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Adam Goldenberg Behind the EpiCenter of Footwear

Adam Goldenberg Behind the EpiCenter of Footwear published on

For years, big-box mall retailers have declined in sales, especially when going head-to-head with JustFab CEO, Adam Goldenberg. The e-commerce maverick has led a digital assault and disrupted shopping mall dominance. Even the most sophisticated shopper has become an online impulse buyer, devastating mainstay retailers, and transforming the shopping experience. “It’s going to get even bigger,” said Adam Goldenberg. With close to $1 trillion dollars in online purchases, e-commerce has certainly become the destination of choice.

Despite their lack of shoe finesse, Adam Goldenberg and partner, Don Ressler created a real threat to brick and mortar retailers. The pair co-founded JustFab which cuts out the middleman, and still is poised for sustainable growth. In fact, JustFab’s long-term growth has investors biting, and the company has already captured a large share of the shoes, bags and accessories industry. As of May 2014, 81 percent of women surveyed said they purchase footwear online, up from 75% the year before, according to

Over the past 10 years, Adam Goldenberg has founded Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and snatched up ShoeDazzle. Along the way, in 2011 he garnered $76 million in JustFab funding, and ShoeDazzle garnered some $55 million in funding in 2013; and this doesn’t include the second and third rounds for investor funds. Both JustFab and ShoeDazzle are sites that have been built around a subscription platform, and JustFab has become the leader in womenÕs apparel.

Creating The Epi-Center of Footwear

At the age of 18, Adam Goldenberg sold his first company, Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media. By 20, he had become the COO at Intermix. By 21, a partnership with Don Ressler led to a new dominance for a transformational business. Their new e-commerce platform, JustFab isn’t merely shipping items to consumers, but also providing advice based on individual style. Consumers can personalize wardrobe choices, and the JustFab platform will then pair up complete looks. “Consumers have style boards that display how paired designs will look,” notes Goldenberg. Shoppers can also adjust their choices because the style boards allow for more creativity. JustFab removes a lot of the doubt people have about clothing. You can easily dress up, or dress down an outfit, all on one website, by choosing shoes, bags and accessories. Source:

More importantly, JustFab allows consumers flexibility, especially when shopping on a limited budget. According to Adam Goldenberg, JustFab is a legacy in the making. They’ve created the optimum customer shopping experience.