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Beneful Offers Many Kinds Of Dog Food

Beneful Offers Many Kinds Of Dog Food published on 1 Comment on Beneful Offers Many Kinds Of Dog Food

Today’s pet owner experts to have good food on hand for their animals. This is particularly true for dog owners who need to have food for their dogs that allows the animal to make the transition from puppyhood to being a more mature adult animal capable of doing things such as pulling sleds, finding drugs and assisting the disabled. This is why so many dog owners turn to Beneful for help in feeding their adored dogs. Beneful offers many types of dog food on Wal-Mart Stores to suit the needs an appetite of any dog of any size.
Varied Food Types

Officials at Beneful have developed many kinds of dog food for their happy dogs and customers to pick from in order to find one that suits them. One of the most important of all types of dog food is dry dog food. The Healthy Puppy With Real Chicken is ideal for the growing puppy in need of calories that allow them to grow. Another highly popular brand of Beneful dog food is Playful Life With Real Beef and Egg.

Many Other Flavors

Beneful employees and food developers know the importance of providing varied flavors for their dogs. They know that their customers count on them to create foods such as Originals With Real Salmon and Originals With Real Beef that allow dogs to get flavors they really love. The varied kinds of varieties mean that all dog owners are able to get access to foods for their dogs that mean that each dog can have lots of choices when it comes to dog food.  Instead, they can count on help from their owners to have a different kind of dry food in their bowl as often as possible. This is one of many reasons why so many people are happy to work with to get what they want from them for their adored and beloved pet dogs. Be sure to follow Beneful on twitter:

Andy Wirth’s Incredible Near Death Skydiving Experience

Andy Wirth’s Incredible Near Death Skydiving Experience published on 1 Comment on Andy Wirth’s Incredible Near Death Skydiving Experience

Accidents are something that can happen in our lives and drastically alter our futures. For many, it only takes one large accident to keep them from reaching their full potential. This was not the case for Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth is an avid skydiver who has been diving for many years without any problems at all. He has found a great deal of excitement and freedom from these high-adrenaline adventures on that usually end without any sort of complication. On a day that was just like any other, disaster struck. The high winds in the area caused Wirth to be taken right over a vineyard. The sharp metal fences were just what Wirth was trying to avoid as he was hurling towards the ground below. However, it was impossible for Andy Wirth on kcrw to predict what was going to happen next. Wirth fell down on a metal wire fence with such force that his arm was completely severed from his body.

The surgeons and doctors on Bloomberg were able to reattach Wirth’s arm. This was just the beginning of a great journey that Wirth had to go through in order to cheat death and regain the use of his arm. With many more surgeries and quite a few more blood transfusions, Andy Wirth clung onto life with the tenacity that he had shown so many times before in business. Wirth was finally able to regain the use of his arm after many months in intensive physical therapy. This was a life lesson on the made Wirth much stronger.

FreedomPop Joins with Third-Party Marketing Service To Help Cut Costs For Customers

FreedomPop Joins with Third-Party Marketing Service To Help Cut Costs For Customers published on 1 Comment on FreedomPop Joins with Third-Party Marketing Service To Help Cut Costs For Customers

FreedomPop helps anyone hoping to cut expenses by offering a unique and innovative mobile phone service. After purchasing a phone from the Los Angeles startup, customers receive a decent amount of free phone, text, and data per month. Those who want to increase the amount of data per month can pay for additional MB. Anyone looking for a thriftier option has the opportunity to complete third-party marketing surveys. Data is added to an account as payment for doing the surveys.

CBR Online takes a detailed look at the relationship between mobile advertising and mobile phones. In the article, FreedomPop is mentioned in context of the bigger picture that partnerships between budget mobile companies and advertisers may grow in the coming years.

Currently, the United States and the United Kingdom are the two major landscapes the phones are offered. Plans are in the works for expanding service to 25 more countries. Sales in the U.S. and the U.K. are massive, so the expansion should end up being a major success. Learn more from this FreedomPop review.





Venezuela Seeking Kimberley Certification For Diamonds And Other Precious Minerals

Venezuela Seeking Kimberley Certification For Diamonds And Other Precious Minerals published on 1 Comment on Venezuela Seeking Kimberley Certification For Diamonds And Other Precious Minerals

The United Nations travels the globe verifying the source of diamonds, gold, silver and other precious minerals, issuing a Kimberley Certificate to countries that comply with rules and regulations. The UN investigates where the profits of the diamond industry goes. The Kimberley Certification is awarded when the profits of the precious mineral trade does not go to rebels that seek to overthrow legitimate governments. Venezuela is seeking the UN’s approval in the first quarter of this year.

The Kimberley Certificate will legitimize Venezuela’s diamonds on the world market. The value of the South American country’s diamond reserves is an estimated 33 million carats, but could be worth as much as 3 billion carats.

