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Organo Gold: Making Healthy Coffee

Organo Gold: Making Healthy Coffee published on 1 Comment on Organo Gold: Making Healthy Coffee

Addictive, energizing, and a staple in the diets and lives of billions of people around the world, coffee has always been a favorite drink of the tired and worn out. But it is healthy?

The latest healthy coffee and tea product, Organo Gold, is making waves as a drink that actually improves or mitigates a variety of health issues. Drinkers of Organ Gold have seen benefits affecting asthma, diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other problems in a positive way. The secret of Organo Gold is its incorporation of Ganoderma Lucidum, a 4,000 year old Chinese herb that acts as an antioxidant and adaptogen.

Organo Gold is popular for its taste as well as health benefits. Available in a wife range of favors, former non-coffee drinkers have actually begun to indulge thanks to the taste appeal of the drink.

So who is behind this revolutionary new product? CEO Bernardo T. Chua founded the company in 2008, motivated by his desire to sell a healthy alternative to the mass produced, generic coffee drinks. Originally from the Philippiens, CrunchBase indicates that Chua began his career in 1999 as the co-founder and General Manager of Gano Excel. Under his direction, the company expanded international into the United States, Hing Kong and Canada. He moved to California to take on the role of president at Gano Exxcel USA. It was at Gano Excel that Chua learned about infusing products with ganoderma and saw its numerous health benefits in action.

While at Gano Excel, Chua was awarded the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. He used his years of experience and knowledge to start Organo Gold. Thanks to his business acumen and the success of his products, Organo Gold is sold in over 35 countries spanning 6 continents. Chua was able to expand operations and open Organo Gold Singapore in 2015. Now, the company is ranked 55th in Direct Selling New’s Top 100 largest network marketing company.

It’s possible to now have the best of both worlds: a daily cup of joe and the knowledge that it’s a healthy choice.  There is a great speech from Bernardo Chua on YouTube about the benefits of Ganonderma and how his company has grown from his philosophies.

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