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A Brief Review Of Some Beneful Brand Dog Food Products

A Brief Review Of Some Beneful Brand Dog Food Products published on

If you are not familiar with the newly launched premium dog food brand from Purina called Beneful then listen up. Beneful is a high quality dog food brand that is within the price range of your average dog owner. You won’t have to shill a fortune out for this premium dog food. It will provide you with quality, tasty dog food that your pooch is sure to enjoy. The brand has snacks, wet and dry dog food and cleaning bars under its name. I have decided to review some of Beneful‘s products below to give you an idea of what you can find under the Beneful name.

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Does your dog suffer from bad breath? If so, then you should try the healthy smile dental ridges offered by Beneful. They are available in several different sizes such as mini, small, medium and large to fit different sized dogs. This snack has a meaty, gelatinous center and an outer vegetable and grain based shell. Accented with parsley, it will help to clean and freshen your dog’s breath.

Another Beneful brand snack that cleans your dog’s teeth is the healthy smiles dental twists. As with the dental ridges by Beneful this snack will clean and freshen the breath of your dog when he or she is snacking on it. It is also flavored with parsley and comes in many different sizes so that it can be fed to different sized dogs. The main difference with this snack is that it has a different texture, appearance and comes in different flavors than the dental ridges.

Looking for a regular dog food snack? Try the Beneful baked delights heartfuls. This is a heart shaped snack that has an apple flavored and jam like texture filling with a shortbread dough crust. It is also flavored with bacon that dogs are sure to love. Another popular snack by Beneful is the baked delights hugs. This is a ravioli shaped snack that has a meat and cheese filling. The hugs snack is soft and chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Go Wal-Mart shopping and give your dog a snack from Beneful. They will most likely love it! Beneful is also available online via Amazon.

For more info, visit the Beneful website.


Bartering for Medications

Bartering for Medications published on

Venezuela’s economic crisis has not only caused a food shortage but has caused Venezuela’s citizens to start bartering for lifesaving medications. These lifesaving medications are used to treat heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma, thyroid, diabetes, and many others. Since the situation has become extreme, television and radio stations are broadcasting on Open Corporates requests for drug and medical supplies.

To get medications that are desperately needed, some families have had to send family members overseas to get medications for their loved ones. Other families are relying on relatives and friends in other countries to buy the drugs and send it to them. Some are traveling to Spain for medication because this country will sell the drug without a prescription as long as the medication is for someone in Venezuela.
According to expert Jose Velasquez, the Venezuela economic crisis has changed doctor and hospital practices. Venezuela’s hospitals are functioning with fewer supplies and medical equipment. Patients have been asked to bring syringes and bandages. Doctors are frustrated because they write out more than one prescription so patients will have an alternative in case the original prescription is not available. If the economic crisis does not improve soon for Venezuela, the hardships for these citizens are going to continue to get worse if their President will not allow them to receive international aid.




George Soros, The man Behind Open Society Foundation

George Soros, The man Behind Open Society Foundation published on

George Soros is the Founder and the President of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society Foundation. Soros Was brought up in Hungary being born in Budapest in the year 1930. In 1947, he found his way to England during Nazi occupation and attend London School of Economics and graduated with a Degree in Economics. George Soros began his Career in England working for an investment bank in London at entry level Position where he gained knowledge about management of funds. Later in the year 1956, Soros moved to the United States and settled in New York.

He worked for F.M Mayer as an Analyst for Three years and Moved to Wertheim & CO. where he served the same role for four years before joining Arnhold & S.Bleichlorand served at Management Position for almost Three years. His Dream Came true in the year 1972 and by 1973, Soros Founded Soros Fund Management. Over the years, Soros Management Fund evolved to became Quantum Fund an established hedge Fund.

His investment expertise on made him successful in managing the hedge fund and managed to raise 30% of the revenue investment returns annually, in two instances Soros proved to record 100% annual returns. 1980s George Soros started his Philanthropic work doing away with daily management of Quantum Fund and concentrated in supporting in different fields through donation large sum of Cash worldwide. He managed to donate this funds through his Open Society Foundation.

Open Society Foundation is an organization that values democracy and ensures everyone rights are respected and heard. It is an Umbrella organization that covers over 100 Countries globally. Some years back, Soros developed Passion in Political activism and lectured on contemporary issues in economics and the stand of U.S in world affairs especially political and freedom.
Read more: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

James O’keefe, a conservative activist, was caught trying to impersonate Victor Kesh and bringing himself as a partner in the Open Society Foundation. Dana Geraghty later came to realize it was James who was acting as Kesh left without hanging the phone and Dana were able to hear background Conversation. His plans about opening a group in the LinkedIn that would promote Soros Vision was reputed by Chris Stone, The President of Open Society by stating that he cannot even know how to use technology, simple internet browser.