The diamonds are said to be found in President Nicolas Maduro’s Orinoco Mining Arc on the east-central coast of Venezuela, south of the Orinoco River. The arc according to Danilo Diaz is said to be rich in gold, coltan, diamonds, iron ore, bauxite and other minerals.

The potential for profit from the area’s minerals are immeasurable, with iron ore being one of the most profitable minerals yet to be mined. The bauxite and coltan reserves alone are valued at over $100 billion.

Skout Wants to Share the Love of Comedy

Skout Wants to Share the Love of Comedy published on 1 Comment on Skout Wants to Share the Love of Comedy

The only dating company Skout is always looking to find out more information about its users in order to make the experience better for everyone involved. There are many different forms of comedy out there and Skout wants to know not only what people find humorous, but how it can affect them personally. That is why it created a survey for individuals using the application to fill out. The survey took place with over 3,000 individual users within the United States in order to share their particular feelings and thoughts on the topic.

For starters, it is important to show some sort of humor inside of a photograph on the dating application. Those who have a picture of themselves laughing are 404 percent more likely to make connections over someone who is not laughing or smiling on their profile.

Of course, the survey did not look into what percentage of people someone might think is funny (although it is likely far below the 75 percent level). Those individuals who link themselves to having a witty sense of humor are more likely to consider themselves funny. Individuals who like to laugh with friends and who like to make other people laugh is one of the largest groups in the survey. 94 percent of people said they enjoy making other people laugh. Those individuals who say slapstick is their go to form of comedy are the individuals who are more likely going to try to make someone else laugh (this sits at 98 percent).

People who like to play practical jokes and who say bathroom humor is their favorite style is more likely to have at least five close friends, while people who use a sarcastic or self depreciating form of humor are less likely to have five or more close friends.

Clowns originally came about to make people laugh and to perform in front of others with exaggerated movements. However, 30 percent of people said they not only fail to see clowns funny but are actually afraid of clowns. People with a sarcastic sense of humor (you know, the individuals who are less likely to have close friends) are those who are more likely to be afraid of clowns.

Check out this Skout review

US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny

US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny published on 1 Comment on US Money Reserve President Argues Against The Penny

In an interview on CNBC Squakbox the US Money Reserve president, Philip Diehl, argued his case against keeping the penny in circulation . Despite the fact that there are those who are strongly invested in keeping the penny around, Diehl asks the audience to consider all the disadvantages of keeping the penny.

The US Money Reserve president first began by arguing that no one uses the penny any more. He went on to claim that a good portion of the American population passes up pennies that they see on the street rather than making the effort to pick them up and save them. He goes on to point out that around 75% of all transactions in the United States happen electronically in the modern era.

That leaves only approximately 25% of financial transactions to be completed with cash and with the market the way it is, Diehl argues that the penny is completely irrelevent. He also points out that it costs far more to make the penny than it is worth. With the penny taken out of circulation, nearly $100 million could be allocated elsewhere annually, according to his Facebook page.

There are, however, opposing forces to the US Money Reserve president’s efforts to eliminate the penny. One of those forces would be zinc. There are also economists who speculate that perhaps removing the penny from American currency will drive up prices and press inflation. Diehl argues that the impact would be minimal and that he believes the market will balance itself with very little effort.

Lobbists interested continuing to include the penny in American currency make arguements that it will change the market if it is removed. The US Reserve, however, could not be more clear on its position about the penny being an irrelevent and overly expensive piece of outdated currency.

Conditioners For Every Hair

Conditioners For Every Hair published on 1 Comment on Conditioners For Every Hair

There are a lot of different conditioners that you may choose to use, but only a few will give you the hair you want. You might wonder how you can make your hair feel great again. It’s not hard, you just have to find the right one for you.



Choosing the right One



You will need to look at reviews for each brand and formula so you can see how it worked out for others, but the ultimate trial will be when you use it on your own hair. This is what one woman did and documented her results. She discovered that WEN by Chaz was the best option for her. Her testing can of WEN by Chaz Dean be seen here:



What Does Conditioner Do?



There are many reasons to use Wen conditioner. The biggest one is that conditioners can help your hair to feel fuller than it did in the past. If you have thinner hair, you will notice it feeling fuller and thicker. This is because it fills up the spaces in the cuticle of the hair. This helps it to get larger and to be healthier. The Wen conditioner is great to use when the hair has had a lot of damage due to heat or coloring and bleaching.



Hair can be hard to work with, but adding conditioners like Wen by Chaz can help to make the hair fuller and healthier than it has ever been. You can see results like this woman did with her hair. All you need to do is try Wen from sephora for yourself.


