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Goettl Gives Amazing Tips on How to Maintain Your AC

Goettl Gives Amazing Tips on How to Maintain Your AC published on

Summer is here which means we have our air conditioners working full time. Goettl offers amazing tips on how to keep your AC working efficiently, and with minimal wear and tear.


Run regular maintenance checks


A poorly maintained AC unit eventually malfunctions. It is important that you run regular checkups on your AC to ensure it works properly. Check the vents for any buildup of debris. Inspect the refrigerant lining for any possible leaks. Replace the air filters if they are more than three months old.


If you own a heater, make sure the AC is not running next to it. These random individual checkups are necessary. Once a while, invite a professional AC expert to run a thorough maintenance check.


Incorporate a Ceiling Fan


Ceiling fans are not that popular anymore. However, they can make a huge difference in even cooling of your house. A ceiling fan distributes the cool air emanating from your air conditioner. This way, your AC has less work to do, and you save on your energy bills.


Replace your old thermostat with a new one


Technology has revolutionized the home cooling process by introducing smart thermostats. Smart thermostats are programmable to follow specific instructions at certain intervals. When the room gets too hot, the thermostat automatically turns up the cooling rate.


If no one is home, the smart AC thermostat runs on low power or switches the AC off completely. It will immediately come back on when someone is in the room. Smart thermostats reduce the amount of energy used by the AC. This reduces the cost of operation.


Keep the AC in a cool place


Yes, even your AC needs some shade. Keeping your air conditioner away from direct sunlight ensures it does not heat up. The sun’s heat may cause the air conditioner to override its original settings and try to compensate for the increase in temperature. Install your AC in shady areas. An alternative is to install a shade over the AC to protect it from direct sunlight.


About Goettl


Goettl is a HVAC maintenance company based in Camp Verde, Arizona. They provide HVAC maintenance and plumbing services to individuals and companies. Goettl has offices in several Arizona cities.

Goettl also provide maintenance and HVAC financing plans to their customers. They are also specialists in the installation and maintenance of industrial geothermal units.