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Growth and Success of OSI Industries

Growth and Success of OSI Industries published on

OSI Industries is celebrating a century since its establishment as a Butcher shop to its current multination meat and food provider. It is the most leading food processing firm that is having a drastic growth and taking roots in the world since it has more than 65 offices in about 17 countries where more than 20,000 employees are employed. As it was starting, it was a family based business that operated for years from 1914 to 1975 when the management changed. There before the firm was managed by Otto & Sons and as their retirement approached, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as the partner since he was well conversant with the services of this company because he was serving as an investment consultant.

It was after Lavin taking control of the firm that it started to open more facilities to other countries so that it can reach more customers as it widens its market share. Mr. Lavin led the OSI Industries into capitalization that made him the CEO and chairperson of OSI Company in the 1980s. The growth was fast since Lavin had broad experience in investment sector and banking services and he incorporated the skills into this company ensuring its growth and success.

According to Forbes List of 2016, the OSI Industries is ranked #58 as the fastest-growing private company with outstanding sales of $6.1 billion. For effective growth, the management ensured that it has several joint ventures with leading companies in the world since that made it easy for market expansion in various countries. It was a significant technique adopted by OSI through joint ventures since that made it easy for it to have a global image that attracted more clients to prefer its meat and food services.

Moreover, OSI Industries has acquired numerous companies like Baho Foods and Flagship Europe and many more. Through this acquisition, it is crucial for OSI as it explores other markets in different countries smoothly increasing its share in the market. The mark that is set by OSI Company is impactful and influential to other companies since they have to emulate its steps so that they can be able to succeed in the food production industry. The 2016 California Green Business Award from British Safety Council was given to OSI since it showed outstanding environmental management risks. OSI received another award from North American Meat Institute (NAMI) where in 2018 it was awarded Environmental Recognition Award.