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OSI Group McDonalds Partnership

OSI Group McDonalds Partnership published on

OSI Group is a private meat processing company located in America that offers services to food service industries. A good example of a food industry that works closely with OSI Group is McDonald’s company where it became OSI Group Mcdonald. The headquarters of OSI group is located in Aurora, Illinois and has succeeded to operate 65 facilities in 17 countries. The OSI group company was founded 1990 at Chicago, United States. The company’s CEO is Sheldon Lavin. It supports over 20,000 employees. The company dates back in 1909, where Otto Kolschowsky formed a family meat market at Oak Park, Illinois. Learn more at

He later expanded the meat company and moved it to Maywood, Chicago. OSI group later came to be known as Otto and Sans where it gained popularity as a quality meat producing company. OSI Group McDonalds became a solid alliance and they started working together. It is a famous fast food company. It was founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, California and the founders were Richard and Maurice McDonald. The company first started as a hamburger restaurant which later grew to become a franchise company. The company’s headquarters were in Chicago.

Currently, the McDonald’s company had succeeded to run 37241 fast food restaurants across the world where it produces a variety of products like hamburgers, soft drinks, and many other fast food products. It is with no doubt that McDonald’s company is a success. OSI Group Mcdonalds has a played a big role in McDonald’s company. In 1955, it supplied McDonald with fresh beef when the company was starting up its first restaurant. The company relied on OSI group’s meat supply until it worked its way up to success.

Since then, it has formed close ties with OSI group company where OSI has excellent skills in keeping up with changes in the market where it always adjusts to meet the customers’ expectations. OSI Group Mcdonalds decided to expand to Europe where it acquired a Dutch company known as Baho Foods. David McDonald earlier had worked with OSI group where he learned and gained a lot of experience which he has applied McDonald’s company. OSI Group McDonald’s company provides fresh food products to consumers in the market. OSI Group Mcdonalds has been a successful partnership.

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