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Securus Technologies Customers Show their Satisfaction on Services Provided by the Company

Securus Technologies Customers Show their Satisfaction on Services Provided by the Company published on

Securus Technologies is a leading civil and criminal justice solutions provider to the law enforcement and correctional agencies. The privately held company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with four regional offices in Dallas and one in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been providing services to over 3,450 correctional agencies serving more than 1.2 million inmates in 45 states in addition to the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico.



Securus Services



Since their inception in 1986, Securus Technologies has grown into the country’s leading provider of high-tech software solutions, parole tracking, and detainee communication services. Their highly qualified teams of experts provide various public safety services such as biometric analysis, incident management, public information, emergency response, as well as monitoring of products and services.



Securus Technologies has also played a significant role in helping correctional agencies with the collection, consolidation, storage, and distribution of information in real time, allowing immediate access to information when the need arises. Their telephone services in addition to the video visitation have allowed the incarcerated to share special moments with their loved ones.



The Customers Comments



Most jail and prison officials have expressed their gratitude through emails and formal letters following the excellent services provided by Securus Technologies. The officials claim that the technology provided by Securus has helped in solving and preventing crimes in the prisons hence improving the incarceration experience. Rick Smith, the Chairman and CEO of Securus also confirmed that the company aims at developing new products and services on a weekly basis to ensure their effectiveness in maintaining a safe environment at the incarceration centers.


The Better business Bureau Accredit Securus Technologies

The Better business Bureau Accredit Securus Technologies published on

Securus Technologies is a market leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice solutions. The company uses its high-end technologies to develop strategies that can be used to foster investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Securus Technologies has also announced that it has received an A+ rating and accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau.


The Senior Operations Vice President, Danny De Hoyos, said that has worked extremely hard to ensure it keeps up with the trend it set to receive the highest accreditation in the land. For them to receive the highest certification, it has kept up with the trend in what they issue and print in social and print media. For them, accreditation was a voluntary action. Therefore, they paid a sum of money to facilitate their accreditation in a manner that does not depict decency. Securus Technologies also worked to attest to the criteria levied below.


Advertise Honestly – Securus Technologies adhered to the set standards of advertisement set by the Better Business Bureau o receive accreditation.

Build Trust – They established and maintained a positive record of events and standards in the marketplace.

Tell the Truth – The company represented services and products honestly. Or all the items in the market, they disclosed them adequately.

Be Transparent – The company openly identified the location, nature, and partnerships in any business dealings. For all disclosure policies, they made sure they kept the business hidden from the public. For this reason, they made it possible for clients to purchase the set needs and criterion.

Safeguard Privacy – Securus Technologies protected all the date presented to them by their clients. For all the information that was sensitive, it was protected against any threat. They only collected personal information whenever it was needed in the business environment. For all the decisions the clients made, they respected them to the latter.




Inmate Communications Regulator Catches Inaccuracies That Gives Louisiana Customers Free Inmate Services

Inmate Communications Regulator Catches Inaccuracies That Gives Louisiana Customers Free Inmate Services published on

Securus Technologies is a popular inmate communications regulation provider. They specialize in monitoring, surveillance, and advanced technology support. They provide audits every fourth quarter for other inmate providers including Global Tel-Link. In fact, they caught a few inaccuracies by Global Tel-Link that were later corrected. These slight discrepancies caused Global Tel-Link to offer free inmate calling services to their Louisiana customers for a limited time. Securus is committed to securing inmate calling for over 56.3 billion calls each year. Securus Technologies has been named the largest inmate provider in the industry by PRN Newswire in their latest article.


Securus Technologies Inmate Calling Provider


Securus is now offering services as a leading inmate communications network provider. They have expanded their services to include a popular video chat feature made available through Vimeo. They allow you to visit your loved ones over the internet with a high definition video and quality sound features. You can see and hear your loved ones in a correctional facility better than ever before. Best of all, this features saves you time and money. A click of a few buttons gives you complete control over the sound and the picture.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Visitation


You can visit your loved ones over the holidays through video visitation chat features. If you’re on an inmates visiting list you can visit them without ever having to commute to an inmate facility.


Inmate Voicemail


Voicemail feature for inmates lets them receive a message from a personal access number. It gives them the ability to transition from life inside of the jail and being able to have independence when they’re released. Messages allows them to get information from employers or prepare for a their living arrangements.


You’re invited to visit Securus Technologies for more information on becoming a customer today.