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Medicare Advantage plan

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Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance program contracted by the federal government to provide health care services in the United States. The program is categorized in three plans, preferred provider organizations, private fee for services, and health maintenance organizations. Either of the medicare advantage plan covers emergency cases and any urgently needed health care service.

There are other minor medicare plans such as medicare medical savings accounts, special need plans, and provider sponsored organizations at

The original Medicare is a program administered by the federal government while Medicare Advantage plan is administered by private insurance companies that offer medical benefits services. Medicare Advantage plan covers part A and part B of the Medicare benefits that are provided by the original Medicare program.

Each Medicare Plan like InnovaCare Health has its way of functionality; the Programs have different restrictions, rules, and charges which dictate when, where and how you can get the services. Some Medicare plans extend their services to offering extra services such as hearing and dental services while others don’t. Hence, it is significant to find out the services offered by a Medicare Advantage cover before you subscribe.

The part A of a Medicare Cover provides medical payments for In-patients while part B of the same Medicare Plan covers for out-patients. It also provides payments for the surgeons and physicians practice services incurred on You can only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan if you don’t suffer from any End-stage Renal Diseases. However, people with ESRD or any other special needs are eligible for a Medicare Plan only if they are insured in Special Need Plan.

Medicare plans usually charges a premium fee in addition to Medicare part B premium. There is an ample fixed amount that is charged by every plan which is known as copayment. This is charged whenever you get medical services. Some of the plans also charge coinsurance fee which is a certain percentage of the cost of the services you receive.

One of the leading Medicare Advantage Plan which provides high-quality health care services is InnovaCare. InnovaCare organization uses the most advanced technology and efficient models and equipment for healthcare services.

Innovacare insurance is spearheaded by Dr. Rick Shinto. Richard who the president and the CEO work hand in hand with Penelope Kokkinides/ as the Chief Administration Officer. They strive to redefine and coordinate better healthcare services by offering innovative and quality care across the diversity.