In recent Publication of Value Walk, George Soros touched the headline being a short-term Speculator, who walked away with billions from Making Huge Bets. George Soros expertise was in determining the price economics of currency standings. The market was unpredictable, and the underlying anomaly was British Currency would decline in value, and no increase in interest rates and currency purchasing power will remain constant. Given the market condition, there was a high probability that Britain would quit ERM and decrease its Currency. There was livelihood that if the examiner could have their bet on the chance, they could emerge winners.

The result of the beat unfolded on September 17th in 1972 during a news interview where Lamont announced Britain will float their Currency and Exit ERM. It turned out to be Awesome Wednesday for George Soros by raising $7 Billion upside the betted Amount of $15 Billion that he borrowed from Quantum fund. The Britain Currency decreased by 15% against the increase of 25% of the other currencies, that is, US Dollar and Deutschmark.

The Amazing Success of Brian Bonar

The Amazing Success of Brian Bonar published on

In the world of finance, Brian Bonar is a name that has become very well known to many. His success has not only benefitted the organizations in which he is a part of, but he has helped the entire industry as well. Brian Bonar has also been named the Cambridge Who’s who Executive of the Year in Finance. This award was given to Bonar due to his amazing achievements and leadership skills in the world of finance. Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History

The Dalrada Financial Corporation has been the main focus of Bonar over the last few years. His position as CEO and Chairman of this Financial Corporation has helped him to create a great deal of success for this corporation. There are few individuals who would be as well qualified as Bonar to run this financial corporation.

With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, it is easy to see why Bonar is one of the most well experienced and qualified individuals who can help run a financial corporation. Dalrada Financial Corporation has helped many companies all over the world with different employer benefits and aftermarket products. Dalrada is growing very steadily with Bonar at the head of this corporation.

Bonar continues to be a leader who proves himself on a daily basis. There are very few individuals who have been able to achieve the level of success as Brian Bonar (according to PR News Wire) in the financial industry. With his Ph.D and his affiliation with the American Finance Association, it is easy to see why Bonar’s career continues to grow so quickly.

There are many different individuals in the finance world who look up to Bonar as a leader who knows how to get business done. The future looks very bright for Bonar as he continues to move forward with the amazing finacial services that Dalrada provides. Learn more:

Putting WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner to the Test

Putting WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner to the Test published on

WEN by Chaz Dean ( offers a line of cleansing conditioners that claim to improve your hair’s health and texture over traditional shampoos and conditioners. These cleansing conditioners are an all-in-one product. Wen take the place of you shampoo, conditioner, and styling product. The cleansing conditioners come in different formulas, so you can find the perfect formula for your individual hair type.
Emily McClure of online Bustle magazine decided to put this product to the test for 7 days. She has fine, oily, and frizzy hair. She chose the Sephora fig cleansing conditioner, which offers an extra boost of moisture. She ended up using a lot more product than expected. Her hair turned out very soft, shiny, and moisturized. She first tried this product at night. There was noticeably a lot less breakage when using this product over traditional shampoo. By the next morning her hair was already more oily than usual and harder to style.She noticed that when she used the Ebay sold product in the morning the result was a little better than when she used it at night. The moisture seemed to be too much for her fine hair. Maybe a different formula from Chaz Dean‘s store would have complimented her already oily prone hair better. This hair did improve the texture and shininess of her hair.

Sanjay Shah Heads Solo Capital And Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah Heads Solo Capital And Autism Rocks published on

For the majority of business leaders the chance to prove themselves a success in their chosen industry is often seen as the ultimate achievement, but for Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah the chance to provide assistance for family’s living with autism is perhaps his crowning glory. Shah established the Solo Capital brand in September 2011 as he sought a way of staying active in the financial industry while also allowing himself the chance to spend more time than ever before with his children and wife.

Sanjay Shah has led a life filled with success, but has also sought to find the best possible opportunities to live a full life where he has the opportunity to help others. The need to assist others could be seen clearly in the need of Sanjay Shah to study medicine in the hope of becoming a doctor, but he abandoned these studies in favor of a career in finance. Shah was a major success in his early years as an investment specialist, but did not want to continue working long hours following the 2008 economic slowdown; instead Sanjay Shah formed Solo Capital, which had grown to have assets totaling around $100 million by March 2015.

The success of Solo Capital is a major achievement, but Sanjay Shah has become well known for his role with the Autism Rocks charity that organizes musical performances in a bid to raise finds and awareness for those affected by autism. Sanjay Shah has a personal history with autism that includes the diagnosis of his youngest son with the neurological condition and inspired his journey with Autism Rocks; the success of the charity has resulted in the first major festival to be held by the group in Dubai in the Summer of 2016.


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Minimum Wage Raised in Venezuela

Minimum Wage Raised in Venezuela published on

It has recently been announced that thousands of employed individuals in Venezuela will receive a 30 percent raise. The Venezuelan government is working to improve the economy in the country, and the pay raise is part of this plan.
Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, has been met with a considerable amount of opposition when it comes to the state of the economy, and appeared in a televised address to the people of the country. In the address, David Osio said several financial concerns were outlined. Many of the supporters of the Venezuelan governmental system still subscribe to the ideals put in place by the late Hugo Chavez, and this was mentioned in President Maduro’s address as well.

