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Jim Hunt’s Outlook On The Global Markets Under President Trump

Jim Hunt’s Outlook On The Global Markets Under President Trump published on

On the day of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency many investors started feeling the jolt of the market taking both downturns and upswings. Many have forecast different outcomes in the coming months and some have called for withdrawal while others have seen great opportunity before them. Taking a more measured look at all the activity in the post-election weeks has been UK investor Jim Hunt, the CEO of VTA Publications on Hunt has never been too caught up in any stock market moments whether good or bad over the years and says while there certainly is a high possibility of a bear market coming under this administration, he does see a good performance coming for the financial and industrial sectors both at home and abroad.

Hunt has spent years researching investor markets and has learned the ins and outs of stock market trades. He began his career working for a prominent bank in England, but later decided he wanted to use his knowledge to help middle class people beat the system in investing. So he started VTA Publications to distribute distance learning materials to anyone interested in going into business for themselves and taking control of their own finances. The topics VTA Publications covers includes retirement planning based on biblical principles, and learning the basics of stock charts and executing trades. Jim Hunt has invited notable businessmen to his seminars over the years to share their knowledge of business and investing, and those seminars have been recorded on DVD according to

In addition to the print and electronic media at VTA Publications, Hunt also has a YouTube channel of video tutorials he’s put together about his various investing strategies, and users can see firsthand how stock trading works. Along with those videos, Hunt also started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is an guide to making a profit when the markets are about to take a tumble, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” shows how making 10 stock trades could multiply into millions worth in pounds. More about Jim Hunt and the work he does can be found on

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