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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” an the stuff he does is DARK

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” an the stuff he does is DARK published on

This Spring, Sean Penn released his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” which is by some descriptions, an absurd and hard to describe book with no formal plot structure. Penn sat down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to discuss the book. He told Noah that it is meant to talk about the “dark side of human nature” and how humans can easily fall into fascist fascinations. The book is about Bob Honey, an angry American, who is divorced and doesn’t seem to be satisfied with his life. He has an interesting side job, he goes on mallet wielding sprees, killing older citizens because he thinks that they are holding back society. This odd support for “progress” seems to keep Bob going in life.

Penn told Vogue that the book seems to exist on a parallel plane to the #METOO movement, and this seems accurate. Bob witnesses the 2016 Presidential election, he also witnesses the cop killings in Dallas, and later even writes an angry letter to the president of the U.S., telling him that he is not fit to be president. Penn told Noah that Bob is supposed to represent the desire that many Americans have to serve their country, even if they have to purpose or cause to do so. This is an interesting look at why Bob may believe he is serving his country by killing off these older citizens.

Other than just discussing the book, Penn discusses the other things that have happened in the last couple years that may have led him to write this book. He talks about his anger towards President Trump’s comments on Haiti. He also talks about his unlikely friendship with the late Hugo Chavez, brushing on the current issues in Venezuela. Penn ends by critiquing the war on drugs, and how its impact has been anything but successful. He mentions that interviewing El Chapo was crucial in trying to understand the bad side of the war. Generally, it seems that Penn released an interesting book that America may need right now.


End Citizens United Backs Pureval

End Citizens United Backs Pureval published on

Every four years a cadre of media reporters descend upon Ohio to track how the quintessential “swing state” is trending as it is a bellwether for the country as a whole. However, during this year’s midterms that same media cadre may need to start taking notice of the competitive race that is developing in Ohio’s First Congressional District. Aftab Pureval, currently the Clerk of the Hamilton County’s court system, is as Ohio as it gets as well as being an effective leader and presenting himself as a new generation of leadership for the district that includes large parts of Cincinnati. Helping Pureval’s bid to flip the district back to Democrat for the first time since 2008 will be End Citizens United: a group that has backed most, if not all, of the Democratic upsets that we have witnessed os far this election cycle.

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Since the 2010 election the First District has been somewhat solidly Republican — however, there are most definitely some reasons to be an optimistic Democrat in Ohio this time around. Pureval’s refusal of Corporate PAC money puts him in direct contrast of his Republican opponent, and the polls and data show clearly that voters favor candidates who listen to the will of the people and not the will of deep-pocketed special interest groups. A graduate of Ohio’s public school system (including Ohio State University) it is safe to say that Aftab truly understands the struggles facing the working-class in Ohio. With the help of End Citizens United which boasts 405,000 donors around the country the Pureval campaign has a unique opportunity to flip back into the blue column this November. As Aftab looks to continue to build his bipartisan support in the district the rejection of Corporate PAC money is surely to win praise from people all across the political spectrum — and who knows, these independents may be the deciding factor in the election according to

It is going to take everything the Purveal campaign has and more to win the First Congressional District, but media prognosticators everywhere are predicting a “Blue Wave” this November. As End Citizens United showed in Alabama (they were an early backer of eventual upset winner Doug Jones) the “impossible” may actually be possible this cycle. With a dynamic, young and moral candidate like Aftab Purveal on ECU’s side it only adds more excitement behind the Ohio Democrats. By placing importance on the issue of ridding our system of dark money, Purveal presents himself as the clear moral choice in the race.

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Rodrigo Terpins and The Necessity of Sacrifice and Suffering to Improve One’s Racing Skills

Rodrigo Terpins and The Necessity of Sacrifice and Suffering to Improve One’s Racing Skills published on

If being a competitive person makes you want to do things that other won’t do, then that’s what makes you stand out. It’s the drive to be on the top that gets you going. It’s the drive to be the best in what you do that can give the meaning of your life. It’s this innate drive to change the status quo that makes you feel alive, and the good thing about it is that this is what makes you want to do things that help you become better at your job or work. This is the thing that Rodrigo Terpins experiences after winning the 8th position in the Sertoes Rally Bull Race.



The Victory of the Second Stage



Michel Terpins is the brother of Rodrigo Terpins who joined him in the Sertoes Rally Competition, which is in its 22nd edition. This partnership not only made it sure that the bond they have would be stronger, but would also make it more likely easy for the success that they have to be more meaningful.



