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Paul Mampilly says bitcoin is a bubble

Paul Mampilly says bitcoin is a bubble published on

The term economic bubble may be new to many investors of the current generation but those who have been in the financial industry for a long time know very well what it is. It is a phenomenon where the prices of a stock commodity go up for no reason. A genuine stock investment should be supported by tangible economic factors. It is not advisable to invest in a market that keeps on increasing but there no reason to support such moves. It is a risky market that should be avoided at all costs. Such bubbles explode and leave investors economically wounded.

In a generation where people are happy about getting rich quick schemes, there is another bubble that is happening. This bubble is in the form of cryptocurrencies. Almost everyone even those who are not keen on the financial industry know of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which has the highest value currently. It is trading at an equivalent of over $10,000. So, what has led to the increase in the price of this cryptocurrency? This s something many people in the industry are not asking themselves before placing their investments.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies according to investment Guru Paul Mampilly are presenting the perfect case of an economic bubble. Prices keep on going up but there is no reason they are doing so. There is no single economic factor that has pushed the prices up. The only reason there is an increase is just that it is a new phenomenon of digital money that cannot be tracked. Paul Mampilly warns investors to be keen on their investments in the cryptocurrencies.

Paul Mampilly believes the bubble will soon burst and everyone who will not be aware will suffer the consequence of losing their money. He gives an example of a stock that had a similar growth to that of the cryptocurrencies. He explains that the technology stocks bubble was witnessed at the end of the last century. The bubble composed of big firms in the technology sector such as Qualcomm Inc. and others. The stocks had skyrocketed and had recorded an increase of over 1000% in a very short time.

Paul took part in the stocks but realized early enough that bubble was about to explode and sold all his shares. By the time it happened, he was safe with his profits and did not lose anything. Many investors who stayed in the industry long after lost their investments.

About Paul Mamplilly

He is an experienced investor who understands the future of the financial industry. He is the winner of the Templeton Foundation as well as the editor of the subscription newsletter, Profits Unlimited”

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The Organized Todd Lubar

The Organized Todd Lubar published on

The TDL Global Ventures LLC has had the opportunity of having Todd Lubar as their president. The executive has also served in other lucrative positions where he has been the vice president of the Legendary Ventures. The Legacy Financial Group and the Crestar Mortgage are some of the companies that the entrepreneur has served. The entrepreneur has been instrumental in the growth of the Legacy Financial office that is based in Maryland.

This enabled the company to register high production units where hundred million dollars were achieved in a year. Todd Lubar was also helpful at the Charter Funding through the executive position that he held while at the company. Individuals who were in need were helped while at the company. Todd studied speech communication while at the Syracuse University where he graduated in 1995.

The Charter funding that the executive heads is located in the New Jersey. Before joining the University, Todd had attended a number of schools for his education. Todd commenced with the Sidwell Friends School that is located in the Washington. He then proceeded to the Peddie School that is found in the Hightstown.

The entrepreneur who is also a businessman has worked in the real estate for a number of years. Todd holds an experience of twenty years in the credit and finance industry. The businessman has been enlisted for a good number of years for being the best in owning mortgage facilities. Individuals have been able to own homes through his company.

Todd Lubar has demonstrated his experience in other sectors including construction, entertainment industry, and the mortgage banking. The businessman has helped the other individuals to succeed through the experience that he holds. The executive has eliminated barriers so that other individuals succeed. Todd has achieved this by introducing the Relief campaign to the consumers. You can visit to know more.

Todd usually spends enough time despite his heavy schedule. The businessman then acquaints himself with the news in the country through his emails. This enables him to set the perfect mood for the day. Todd Lubar states that the developing technology that is present in the world makes him happy. The security that is provided by the cameras enables him to get information faster. Todd is also organized in his work. Check out

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Fabletics: Crowd-Sourced Success

Fabletics: Crowd-Sourced Success published on

It’s fairly obvious these days consumers have all the power. Arguably, that’s always been the case but not really. Traditionally, consumers had to rely on company-produced advertisements that only told people what the company wanted people to know. Recently, a shift in consumer behavior gave all the power to the crowd.

These days, consumers use customer reviews to determine their final purchases. The most shocking part of this new trend is that people trust random online reviews more than they trust company advertising. As society becomes more intertwined with technology, online reviews grow in popularity. One study showed that people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations from friends.

Online reviews boosted the success of many companies. Newer companies, who have more tech-savvy executives, achieved the most success. Fabletics is one of those companies. When Fabletics launched, activewear was relatively new, and that market was already dominated.

Thanks to user reviews and a number of other strategies, the brand grew over 200 percent in its first four years. Last year, the company was estimated to be worth over $250 million. So far, sales seem to be continuously increasing, as the company continues to attract more monthly members and social media followers.

Most of those Twitter followers follow Fabletics because of Kate Hudson. Ms. Hudson is a co-founder of the brand and a heavy player at the company. She’s more than the pretty celebrity earning paychecks from a sponsor. Fabletics stands for something to her.

For her, it stands against America’s obsession with unhealthy habits. For a long time, America’s struggle with health and fitness, but now, more people are becoming health conscious. In particular, millennial show the most dedication, and they’re also the biggest consumers of activewear. They love being able to wear the same outfit to the gym and around town.

Hudson and Fabletics rely heavily on the information they get from sales numbers and customers. They use a lot of data to try to predict what their members will want in the coming months. It’s a risky strategy, but it pays off with at least one hot item selling more than they expected.

It gives them the opportunity to create products for every month. There are hundreds of styles on Fabletics, so it’s nearly impossible for any woman to not find something she likes.

Bruno Fagali Against Unethical Advertising To Minors

Bruno Fagali Against Unethical Advertising To Minors published on

Conar Approved a ‘caselaw outline’ to ensure advertising for alcoholic Beverages: (a) don’t comprise a significant allure of ingestion; also (b) exhibit a warning signal.

With the issuance of the short article, if a person accounts to Conar and doesn’t comply with the regulations, he can receive punishments even before his hearing. Those involved determine the first suspension of the infringing Advertisement.

According to the chance of preliminary injunction step isn’t new either, according to art. 29 of this RICE (Internal Legislation of the Ethics Council). It’s acceptable when, such as: (I) it’s ineffective to wait patiently before last decision; (ii) endanger injury or risk to the business and / or consumers; (iii) it is an advertisement which is already prohibited and it should not be circulated again; however, (iv) there’s actually a precedent foreseeing possible ethical infraction (article 30).

The overview highlights that such rules apply to adverts “promoted on almost any networking platform or vehicle.” That’s, the aim is to fortify rules for businesses in the Marketing scene, like retailers and drink Providers.

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The outline, consequently, says resoundingly that people must stick by the rules. Bruno Fagali was adamant on this point. He does not want minors consuming alcohol and the businesses that produce these toxic drinks must take care that they do not needlessly entice minors into the wrong direction.

Thanks to Bruno Fagali, a Brazilian Lawyer, businesses must now provide liability for the advertisements that they run. They are responsible for the social impact and any ramifications which result from their products. Many lives are lost every year to alcohol and many of these deaths are attributed to underage drinking. Teens drinking is bad. Bruno Fagali will not allow businesses to skate by with easy penalties. He is fighting for a better tomorrow and a brighter future.

If businesses choose to ignore this new article, there will be injunctions and proper sanctions. Bruno Fagali has laid out his plan and made his mission clear. The unnecessary deaths due to drinking will be brought to a halt and those responsible will be brought to justice. Thanks to his amazing efforts, parents and communities are becoming safer places.

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US Money Reserve Looks to Provide Assistance to Hurricane Harvey Victims

US Money Reserve Looks to Provide Assistance to Hurricane Harvey Victims published on

The U.S. Money Reserve has announced that it will collaborate with Austin Disaster Relief Network in order to help provide relief for those who were impacted by the recent storm known as Hurricane Harvey. U.S. Money Reserve is willing to provide support for a number of community services such as financial assistance, emergency housing, transportation and also emotional and spiritual care. In an effort to help provide these things, U.S. Money Reserve will provide a relief fund to Austin Disaster Relief Network as its way of donating to hurricane relief. With this fund, a number of people will be in position to receive the emergency aid they need. As well as providing funds to Austin Disaster Relief, U.S. Money Reserve will also look to match donations up to $100,000 as well. This charitable activity will be active through the month of September.


As well as serving the community, U.S. Money Reserve has additional motivation to provide relief to hurricane victims. A number of the company employees have dealt with setbacks caused by the storm. As a result, the company is looking to provide donations to its workers in the immediate future. Since multiple areas of Texas have been affected by the storm, U.S. Money Reserve has looked to provide aid to a number of different metro areas such as Houston. The company is looking to give back to areas such as Houston since it provided the company with many opportunities for expansion in recent years. Learn more:


In 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve was founded to help provide currency, education and guidance to investors. The company offers consumers the opportunity to purchase a number of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum legal tender currency. With a large selection of precious metals, investors will be in position to get currency that can enhance their overall wealth. Along with getting precious metals, customers of U.S. Money Reserve will get education and guidance about their investment options. As a result, they will be in position to make better decisions on what to invest in on a regular basis.


U.S. Money Reserve has been among the leading organizations in terms of providing investors with the tools and opportunities they need in order to build wealth. The company has established a track record of providing investors with what they need in order to take full advantage of the precious metals market. Not only to customers get education and guidance, but also market updates as well. These market updates provide investors with up to the minute information about the latest trends in the precious metals market. Therefore, investors are often able to capitalize on new investment opportunities that will help increase their net worth. Learn more:


About The OSI Group and its Developments in the Food Industry

About The OSI Group and its Developments in the Food Industry published on

Since its establishment, the OSI Group has had a significant impact on the food and beverage industry. The company majors in the production of sandwiches, pizza, vegetables, and sauces. Its head office is located in Aurora, Illinois. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin as the Chief Executive Officer, OSI has witnessed a lot of expansion to different parts of the world. Sheldon Lavin has hugely contributed to the growth of the company in many ways.

The firm presently manages manufacturing firms in Eastern Asia. 1992 saw the establishment of the first factory in China. OSI Group started by selling their food products to fast food restaurants. In the year2010, the company established itself in Japan. It created the Orange Bay Foods. The enterprise got investors from Ehime prefecture in Japan. This move assisted in developing the economy of the country by building partnerships with packaging and transportation enterprises. In the same year, OSI established Weihai Poultry, a poultry firm based in China. Weihai Poultry specializes in broiler feeding, slaughtering, hatchery among many others. It received a three-star award in 2017 for its excellent production in chicken. In 2012, OSI group partnered with the Doyoo Group to create a significant poultry processing plant in China.

Besides having so many branches across the world, OSI hasn’t stopped quest for expansion. It has set up branches in India. It started Vista Processed Foods in 1995, and the company went ahead to establish factories all around the country. In March 2012, Vista set up a vegetable processing plant in India. The OSI has also managed to set up businesses in Eastern Europe. It established a ranch based in England so it could serve its customers in the Czech Republic, In Finland, Slovakia, and Sweden. The company has also invested a significant $25 million towards the setting up of a processing plant in Hungary. The branch sells its products in many fast food outlets across 16 European countries.

The success of the OSI Group can also be attributed to its buying of a food supplier known as Flagship Europe. This move was aimed at penetrating the market in Southern German. Currently, it supplies dips, mayonnaise, sauces of different types and poultry. In2 016 the OSI Group bought a renowned food processing company in Netherlands known as Baho Food. Presently the firm manages factories in Netherlands and Germany. IT owns significant industries such as Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henry Van De Bilt and Gelderland Frischwaren.

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Betsy DeVos and her Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos and her Philanthropy published on

Betsy DeVos was born in the America in 1958 and is, therefore, a legitimate American citizen by birth. She is a businesswoman who also has an incredible knowledge of politics. That said, Betsy DeVos is currently serving in the US government as the secretary of Education. Her life is also defined by her philanthropic work which is also covered in the article.


Betsy DeVos as the US Education Secretary


Betsy DeVos due to her great political interests and the fact that she is a businesswoman who has a great mastery of handling funds, she was selected as the US Education Secretary by the President, Donald Trump. Betsy DeVos has made lots of donations before, and she continues to do so. Most of her donations are always channeled toward redefining the US academic system. She is a philanthropist who has taken part in funding several projects in her country, US.


Betsy DeVos Philanthropic Work


For several years, Betsy has taken the frontline in fighting for the positive changes in the US education sector. Since most public schools are believed to be failing, which is true, Betsy became part of the solution by making donations to public schools so that they have enough resources to enhance the learning process and hence academic excellence.


Other Professions


Betsy and her husband have a great interest in embracing technology that made them find and start the Windquest Group. This company majors on using technology to manufacture clean and environmentally friendly energy. Besides that, Betsy DeVos has some experience with marketing since she worked as the President of Amway, the marketing company which was founded by her father. Throughout her life, Betsy as lived with the faith that great things can only happen when people came together and joined hands with the aim of reaching greater heights. Her primary goals are to one day be remembered as someone who made efforts toward bettering the education and corporate worlds.




DeVos’ philanthropic work is not something new as it is innate. The act of giving to the society can be traced back into the history of DeVos’ family. She is that one person who have poured millions of money to ensure that many people are given the opportunity to go through the formal education system so that one day, their lives can be different. According to sources, it is believed that DeVos was selected as the secretary of US education due to her great work in line with education.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

The Inspirational Leadership of Anthony Petrello

The Inspirational Leadership of Anthony Petrello published on

Since joining Nabors Industries as a Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Petrello has steadily grown through the ranks in the company. A year after his appointment, Tony was promoted to become the President of the company. From 2003 to 2012 he held the position of Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello took on the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2011 and Chairman of Board of Nabors Industries in 2012.

With operations in America, the Middle East, and Africa, Nabors Industries is the largest company globally that specializes in natural gas and geothermal drilling. The Huston-based company offers directional drilling services, performance tools for gas and oil markets, and innovative technology solution. Anthony Petrello leads a skilled, experienced, and qualified team who purpose to facilitate growth and set new trends that transform the sector. During Anthony’s tenure, Nabors services and products have increased significantly. The number of active rigs now total at over 500 and the company’s reach has expanded to over 25 nations globally.

Recently, Anthony Petrello facilitated the acquisition of Tesco Corp by Nabors Industries. The $216 million will accelerate growth in the drilling solutions unit at Nabors Industries and enable it to drive sales by offering integrated solutions. The deal also strengthened Nabors Industries position in the market and aligned with the company’s vision of providing additional services and products on a global basis. Tesco deals with manufacture and design of technology-based solutions for the energy industry in America. Anthony’s priority at Nabors Industries is to provide excellent services and products and retain market leadership.

Tony Petrello is an alumnus of Yale University and holds a B.S and Master of Science in Mathematics from the University. Anthony also earned a J.D from the Harvard Law School. He started out as a practicing attorney at the Baker & McKenzie and focused on corporate law, arbitration and taxation. While at the firm, he became the managing partner of the New York office. Also, Anthony Petrello’s first interaction with Nabors Industries was at the law firm.

Anthony is a director of the Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC, and a member of the Texas Children’s Hospital Trustees. Together with his wife Cynthia, Anthony Petrello support pediatric research at the Texas Children Hospital. The Petrellos are passionate about initiatives aimed at improving children’s health as they have a daughter who suffers from a neurological condition. Anthony Petrello offered a $ 5 million donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital to support the construction of a Pediatric complex.

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Experienced and Honest: Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Experienced and Honest: Equities First Holdings Wikipedia published on

In today’s day and age, it can be difficult to find a holding company that is truly going to do your money justice. Some promise simply unattainable returns on your investment, while others simply don’t offer you the tools you need to succeed. Well one company breaks away from the mold, offering great service to hard working men and women everywhere. Equities First Holdings has over fifteen years of experience, making them a major contender in the ring of holding companies. The team is made up veterans of the industry, who will give you all of the best information on how to turn your investment into profit.

Sheldon Lavin Successful Career at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin Successful Career at OSI Group published on

Sheldon Lavin is very popular in the United States. Many people respect him for being one of the most influential figures in the food industry. At the moment, the businessman is holding the position of chief executive director and chairman of the largest food processing company, known as the OSI Industries. While serving at this position, Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in the expansion of the business. Under his leadership, the enterprise has doubled its profits and sales. The team has also acquired several institutions. Consumers from all over the world are always impressed by the kind of products they get from the international food company.

Sheldon Lavin has an incredible experience in the food industry, and this is one of the reasons he has been doing so well. When growing up, the young investor wanted to make an impact in the lives of the people in the world, and this made him work hard so that he could make it in life. His educational background has been instrumental in his successful career life. His educational background has assisted in taking the OSI Group into greater heights. When he finished his high school education, the businessman went to some of the best universities in the United States so that he could acquire his studies in finance and accounting. This knowledge has helped him to become a respected businessman in the harsh economic climate. The businessman has also been able to make wise investment decision thanks to his expertise in the finance world.

Several years ago, Mr. Lavin was employed to work in a company known as Otto & Sons Company. The meat processing company was not doing well, but his presence changed everything. The institution was operated and owned by the Kolschowsky family. With the presence of the new investor, the company changed its name to OSI Group, and things changed for the better. The company has been doing very well, expanding and reaching clients from all over the world. The businessman worked with the company for years until he managed to become the chairman and CEO. His expertise in the meat processing industry has played a fundamental role in the success of the international company. For more info about us: click here.

Sheldon Lavin has been given several award in the past due to his numerous accomplishments in the meat processing department. The businessman has influenced the international community due to his numerous contributions, and he has also won the hearts of millions of people.