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Why Cloudwick is a great Option for Many Businesses

Why Cloudwick is a great Option for Many Businesses published on

Company Profile

Cloudwick is a certified service provider with over 7 years’ experience that helps companies and enterprises to transition to modern technologies. The company is a service provider that specializes in the provision of services such as Cloudwick CDL, Security, and Data Lake. The firm provides a wide range of open source software, advanced data analytics, big data, and cloud services. To achieve its mission, the firm works with highly trained and experienced personnel to scale, design, and regulate the Data Lake, advanced data analytics, cloud, and big data solutions. Businesses can get in touch with the firm’s customer care agents to inquire about development, data engineering, staffing, DevOps, and other managed services.

Whom does the firm work with?

With its Data Lake services, the company offers security, cloud, and CDL services to a variety of clients who they have been collaborating with for the past seven years. Some of the clients that the company works with include:

  • Business Executives: Cloudwick Data Lake gives professional consultation and big data analysis services to business executives who want to put their enterprises on the path towards modernization of its data analytics.
  • Business IT experts: When it comes to modernizing a firm’s operations, the IT department has to assume a leading role in designing and developing solutions. As a result, Cloudwick works in collaboration with IT departments to develop data solutions for businesses. The firm uses open source applications such as Cassandra, Hadoop, and Spark to modernize enterprises.
  • Vendors: The firm works with vendors such as Hortonworks, Cloudera, AWS, and others with the aim of delivering modern big data management applications that help solve the current issues that businesses face and give them an edge over competitors.
  • Security providers: Cloudwick works with online and big data security providers with the aim of influencing policy management, security monitoring, identity management, data protection, and system vulnerability management.
  • Solution Architectures: Firms rely on solution architects to design, build, and manage enterprise applications in the modernization process to ensure the transition is smooth.–23152948/