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Jon Urbana Featured On Daily Motion

Jon Urbana Featured On Daily Motion published on 1 Comment on Jon Urbana Featured On Daily Motion

Jon Urbana has a presence on many social media sites including Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Daily Motion. Once a star lacrosse athlete of Villanova University, Jon Urbana went on to found the Next Level Lacrosse Camp and expand his filmmaking experience with worldwide travel. The website Daily Motion features several videos of the Denver, CO native and showcases Jon’s creative interests through a series of videos about Jon and some airplane videos made by Jon himself. The same can be said about Urbana’s Wordpress website.

The first video on Jon’s Daily Motion page details his experience as an athlete and the founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. More on that can be seen on his LinkedIn profile. The video discusses Jon’s move from star athlete at Villanova to lacrosse coach and eventually founder of the camp. The Next Level Lacrosse camp is held by Jon Urbana and his staff each year during the summer to help children grow their lacrosse skill and is detailed in the video and his fan page.

Another video on Jon’s Daily Motion page features Jon as the Next Level Lacrosse Camp owner and as a creative artist who hopes he can become just as successful in photography and music as he is in business. The videos on his Vimeo feed ( explain Jon’s Urbana’s outdoor-centered creative hobbies and discusses Jon’s previous successes in business.

Besides videos about Jon Urbana, Jon has one of his own personal videos posted on his Daily Motion page. The video shows a full grown moose filmed by Jon Urbana, a devout animal lover, in the wild of Alaska as it grazes in on tree leaves close to the camera.

Jon Urbana posted another nature scene on Twitter last night, a black and white video of clouds letting sunlight through in contrasting rays over a bay with boats gently floating by. Jon entitled the video “Clouds Rule The Sky.” Jon posted still photos from this video on his Instagram account to give his followers another look at the video.

Jon’s Daily Motion page features a combination of videos about Jon and videos made by Jon to express his creative ideas. So does his website (, where he’s easily reachable just about any day of the week.

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