What makes the success even more meaningful is the fact that it was such an arduous, long and muddy race terrain. The awareness of the length of the race is itself a hard thing to bear, and the right thing about being in the game of racing is that you’re no longer new to this. The fact, too, that Rodrigo Terpins joined with the MEM Team to develop the T-Rex vehicle for the race is an example that there is so much passion in the life of Terpins for him to be able to go through such an intensive path.



Not that this was an easy race. Becoming the best racer in the world isn’t a thing you can do just by having the talent. You have to experience and clock in a series of challenges, long training times and arduous obstacles to train your muscles to go through longer races and harder to initiate challenges. However, it’s good to know that Rodrigo Terpins’ drive to hit his racing goals did pay off. His overall ranking says it all. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Only You Stand In Your Way

Only You Stand In Your Way published on

Everyone dreams big when they’re young and the possibilities are endless. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the moon, becoming president, living in a mansion, becoming successful beyond belief or being famous, nothing is out of reach. Then we enter reality as we gain experience and it tells us to lower the expectations we have for ourselves.




People graduate, find work and begin making compromises. It is when people begin believing they will never make their dreams a reality and some never try to get back on track. They are forced to think like the average person. Fear takes over and making to payday is what we settle for. We shove dreams to the side and let reality make us think we missed the only chance we had.




Do not fool yourself into thinking that you missed your chance when you never took a chance. We become right when we decide that we cannot do the things we dreamed of. It is not living when you give up without trying, when you want something bad enough nothing will get in your way. Doing is the thing that matters, not wanting something. You need to believe in order to get the drive for success.




Committing to change is vital when you are dissatisfied and unhappy with what you are doing. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to do more. It will not always be easy but nothing ever is, so why not stop making excuses and just do what you dreamed of? There are challenges in everything that we do, the bad times only last if we allow them to. You not only have to put in the effort and time but you have to believe that you can achieve anything. Learn more:




The only thing that keeps people from achieveing thier dreams is the lack of ambition and drive that come with giving up.





Jason Hope believes in anti-aging drug research work

Jason Hope believes in anti-aging drug research work published on

Aging has been associated with many medical conditions which are facing humanity. As people get old, they are contracting various diseases. This unlike the young people. The obvious conclusion, in this case, is that there is a relationship between old age and diseases. Disease such as Alzheimer only affects the old people. There has been a concern among medical researcher about the type of solution that they can apply to eliminate this problem. The solution to the problem lies in the ability to come up with a drug that will slow down the rate of aging in human beings. If we can have such a drug, then there will be a significant drop in the number of people suffering from old age diseases.

There is research group called SENS Research Foundation. This is a group composed of experts in biotechnology who are looking at a possibility of developing a drug that will reverse the aging process in human beings. The group hopes that it can come up with a solution that can work and help alleviate the problems that old people have been going through. It is painful that people have been developing diseases at a time when they should be happy enjoying the fruits of their many years of hard work. Just when one is thinking of resting, then old age disease kick in and one spends the remaining part of life battling one medical condition after the other.

A solution that would involve coming up with a medical solution for the aging process would be a great idea. SENS is hoping to use biotechnology knowledge to come up with a solution that will work. SENS organization is doing everything within its abilities to promote research work. The group has been holding yearly conferences meant to bring together experts in this field to discuss some of the things they can do to create a drug that can work. Research work that has been done so far has shown that there is a difference between human aging process and small animals aging process. Lab for a long time has been done using small animals as specimens. The result has been drugs which do not work for human beings.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an American citizen living in Scottsdale. He is tech lover and a great supporter of technological research work. As a philanthropist, he has supported the SENS Research Foundation with $500,000 to conduct their research work.

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Todd Lubar: The Importance Of Industry Contacts In Real Estate Development

Todd Lubar: The Importance Of Industry Contacts In Real Estate Development published on

When a real estate development project takes shape, numerous factors come into play to ensure its success. Along with financing and securing various types of permits, it’s crucial to have a variety of industry contacts that can help overcome numerous issues. Whether it’s an insurance executive, real estate broker, or accountant, these business professionals can often make a potential problem easy to solve. According to real estate entrepreneur Todd Lubar, many of these business professionals will be needed to help with current projects happening in Baltimore. As developers there purchase older buildings and turn them into prized residential and commercial property for relocating companies, startup businesses, and young urban professionals, Todd Lubar sees a trend he thinks will continue in the years ahead within Baltimore. With the city’s cost of living being very low, Todd believes more and more of these projects will take place.

