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Goettl Ramping Up Nationwide Initiative Through Acquisition Of Socal Business

Goettl Ramping Up Nationwide Initiative Through Acquisition Of Socal Business published on

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that understands that many great things come out of southern California, and this includes the smaller Walton’s Heating and Air which they recently acquired. As an industry pioneer, Goettl has already firmly established their presence in Phoenix, Tuscon, and Las Vegas. However, they are now pushing for a presence in California by helping owner Todd Longbrake take things to a level that he most assuredly would not be able to do through the use of his own resources.

It has already been stated that the Walton’s segment has grown ten-fold since the collaboration. Gust Goettl would certainly give approval of this advance. In his time, he helped to continue modernizing the evaporative cooler with the Combination Refrigeration and Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioner. Gust is just one of many who immigrated in the early 20th century in order to seek the American Dream, and there can be no doubt that he has surely reached what many others could only hope for. Now, it is not just residents of regions with severe desert climates which can experience the benefits that his innovations have brought to such arid regions.

Ken Goodrich is the owner of the Goettl company, and he has just now released news of the acquisition despite it being completed nearly two years ago in 2015. He is a man that understands that the Goettl badge is something which must uphold its proud origin by being placed only on products and services of the highest quality in the HVAC (heating, venting and air conditioning) industry. Todd Longbrake, of Walton’s Heating and Air, has still been retained with Goettl after the acquisition. His new role will be as sales manager and field supervisor where Ken Goodrich says that he has quickly assimilated into the company culture at Goettl and is able to bring his unique experience to the Socal region where many customers have already been satisfied from the collaborative work. An additional 200 jobs have been brought on board to a company which was already giving 306 employees the ability to be providers for their families and loved ones.

Ken Goodrich has stated that he eventually wants Goettl to be a national brand with the ability to reach customers throughout the country, and in order to do so there are already operational plans to expand into Northern California next followed by subsequent expansion into Texas after that. You can follow their Twitter account.

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