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Jeffrey Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences Providing Innovation To The Healthcare Industry

Jeffrey Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences Providing Innovation To The Healthcare Industry published on

Jeffrey Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Paragon Biosciences, where he served for the past 10 years. His impressive academic track record consists of an MBA from DePaul University and a Bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University.


His first major move in his career in the healthcare industry was founding Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000, as he felt he could help patients with rare or neglected diseases that had unmet medical needs. He focused his attention towards one specific need, as opposed to other biotech companies that are less interested in addressing smaller illnesses. In 2009, Ovation was sold for $900 million to a Danish healthcare company, Lundbeck. The transition was smooth however, as Jeffrey Aronin remained the company’s CEO, and Ovation continues to be successful to this day.


Due to Aronin’s drive to build biotech companies, Paragon focuses on indentifying novel science and unmet medical needs, after which the start building companies using their highly trained professional in order to put the necessary medication on the market. Castle Creek Pharmaceutics is a company that was built by Paragon, and is focused on rare genetic dermatology conditions, such as epidermolysis bullosa simplex. Another company that Paragon helped get its foot in the industry is Harmony Biosciences, which focuses on disorders that affect the central nervous system, such as cataplexy or narcolepsy.


Aronin, alongside Paragon Biosciences, are important players in the healthcare industry, and are working to support the community, specifically the city of Chicago, where Aronin founded MATTER. MATTER is a healthcare incubator, which currently has over 200 companies that are focused on innovation and are at various stages of development. He is also part of World Business Chicago’s board of directors, which is a partnership between private companies and the city of Chicago, with the aim being job growth in the area.


Jeffrey Aronin’s success in the industry has attracted many investors and companies that look for a strong partnership in order to make their potentially innovative medicine a reality. Paragon is expected to continue developing leading biotech companies, and to deliver the medicine needed to patient with rare diseases.