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Vital Management Tips and Pointers from the Career Stockbroker Arthur Becker

Vital Management Tips and Pointers from the Career Stockbroker Arthur Becker published on

Arthur Becker is a real estate baron with vast interests in the bio tech and info tech industries. Becker serves as the Managing Member at the investment giant, Madison Partners, LLC. Previously, Arthur was in-charge of the tech company, Zinio, LLC. His tenure as the CEO of Zinio lasted for three years. By the time he left Zinio, it had transformed into the world’s number one digital newsstand. Arthur also worked with info tech service provider firms like the NASDAQ traded, NaviSite. Arthur shares the following insights via an interview with Idea Mensch.

A Regular day for Arthur

The realtor doesn’t have a hectic timetable, nowadays. He no longer has to make and take conference calls at the office as was the case previously. He now has his staff to handle such nuances.

Arthur on hiring

Arthur Becker makes it crystal clear that he only deals with credible and competent persons on the job. His core strength lies in delegating vital responsibilities to the proficient employees under his care.

What intrigues Arthur?

Mr. Becker is fascinated by tech applications in medicine. He’s invested heavily on early stage cancer treatments inspired by technology.

Making hard decisions

According to The Real Deal, one needs to be dynamic. If the original strategies fail to deliver, consider revising them as soon as possible. Entrepreneurs should be ready to part ways with all under-performers.

Biggest regrets

Arthur generally detests clinging to the past and what could have been. But, in the interview, he mentioned that if he had to go back, he would most probably complete his graduate business course.

Advice to entrepreneurs

Strive to be knowledgeable always. Listen to the voices of other industry players keenly. Never be rigid in business strategizing. Ensure you hire the crème de la crème of any particular industry for outstanding results.

About Arthur Becker

The American developer graduated from Dartmouth College, Amus Tuck School of Business in 1972. Becker’s investment portfolio features everything; from a macadamia farm in Hawaii to townhouses in the Bronx, Miami, New York, and Tribeca. In 1989, Arthur and the mother to his kids, Vera Wang finally filed for separation.

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