There are also a number of people in the community who are working to ensure that the economic conditions of the Venezuelan people will improve. They include Naudy Aliendref, who says that he doesn’t get paid to do community work, and still believes in the ideals that were part of Chavez’s governmental system.

Social responsibility is still a prevailing theme in Venezuela, Osio added. Despite many of the disagreements on government policy, the people of the country are still attempting to working together to achieve common goals such as job security and the maintenance of job-related benefits.

Ross Abelow Takes On Cases And Wins

Ross Abelow Takes On Cases And Wins published on

In New York, there are a variety of reasons that people require the assistance of a lawyer. They may need them to represent them in a court of law for family issues, divorces or other types of reasons. Some of those reasons can include employment difficulties and real estate problems. When they require assistance from a lawyer in these types of issues, it is best that they find one that specializes in them.

Ross Abelow’s Specialties

Ross Abelow has several specialties that he is adept at. He has an enormous amount of experience in family, matrimonial, litigation and commercial law. Because of his dedication and determination in representing clients with these types of cases, he has created a well respected niche for his legal abilities. Others recommend him highly to those that they know after they have used his expertise for their own cases.

Why Is Ross Abelow A Highly Sought After Lawyer?

Ross Abelow is a highly sought after lawyer because he has the experience and knowledge that sets him apart for other lawyers in New York. He has over 20 years of experience in his specialties. The company that he owns was opened in 1990, and it is called Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. His education consists of an undergrad degree from NYU, and finishing up up with the Brooklyn School of Law.

Abelow follows the Rules of Professional Conduct at all times. He gathers the information that he needs to formulate a case that is highly detailed. His clients feel comfortable discussing all the issues involved with the case in an open manner. They are able to give him the information that they need so that Ross Abelow can win the case for them in a court of law. When he goes to bat for someone, he wants to win, and he usually does. That is why other people recommend him highly when others ask them if they know of a good lawyer that can really complete the job. They always steer them towards Ross Abelow in New York for great representation in a court of law.

Coriant’s Ascent to Success

Coriant’s Ascent to Success published on

Coriant is one of the world’s top network service providers, lending its services to 9 of the top 10 Tier 1 Communications Service Providers around the world. Coriant was formed as a merger between Nokia Siemens Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs in 2013. Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant, a title held since late 2015. Coriant provides a number of products and services to its customers, including edge routing, optical transport solutions, and intelligent network management.

Kheradpir has a long history of bringing prosperity to technological companies. His strong foundation of technological expertise is rooted at Cornell University, where he earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in electrical engineering. GTE Corporation hired him directly out of college. Shortly after his hire, GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to yield Verizon, where Kheradpir was named as both the EVP and CIO. While at Verizon, Kheradpir significantly contributed to the development of FiOS, a project that required an initial investment of more than $20 billion.

After his departure from Verizon, Kheradpir served as the COO/CTO of Barclays, an international banking institution. There, he helped develop Pingit, a mobile payment system. Shaygan next worked for Juniper Networks as CEO, where he designed a revolutionary Integrated Operating Plan.

Today, Coriant holds more than 1,800 patents and a handful of transmission speed records thanks to Shaygan Kheradpir’s well-guided leadership. Network operators from more than 100 countries rely on Coriant’s networking solutions every day. Coriant is expected to grow steadily in the years to come.

Beneful Offers Many Kinds Of Dog Food

Beneful Offers Many Kinds Of Dog Food published on

Today’s pet owner experts to have good food on hand for their animals. This is particularly true for dog owners who need to have food for their dogs that allows the animal to make the transition from puppyhood to being a more mature adult animal capable of doing things such as pulling sleds, finding drugs and assisting the disabled. This is why so many dog owners turn to Beneful for help in feeding their adored dogs. Beneful offers many types of dog food on Wal-Mart Stores to suit the needs an appetite of any dog of any size.
Varied Food Types

Officials at Beneful have developed many kinds of dog food for their happy dogs and customers to pick from in order to find one that suits them. One of the most important of all types of dog food is dry dog food. The Healthy Puppy With Real Chicken is ideal for the growing puppy in need of calories that allow them to grow. Another highly popular brand of Beneful dog food is Playful Life With Real Beef and Egg. This type of dog food has the kind of real beef that dogs crave and need to grow properly and get enough nutrition.

Many Other Flavors

Beneful employees and food developers know the importance of providing varied flavors for their dogs. They know that their customers count on them to create foods such as Originals With Real Salmon and Originals With Real Beef that allow dogs to get flavors they really love. The varied kinds of varieties mean that all dog owners are able to get access to foods for their dogs that mean that each dog can have lots of choices when it comes to dog food. A dog need not eat the same thing each day. Instead, they can count on help from their owners to have a different kind of dry food in their bowl as often as possible. This is one of many reasons why so many people are happy to work with to get what they want from them for their adored and beloved pet dogs. Be sure to follow Beneful on twitter: