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Skout Finds Out How Their Users View Kindness

Skout Finds Out How Their Users View Kindness published on 1 Comment on Skout Finds Out How Their Users View Kindness

What are you going to do when you get to the coffee shop today to get your coffee and scone? What if you did something more than stuff your face with a delicious danish and up your intake of caffeine? If you are thinking about doing something more for the world when you do these little things, then you are thinking about things that lead to random acts of kindness. What if you bought the person behind you in line a cup of coffee in addition to your order? The cashier would certainly notice that you are being kind, and they might feel the need to share this with their coworkers or customers. Other people in the coffee shop might notice or overhear the conversations that take place during this, leading others to see kindness. Kindness spread quickly. The person who gets the free cup of coffee will likely feel a special appreciation that could lead them to other great things in their day.

What does this have to do with Skout? Actually, Skout has just celebrated a fun week long engagement called Random Acts Of Kindness Week. If you haven’t already heard of it or Skout, then let me catch you up to speed. The week is celebrated from February 15th to February 20th, and you can keep the kindness going afterwards, of course. Skout is a social media and online dating platform that has applications being used by folks in 180 different countries to enhance their social outreach attempts. It allows people to freely network and communicate among themselves about their hobbies, personalities, interests, world events and more. It’s simple to get the hang of it. Skout uses the information a user submits to link them with other people of similar interests and background. People use Skout for a variety of reasons, including making online friends, making real life friends and finding ideal romantic engagements.

Apparently, 93 percent of individuals surveyed have actually done a random act of kindness before. The article also has a handy list of random acts of kindness to get you started! Check out the article by Uloop for more information on Skout’s survey and kind acts.

Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Industry

Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Industry published on 1 Comment on Dick DeVos Enters the Liquor Industry


In my opinion, one of the most prominent and selfless families in the United States is the DeVos family that has profited from the family business of Amway Corporation. Despite the large profits, the DeVos family has used their wealth to give back to the community in order to share their wealth rather than keep it. Dick DeVos, a member of the family is especially interested in making considerable donations to his community in Michigan through his family foundation. One of his biggest donations go towards education as a way of making it available for all individuals despite financial situations or hardships. Mr. DeVos is a firm believer that a child from a low-income family should have the same opportunities with the potential they show.

DeVos has many interests besides his business endeavors and philanthropy efforts. He is an avid sailor and an accomplished pilot.

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

In recent news, as a new hobby, Dick and his wife, Betsy have become involved in the liquor business. Dick and Betsy have become large investors to the Coppercraft distillery and have enabled the distillery to expand. 

The current owner of the distillery is Walter Catton III who open this distillery in 2013. The new investments made have enabled him to expand the distillery to a new 9,000 sq-foot facility which includes both a tasting room that can seat over 50 people as well as a brand new kitchen.

Coppercraft Distillery is currently building the company’s inventory due to the Tulip Time Festival that is up and coming in the Lakeshore area. The distillery currently ships their product to over 100 different locations that are located in Colorado, Illinois, as well as in Michigan.

With the new expansion of the distillery, Dick DeVos and Mr. Catton are accepting more experience part-time and full-time workers. The products that are currently produced include whiskey, vodka, rum, as well as gin. With the expansion of the distillery, the company will now expand to include both handcrafted beer as well as wine. This, in Mr. DeVos’ eyes will broaden the market of alcohol drinkers. With the new changes in the distillery, Mr. DeVos and his partner are pleased with the expansion and are now focusing on new possible projects to improve the company even more. With Mr. Catton’s expertise in liquor, and Mr. DeVos’ skill with business, the distillery will continue to flourish.

How Brian Torchin Helps People To Find Work In Healthcare

How Brian Torchin Helps People To Find Work In Healthcare published on 1 Comment on How Brian Torchin Helps People To Find Work In Healthcare

Finding work as a healthcare professional can be tough, but you can expedite the process of finding work. Healthcare staffing agencies assist a large number of people to find employment in the field. Some healthcare staffing agencies have an exceptionally good track record of helping people to secure employment. One of these agencies is HCRC, which is run by Brian Torchin. Brian Torchin has a great deal of experience with the healthcare industry. He currently works in both the role of a medical professional and in a managerial role. This gives him an exceptionally well rounded perspective. HCRC is set up to simultaneously help healthcare companies recruit talented employees, while helping those prospective employees in the healthcare field to secure employment.

Brian Torchin currently works as a chiropractor. His patients have thought highly of him, and his services have helped many people. He knows what it is like to work in the medical field firsthand. Additionally, he also has a lot of experience in healthcare management. Therefore, he also knows what it is like to be looking to recruit employees for a healthcare related business. He has experience with both sides of HCRC, and this has enabled him to run a superior healthcare staffing agency.

HCRC is known as one of the best healthcare staffing agencies that you can go through. Both people looking for employment and companies looking for employees have been impressed with the service. In fact, HCRC possesses the capacity to bring employees to a healthcare company within 72 hours. HCRC is a very experienced and well established healthcare staffing agency. In fact, they have been in operation for nearly twenty years. Furthermore, they have excellent customer service. They make it possible to direct questions to them 24/7. Furthermore, indicates that Brian Torchin himself is available to talk to. You can talk to Brian Torchin whether you are a nurse looking for work or a CEO of a hospital looking to recruit employees. HCRC also is accessible to people in all areas of the United States. It’s also made accessible to citizens of some parts of Europe and Asia.

Brian Torchin has utilized his experience to create a successful healthcare staffing agency. He has done very well with this company. However, this agency has also helped many people to find work.