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Brian Bonar, the Financial Expert

Brian Bonar, the Financial Expert published on

Brian Bonar is a financial and investment expert with a strong technical background. He began his education with a Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical School, then an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, proceeding onwards to earn his MBA from Staffordshire University, then a Doctorate from Staffordshire. Brian is the President of Trucept, Incorporated, as well as the Chairman, CEO, and CFO.

He is also the President and CEO at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., and the Chairman and CEO at The Amanda Co., Inc. At Trucept Inc, he made many practical changes during the time he worked there. Bonar has also served as President or Chief Executive Officer for several other companies.

Brian has a long history of working in business and finance, with many accomplishments to speak of. He is very experienced with investing and has many years of investment experience. He has worked as a manager for IBM and has directed engineering for QMS, where he managed over 100 people.

Brian has spent most of his life climbing the ladder of success in the business world. He has received much experience through his education history and his experience as a Chief Executive Officer for various companies. Mr. Bonar has won many awards for his work throughout his career and is looked up to by many in his field.

Mr. Bonar has been investing for years and had great experience on the subject. He has helped thousands of individuals with their finances. If you want to improves your finances or your net worth, Brian is the person you need to see.

He has over 30 years of experience in his field, as well as some culinary experience. He is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp., where he supervises the activities of the company. Daladra Financial Corp. has a specialty in providing its clients with various employee products developed to heighten business productivity.

Brian also serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corp., a developer of color management software as well as an organization for digital imaging software. He has applied his leadership skills, transforming this company into a marketing organization.