According to Patch, as the President of his real estate development company TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar knows the many facets of numerous types of real estate development projects. From working with insurance executives to secure the proper types of insurance to speaking with accountants to make sure renovations and other expenses stay within budget, Todd has the experience and knowledge needed to help clients solve these and other issues. And along with this, he also uses his knowledge of financing to assist clients who may be having trouble obtaining the money needed to finalize their purchases. But by using his skills in locating little-known sources of financing, Todd helps families seeking homes as well as future entrepreneurs gain the properties they need to start on the path to success. Check out Medium to see more.

By always studying the latest industry trends in real estate development and finance, Todd Lubar knows it will continue to take great effort on his part to stay ahead of the competition. But by doing so, he knows he will continue to position himself at the top of his profession, always ready to assist the next client who has big dreams of business or home ownership. In doing so, he can continue to help clients from all walks of life.


Sheldon Lavin is a Businessman and Entrepreneur with Vision

Sheldon Lavin is a Businessman and Entrepreneur with Vision published on


Sheldon Lavin is a businessman and entrepreneur and currently the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group and the President of OSI International Foods, Ltd. Lavin began his career in the financial and banking services industry before becoming involved in the food processing industry. He took on employment challenges with OSI in 1975 as a consultant. He quickly became a partner in the company and focused on expanding their overseas operations. Lavin then purchased a controlling interest in OSI and took charge of the company operations.


Mr. Lavin originally became involved with the company when the company was interested in financing in order to build a meat processing plant to expand and increase the meat products OSI provided to McDonald Hamburgers. With the expansion underway, Lavin continued to grow OSI in a worldwide supplier of food. Today, the company operates food product facilities in more than 17 countries with more than 80 facilities. The company also employs approximately 20,000 employees.


Through Lavin’s leadership, employees are encouraged and supported to be the best they can be and rise with the challenges as they occur. The company experiences low employee turnover as many stay with the company for years. Lavin’s philosophy is it is important to invest in the staff, as well as the infrastructure. The people are the real future of the company and it is essential to hire and retain the best and brightest the industry has to offer. His vision for the company is to continue profitable growth by remaining on the forefront of the industry with cutting edge and state of the art methods and techniques.


Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist and wears that hat proudly. It is important to give back to the communities around him personally, as well as professionally. He supports several charities including the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. The Foundation helps families that are dealing with serious illness with housing accommodations. He is also a Board Member of the Goodman Theatre and a Board Member for the Rush University Medical Center. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award


OSI has been recognized with several awards during Lavin’s tenure at the company. In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. The recognition was due to the company’s move into the international arena and creating employment opportunities worldwide. Lavin was also recognized for his involvement in the Sheba Foundation and the President and Director. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Why OSI Food Solutions is the Global Leader in Food Products

Why OSI Food Solutions is the Global Leader in Food Products published on

OSI Food Solutions is an American privately owned processing company that deals with foodservice, and food products as well as several retail brands. It provides a wide variety of meals for daily consumption day and has been in existence for decades. The company is a large enterprise with more than 65 operations in 17 countries worldwide. However, the international headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Foods Solutions produces beef, bacon, pork, pizzas, hot dogs, fish, chicken, vegetables among others. Nevertheless, it offers other services like packaging, retail, and supply chains, as well as contracts for food manufacture. It is a premier food company that was established in Chicago in 1909 as a family business. Nowadays it runs across the US, China, and Europe and is headed by Sheldon Lavin as the CEO. The company is defined by timely delivery, value, and quality, which is why it remains as the popular choice.

The company offers employment to thousands of employees. By 2016, it had a total of 20,000 workers. It also provides lots of employment opportunities with job search links on their website for the specific country of operation.

The company has been nothing but a success. The year 2016 saw them make excellent achievements. It won the Globe of Honour award by the British Safety Council for its efforts on environmental and safety risks. During the same year, the enterprise also acquired Baho Food, the Dutch manufacturer of several foods and producer of foodservice. As if that wasn’t enough, OSI Foods Solutions went ahead and bought the Tyson Food plant in Chicago.

In Europe, the company acquired the Flagship Europe company that supplies fresh and frozen poultry products. This gave the company a felt presence in Europe expanding its operations in a bid to become a world-class enterprise.

By mid-last year, OSI Foods Solutions doubled the production of poultry in Spain. This came after the introduction of a large scale production unit to the already existing one enabling it to produce about 24,000 tons of chicken products every year. The venture has, over the past year allowed the company to realize an increased production capacity further expanding its supply of quality menus all over the world.

With its large number of employees, the operations in several countries and its production of high-end food products, it makes one of the largest enterprises ever. The way it has revolutionized the food industry and unbelievable annual sales, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it makes one of the top 100 companies in America.

