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The WEN Difference

The WEN Difference published on

The WEN hair care line [] by Chaz Dean promises dramatic results for all hair types. After viewing the infomercials, Emily McClure a writer from Bustle decided to try it for herself.

WEN hair is sold on Total Beauty. It is a cleansing conditioner that combines shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It promises to clean and condition the hair without harsh sulfates. Wen hair replaced the harsh sulfates with ingredients like Wild Cherry Bark and Chamomile and Rosemary extracts, which means it will not lather like regular shampoos. It also means it will not strip the hair of its natural oils either. All of WEN products are made in the United States and are free from animal testing.

The first thing McClure noticed was the amount of product she needed to use was considerably more compared to her regular shampoo. She was worried it would weigh down her fine hair but decided to give the Sephora advertised product a chance.

As McClure massaged the product into her scalp, she noticed her hair beginning to feel thicker and was happy to discover fewer strands at the bottom of her shower. In spite of her initial hesitation, she was impressed with the results. WEN had given her hair more shine and bounce than regular shampoo.

McClure noticed her hair did get greasy between uses as it acclimated to the product. However, after receiving compliments from friends on the shiny condition of her locks, she decided WEN hair had made positive changes to her hair and gave the product a favorable review.


A Brief Review Of Some Beneful Brand Dog Food Products

A Brief Review Of Some Beneful Brand Dog Food Products published on

If you are not familiar with the newly launched premium dog food brand from Purina called Beneful then listen up. Beneful is a high quality dog food brand that is within the price range of your average dog owner. You won’t have to shill a fortune out for this premium dog food. It will provide you with quality, tasty dog food that your pooch is sure to enjoy. The brand has snacks, wet and dry dog food and cleaning bars under its name. I have decided to review some of Beneful‘s products below to give you an idea of what you can find under the Beneful name.

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Does your dog suffer from bad breath? If so, then you should try the healthy smile dental ridges offered by Beneful. They are available in several different sizes such as mini, small, medium and large to fit different sized dogs. This snack has a meaty, gelatinous center and an outer vegetable and grain based shell. Accented with parsley, it will help to clean and freshen your dog’s breath.

Another Beneful brand snack that cleans your dog’s teeth is the healthy smiles dental twists. As with the dental ridges by Beneful this snack will clean and freshen the breath of your dog when he or she is snacking on it. It is also flavored with parsley and comes in many different sizes so that it can be fed to different sized dogs. The main difference with this snack is that it has a different texture, appearance and comes in different flavors than the dental ridges.

Looking for a regular dog food snack? Try the Beneful baked delights heartfuls. This is a heart shaped snack that has an apple flavored and jam like texture filling with a shortbread dough crust. It is also flavored with bacon that dogs are sure to love. Another popular snack by Beneful is the baked delights hugs. This is a ravioli shaped snack that has a meat and cheese filling. The hugs snack is soft and chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Go Wal-Mart shopping and give your dog a snack from Beneful. They will most likely love it! Beneful is also available online via Amazon.

For more info, visit the Beneful website.