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Traveling Vineyard A Great Experience

Traveling Vineyard A Great Experience published on

I have to share my experience with Traveling Vineyard. A few weeks ago I attended a wine party on vacation in Los Angeles, California. It was at a friend of a friend’s house. The setting was beautiful wine delicious. Little did I know, the wine we were tasting was on sale because a wine guide from Traveling Vineyard was there.

She really knocked tasting out of the park. She set up a little table with signs for each wine and even had a little snack tray that you could take nibbles off of to enhance the flavor of the wines. She was always there to answer any questions but she was not too pushy. Eventually, I discovered that I liked malbec and that it paired particularly well with some of the steak we were eating that night. Of course, the wine guide helped discover all of this.

I ordered some of the wines through her and they were delivered to my house back home. She told me that she got a commission for the wine sales and I immediately wanted to do this job. So I signed up through Traveling Vineyard to become a wine guide. The training was incredibly immersive. Most of the training came online while I was at home but the company also hooked me up with a leader in my community. I got to ask him any questions and he answered everything that I needed to know.

I love the little success kit that they gave me when I became a wine guide. You get a little suitcase full of tasting glasses and five bottles of wine. It comes with a decanter and a wine opener as informational leaflets. It really sets you up for success when it comes to hosting your own wine parties.

I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I really love it. I’ve made new friends and I get to sell a product that I love. I am making quite a bit of commission and I get 20% off all Traveling Vineyard wines got myself.

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