Forefront Capital Partners For Military Support

Forefront Capital Partners For Military Support published on 1 Comment on Forefront Capital Partners For Military Support

Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler announced his company’s partnership with the Easter Seals Dixon Center to aid veterans and military families with a variety of educational and outreach efforts. “This partnership is indicative of Forefront Capital’s commitment to serve the ever changing needs of today’s military community,” said Reifler on Twitter. As part of this partnership Forefront Capital will also advance Easter Seals a $3 million donation. This innovative collaboration will provide the military community with professional development and job training, healthcare, and educational resources.

Easter Seals, a 100-year old charitable organization, has been a leading provider of family-centered services, working every day helping individuals overcome their barriers. The non-profit provides a wide array of free training and resources to the less fortunate, and the goal is to provide veterans and their military families with the knowledge and tools needed to secure meaningful employment. “Through our collaboration, we seek to empower motivated individuals and create economic opportunity for military families,” said Forefront Capital CEO, Brad Reifler.

Brad Reifler: Quiet Revolutionary

For financial investment experts, like Brad Reifler, it’s not always about wealth creation, but also about giving back. For more than 30 years, Reifler has been a cerebral champion in the finance industry, founding not one, but three successful companies, including Reifler Trading, Pali Capital, and the global family of Forefront Capital. His sharp focus and operational efficiency has confirmed his reputation as one of the best in the business.

Making Innovative Changes

Last year, Brad Reifler’s company, Forefront Capital created a new investment vehicle, Forefront Capital Trust, targeting middle-class investors. This fund allows non-accredited investors to consider funds once only marketed to the millionaire crowd. After SEC changes, this closed market has been opened up to the middle-class. According to Reifler, “it was not only good business sense but it was the right thing to do.” Reifler has found new success by redefining the market and including a new subset of investors. “Look for those unexpected new markets and read broadly to learn where new opportunities may lie,” says Reifler.

Slyce Had A Tremendous Fourth-Quarter in 2015

Slyce Had A Tremendous Fourth-Quarter in 2015 published on 1 Comment on Slyce Had A Tremendous Fourth-Quarter in 2015

Slyce has proven to be one of the great success stories to come out of the tech startup world. Slyce was founded in 2012, and the Toronto company debuted an image recognition app in 2013. The app proved to be a solid hit with retailers and consumers. With image recognition software, the ability to search for merchandise was made a lot easier. At the end of the fourth-quarter of 2015, Slyce released a report detailing the major year-ending events. The report is impressive. Slyce truly made major inroads towards exceptional growth during the year.

Slyce was able to receive $7 million in additional investment funding. The company has had a great deal of good fortune when it comes to raising capital. The funds raised by the company have been put to solid use developing and acquiring new image recognition technology and software.

The report does go into detail over a number of those new developments. A content management system made its debut in the fourth-quarter, and so did a special program designed to make strategic recommendations to consumers surfing through an online retail site.

Among the most important developments during the fourth-quarter were the deals signed with top online retails. As long as Slyce continues to enter into partnerships with companies such as, the company will be primed for success.

Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology

Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology published on 1 Comment on Coriant And How It Has Revolutionized Technology

If you are into communication technology or just a communication enthusiast then Coriant is the right company for you. With over 3 decades in information technology sector it is experienced at what it does. The company mainly deals with communication data networking ensuring that data travels from point of origin and then dispersed to other networks. Before its spin off in 2013 from its mother company Coriant was one of the pioneers in DWBM enabled transmissions that pioneered in high speed data transmission. We are talking about the late 1990s to early 2000 when communication was at its stone age. A person then cannot be mistaken by stating that Coriant diversified communication evolving it with time and making it what it is today.

Coriant is aware of the need to share its telecommunication innovations that’s why it demonstrated its new innovation at the world mobile congress in Barcelona in January. As they say information is power, Coriant has absorbed it at a technological point of view and tasked itself with providing the best data networking services to its client to enable communication. Some of the best telecommunication companies in the world rely on Coriant to provide them with optical based communication gadgets that they use in their day to day operations. The company technological prowess has reached a stage that it is able to generate transmission at a capacity of over 57.6 Tbps.

It is not only focused on evolving technology but also seeking people with interest in data networking. Via its website there are job openings and an appeal from the giant company to future employees to join and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Running a multi-billion telecommunication entity is not easy. Holding the reigns of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir who also seconds as the chairman of board of directors. An information technology engineer he understands the need for faster communication and need to evolve and revolutionize video, mobile and data networking. He has raised the ranks over the years accumulating experience as he climbed each step. He is a true story of hard work and determination having started as a network routing manager at the GTE laboratories and later becoming head of information at the same corporation. Follow Kheradpir on Twitter and LinkedIn


To be offered such a prime position one must have the know-how and dedication to run such a corporation.