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NewsWatch TV-Kidslox

NewsWatch TV-Kidslox published on

NewsWatch is a award winning t.v program that first aired in March 1990, at the time it primarily focused on financial problems. Today it falls more under the category of TV news magazine and covers a variety of topics that the general public has an evident interest in.

Some of the topics NewsWatch covers today include: technology, consumer news, celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, editorial and sponsored consumer reviews, breaking medical and governments news, and public service announcements.

Segments run by the station are usually self-contained reports that are no longer than two minutes. Aside from segments, interviews are also conducted; these can cover a large variety of topics.



These days children spend a ridiculous amount of their time electronic devices every day. But the unsettling part is how unaware parents are of the type of sites that their children could be accessing during their screen time. This is where Kidslox comes in, it is a app available on both android and ios formats and allows parents to set restrictions and monitor their children’s screen time. It has five primary easy to use features :instant lock down,day limit, schedule, content filter, and restriction of apps. The app will also not drain your battery nor your data, it has be optimized for the best convenience.

Kidslox is optimal and easy to navigate with it’s easy to use platform. The app also works across devices, so it will still work if the parent has an ios and child an android and vice versa. This is one of the features that makes Kidslox unique, there are very few companies that are cross platform.