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Only You Stand In Your Way

Only You Stand In Your Way published on

Everyone dreams big when they’re young and the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the moon, becoming president, living in a mansion, becoming successful beyond belief or being famous, nothing is out of reach. Then we enter reality as we gain experience and it tells us to lower the expectations we have for ourselves.




People graduate, find work and begin making compromises. It is when people begin believing they will never make their dreams a reality and some never try to get back on track. They are forced to think like the average person. Fear takes over and making to payday is what we settle for. We shove dreams to the side and let reality make us think we missed the only chance we had.




Do not fool yourself into thinking that you missed your chance when you never took a chance. We become right when we decide that we cannot do the things we dreamed of. It is not living when you give up without trying, when you want something bad enough nothing will get in your way. Doing is the thing that matters, not wanting something. You need to believe in order to get the drive for success.




Committing to change is vital when you are dissatisfied and unhappy with what you are doing. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to do more. It will not always be easy but nothing ever is, so why not stop making excuses and just do what you dreamed of? There are challenges in everything that we do, the bad times only last if we allow them to. You not only have to put in the effort and time but you have to believe that you can achieve anything. Learn more:




The only thing that keeps people from achieveing thier dreams is the lack of ambition and drive that come with giving up.