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Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology

Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology published on 1 Comment on Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology

If you are into communication technology or just a communication enthusiast then Coriant is the right company for you. With over 3 decades in information technology sector it is experienced at what it does. The company mainly deals with communication data networking ensuring that data travels from point of origin and then dispersed to other networks. Before its spin off in 2013 from its mother company Coriant was one of the pioneers in DWBM enabled transmissions that pioneered in high speed data transmission. We are talking about the late 1990s to early 2000 when communication was at its stone age. A person then cannot be mistaken by stating that Coriant diversified communication evolving it with time and making it what it is today.

Coriant is aware of the need to share its telecommunication innovations that’s why it demonstrated its new innovation at the world mobile congress in Barcelona in January. As they say information is power, Coriant has absorbed it at a technological point of view and tasked itself with providing the best data networking services to its client to enable communication. Some of the best telecommunication companies in the world rely on Coriant to provide them with optical based communication gadgets that they use in their day to day operations. The company technological prowess has reached a stage that it is able to generate transmission at a capacity of over 57.6 Tbps.

It is not only focused on evolving technology but also seeking people with interest in data networking. Via its website there are job openings and an appeal from the giant company to future employees to join and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Running a multi-billion telecommunication entity is not easy. Holding the reigns of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir who also seconds as the chairman of board of directors. An information technology engineer he understands the need for faster communication and need to evolve and revolutionize video, mobile and data networking. He has raised the ranks over the years accumulating experience as he climbed each step. He is a true story of hard work and determination having started as a network routing manager at the GTE laboratories and later becoming head of information at the same corporation. Follow Kheradpir on Twitter and LinkedIn


To be offered such a prime position one must have the know-how and dedication to run such a corporation.




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