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Orange Coast College Finds National Success With Its Rowing Program

Orange Coast College Finds National Success With Its Rowing Program published on

Rowing is a sport that most people have seen at the Olympic Games, but at collegiate level the sport of rowing is one of the most competitive in the world, but what many people do not see is the growing success of smaller colleges who are not part of the elite four year colleges who have traditionally been seen as the major success stories of the rowing community.

Orange Coast College has crashed the party for eight seat rowing teams over the course of their 60 year history, which has brought an astonishing 11 national titles for a college that was only established in 1947. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

The success achieved by Orange County College does not see only the top rowing prospects given a spot on the rowing team, but those who are fighting back from injury are also given a chance to prove themselves; Daniel Amado was once a top prospect for many rowing programs, but a broken disc in his back pushed him out of the sport until he returned with Orange Coast College.

Amado hopes to make his way to the University of Stanford after completing his two year degree at Orange Coast College, where he hopes to achieve both academic and rowing success.

The success achieved by the Orange College is one area of success, but the institution is also proud of the success that has been achieved in terms of its academic reputation. Orange Coast College was ranked at number 65 in terms of awarding associate degrees out of more than 5,000 community colleges in the U.S.; the college based in Southern California is also a high ranking institution for the transfer of students to local four year colleges, including the University of California and University of Southern California. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Despite the fact Orange Coast College largely serves local students it has one of the most active campus’ in the area as many sports teams and social groups. One of the most popular areas of the campus is “The Coast Report” campus newspaper that has been distributed across the college since 1948.