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Roseann Bennett Working To Help Those With Depression

Roseann Bennett Working To Help Those With Depression published on

Roseann Bennett has over a decade of experience in helping those most in need with alleviating the effects of mental disorders. Lately, Ms. Bennett is working with families and marriages that have a spouse effected with a mental disorder. Roseann Bennett is a licensed therapist works closely to help the patient but works with the non-effected spouse also to help work through feelings of anger, disappointment, or misplaced responsibility that also impact a partnership.


Ms. Bennett has found such a need for counseling services that she opened the non-profit organization Center For Assessment And Treatment in New Jersey in 2009. She will see anyone that needs her services, but she also specializes in seeing those people who may have been rejected care or seem disenchantment with mental health services.


In her practice, Roseann believes that it is better for the partner in need to make and come in for the first appointment themselves. It gives them accountability for their care. Some therapists and councilors do offer Telemedicine visits where patients can meet via video chat with their therapists, but Roseann Bennett believes in face to face contact with her patients if at all possible.


Telemedicine does have it place for those patients who can’t make the drive in or have other health issues.


While seeking treatment there are a few things that can help in between visits



Talking to others that are trustworthy in between visits can help unburden the patient and share more moments of emotionally connecting.

Recognizing the symptoms of stress and implementing stress reliving techniques as needed will help curb any escalating mental issues.

Making a list of what went right in their day can help someone stay positive and move away from the low points of the day.

Try to let go of things that can’t be controlled. Working on controlling those aspects of life that can be made better offers positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment.









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