently works as a chiropractor. His patients have thought highly of him, and his services have helped many people. He knows what it is like to work in the medical field firsthand. Additionally, he also has a lot of experience in healthcare management. Therefore, he also knows what it is like to be looking to recruit employees for a healthcare related business. He has experience with both sides of HCRC, and this has enabled him to run a superior healthcare staffing agency.

HCRC is known as one of the best healthcare staffing agencies that you can go through. Both people looking for employment and companies looking for employees have been impressed with the service. In fact, HCRC possesses the capacity to bring employees to a healthcare company within 72 hours. HCRC is a very experienced and well established healthcare staffing agency. In fact, they have been in operation for nearly twenty years. Furthermore, they have excellent customer service. They make it possible to direct questions to them 24/7. Furthermore, indicates that Brian Torchin himself is available to talk to. You can talk to Brian Torchin whether you are a nurse looking for work or a CEO of a hospital looking to recruit employees. HCRC also is accessible to people in all areas of the United States. It’s also made accessible to citizens of some parts of Europe and Asia.

Brian Torchin has utilized his experience to create a successful healthcare staffing agency. He has done very well with this company. However, this agency has also helped many people to find work.