Clayton Hudson: Artist of Sound Engineering

Clayton Hudson: Artist of Sound Engineering published on

Clayton Hudson has worked on various tours ranging from all kinds of music artist. Many seek after his expertise in sound engineering. Not only does he possess phenomenal sound engineering abilities he also is a production manager. He provides a wide range of services, production design, show producer, monitor engineer, logistics management, stage management, and rigging.

He offers services that are budget friendly and that are always a plus for any event. This is a one-stop shop for all the needs for someone seeking out all the services provided. Why go many places for various services when it will be handled at one place.

Hudson also believes in safety when on the job, at the One Republic’s Honda Civic Tour he says, “Critical in reinforcing safety are several Kinesys LibraCells (load-measuring shackles) with the LibraWatch system, a portable, load monitoring software application that works on.” Therefore, when hired for a production job the client will be assured that the turn out of the event will be great and there will be no worries of safety issues because he takes pride in what he does as well as follow protocol.

In another event he worked on he says, “I also had the very first, hand-built D5 out with Marilyn Manson almost ten years ago. Considering the volatility of that artist, taking a new console out was a risk… but it worked out fantastically. DiGiCo had my back then and I’ve been a supporter ever since.” That demonstrates his ability to work with all kinds of artists. The client can tell Hudson what they expect out of a show and he will execute it.

Clayton Hudson is the go to man for any production needs whether it be a huge tour or any kind of event. Clients want the best candidates to take care of their needs so that the show goes smoothly and the fans love every moment of it. Hudson may be doing the work behind the scenes however, his hard work shows when the lights come on any performer. He takes pride in his work as well as loving what he does day in and day out. He falls in love with each event he works on and promises quality work and a wonderful outcome. The resume of Clayton Hudson speaks volumes and he guarantees to produce the best shows. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Appointed Chairman Of Banco Bradesco SA, Begins Search For New CEO

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Appointed Chairman Of Banco Bradesco SA, Begins Search For New CEO published on

25 years is a long time to serve as chairman, and, at 91 years old, Lazaro de Mello Brandao’s family thought it was about time when he finally decided to step down from his position as Chairman of the Board for Banco Bradesco SA. While he’ll continue to work with Bradesco, even going as far as to keep his old desk, he believes it’s time to pass on the reigns to someone else. Brandao had worked with the bank for well over 40 years, first starting out as a clerk. His movement up through the company’s ranks shows the value of hard work and dedication, and when he finally does retire completely, it will have been well deserved. When Brandao stepped down, he chose the current CEO of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, as his successor. He was made the chairman of the board as soon as Brandao gave up the position, and, in addition, he continues to serve as the company’s chief executive officer until a new one is decided upon in May of this year.

A Look at the History of Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco began his career with Banco Bradesco SA many years ago and has worked toward the success of the bank constantly. However, if you look back at his past, you wouldn’t have been able to guess that he would become a bank executive, with his education being oriented towards philosophy and psychology. However, almost all of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career has been spent at Bradesco, with him taking on the roles of Executive Vice President as well as Investor Relations Officer prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer almost ten years ago. His executive service also extends to subsidiaries of Bradesco, with six cumulative years served as CEO of Grupo Bradesco Seguros. While Brandao has left behind large boots to fill, there are very few who would be more qualified to fill those boots than Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Banco Bradesco Begins the Search for a CEO Within its Own Ranks
During Lazaro de Mello Brandao’s long and storied career as an executive for Banco Bradesco SA, his aim has been to create an atmosphere that encourages the promotion of executives from within the company’s own pool of employees, rather than resorting to outside sources for the selection of executives according to This has led to employees placing the success of the business as a priority as they climb the ladder to the top. In fact, the vast majority of Bradesco’s executives started out as simple employees, working their way up over the course of a long career. This has led the company to significant success, as its employees work tirelessly to increase productivity and move the bank forward. However, it also means that competition for high-ranking positions can be fierce, and this time is no different, with many of the company’s top executives hoping to take a shot at the coveted title of chief executive officer.

However, there are seven candidates who stand out in this race, and who are most likely to bring the company forward in its mission to better itself. These candidates are the cream of the crop, and when it comes to executives, they’re the best that Bradesco has on offer, which isn’t something to take lightly. The seven executives are Octavio de Lazari, André Rodrigues Cano, Josué Augusto Pancini, Mauricio Machado de Minas, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu, Alexandre da Silva Gluher, and Marcelo de Araujo Noronha. All of them have driven the company forward by immense amounts and have established reputations for excellence in both leadership and their own work.

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