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Nathaniel Ru Is Bringing Farm To Table Freshness Front And Center With Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru Is Bringing Farm To Table Freshness Front And Center With Sweetgreen published on

Nathaniel Ru was inspired to open a restaurant that has reasonably priced healthy selections from his time spent in college at Georgetown University. He along with his friends were having trouble finding food that was good for them and not incredibly expensive. This problem sparked an idea that would prove to be a successful business endeavor. Nathaniel and his friends were able to find a prime location and with the financial backing that they were able to acquire the first of many Sweetgreen locations was opened. His now chain restaurant Sweetgreen brings the farm to table convenience to urban areas with a philosophy of quality and affordable salads that appeal to a wide audience.


One of the prime reasons for the success of Sweetgreen is the location and marketing strategies. They also incorporated a clean and crisp design that is comfortable and inviting.Since opening the first location there have been an additional twenty locations all over the country. They made sure to open locations that are in need of easily accessible healthy foods. Their customers love the fact that they can get a good size portion of farm fresh food for around ten dollars. It is hard to buy a meal from a great food restaurant for that price. many investment specialists admire the business model and have said that it is a brilliant concept with unlimited potential.


Sweetgreen is expecting to see substantial growth in the next several years and is planning to provide cities everywhere with top quality fresh meals. For people that work in an office environment and only have a short time to get a healthy lunch, these locations are convenient and getting your meal only takes around twenty minutes. The actual process of building the salad only takes a couple of minutes. Most of the wait time will be spent in line waiting to be served. These times are about average for fast food restaurant in city locations. Instead of fast food, however, you can get a fresh farm to table salad just a quickly for around the same price point. This is a big win for office workers and people on the go everywhere. Sweetgreen doesn’t just target lunch traffic, though, they also want the customers to come for dinner as well.