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White Shark Media is Listening: Their Responses to Complaints

White Shark Media is Listening: Their Responses to Complaints published on

It takes a while to create a business from scratch, one that has a solid reputation and is able to work out its kinks. White Shark Media started the hard way, listening to customers’ complaints and developing a solid foundation based on real people’s interactions with their staff and product.

They specialize in ad campaigns for small businesses and were noticing common refrains that reflected specific aspects of their service that they needed to work on. The following examples represent the most common problems: problems that are no longer looming ominously, asking to be solved.

People were having trouble tracking their ad campaigns, with communication issues at the forefront of the problem. This complaint hit the White Shark Media Complaints staff close to home: if the clients didn’t know what was going on, there was a lack of transparency to communication, an issue that could become a major problem long term.

A result of this complaint is that White Shark Media now informs their clients the in’s and out’s of their campaigns in great detail, giving them insight into the kind of strategy they work on for their unique business needs.

Another complaint is that the clients felt communication wasn’t good enough, a major issue for a business that is centered around consulting.

A result of this complaint was the establishment of monthly status calls with their contact person who gives them insight into their specific ad campaign. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: and


A healthy business knows how to grow and learn from mistakes that naturally develop in a newly established entity. White Shark Media has sought to grow from the issues that have cropped up throughout their beginning stages.

Generally speaking, it was communication that was the major theme of the complaints, a theme that needed addressing. For a consulting firm, communication is key to success, so it was highly important for White Shark Media to address this very specific issue.


Since their inception, the company has continued to grow and learn from the problems that come up with their clients. Now that they are more seasoned, White Shark Media runs smoothly and clients are happier than ever.