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Alex Pall: The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall: The Chainsmokers published on

Alex Pall together with Andrew Taggart are the people forming the band called Chainsmokers. Adam, despite being their manager, he also introduced the duo together. Alex has worked as a DJ while Taggart as a producer, therefore, Chainsmokers consist of a producer and a DJ.

In an interview, Alex Pall talked about how they have been able to expand their audience by changing live show together with its visuals. In the response to it, Alex said that it will keep changing forever. Because their audience is expanding all they keep doing is pushing themselves. Having produced the song “selfie”, it made them travel the entire world for once. They have now been able to travel again twice or thrice. It has been upon themselves to come up with a show that is exciting. They have been avoiding doing same things every time. So that to bring entertainment, they have to push themselves to do exciting things for their audience.

Their song “closer” which Andrew produced and sang in the song was to change dramatically their show and how it used to work. The performance element was always there on their show but they are expecting it become bigger and bigger. They are planning to put festival, that will be a curated show and in everyone’s heart, it is like anyone’s show. What they are planning is to do something beyond with production and short acts with ending what they have been doing.

When Alex was asked how he feels as if he has the strong sense of his music connection, he did thank Instagram. What he has been looking from the social media platform, then its an international thing and it makes them excited. They are seeing places like South Africa and Philippines. What is seemed is like they have reached 16 – 25 demographic. It has become a pretty split that is between the girls and boys guessing. They see videos of parents and their children their songs, meaning they are enjoying. It shows that their songs are transcending age where they write and make songs for themselves but everyone is also enjoying the music and find an emotional connection with their music.

Clayton Hudson: Artist of Sound Engineering

Clayton Hudson: Artist of Sound Engineering published on

Clayton Hudson has worked on various tours ranging from all kinds of music artist. Many seek after his expertise in sound engineering. Not only does he possess phenomenal sound engineering abilities he also is a production manager. He provides a wide range of services, production design, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics management, stage management, and rigging.

He offers services that are budget friendly and that are always a plus for any event. This is a one-stop shop for all the needs for someone seeking out all the services provided. Why go many places for various services when it will be handled at one place.

Hudson also believes in safety when on the job, at the One Republic’s Honda Civic Tour he says, “Critical in reinforcing safety are several Kinesys LibraCells (load-measuring shackles) with the LibraWatch system, a portable, load monitoring software application that works on.” Therefore, when hired for a production job the client will be assured that the turn out of the event will be great and there will be no worries of safety issues because he takes pride in what he does as well as follow protocol.

In another event he worked on he says, “I also had the very first, hand-built D5 out with Marilyn Manson almost ten years ago. Considering the volatility of that artist, taking a new console out was a risk… but it worked out fantastically. DiGiCo had my back then and I’ve been a supporter ever since.” That demonstrates his ability to work with all kinds of artists. The client can tell Hudson what they expect out of a show and he will execute it.

Clayton Hudson is the go to man for any production needs whether it be a huge tour or any kind of event. Clients want the best candidates to take care of their needs so that the show goes smoothly and the fans love every moment of it. Hudson may be doing the work behind the scenes however, his hard work shows when the lights come on any performer. He takes pride in his work as well as loving what he does day in and day out. He falls in love with each event he works on and promises quality work and a wonderful outcome. The resume of Clayton Hudson speaks volumes and he guarantees to produce the best shows. Learn more: