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The Better business Bureau Accredit Securus Technologies

The Better business Bureau Accredit Securus Technologies published on

Securus Technologies is a market leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice solutions. The company uses its high-end technologies to develop strategies that can be used to foster investigations, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Securus Technologies has also announced that it has received an A+ rating and accreditation by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau.


The Senior Operations Vice President, Danny De Hoyos, said that has worked extremely hard to ensure it keeps up with the trend it set to receive the highest accreditation in the land. For them to receive the highest certification, it has kept up with the trend in what they issue and print in social and print media. For them, accreditation was a voluntary action. Therefore, they paid a sum of money to facilitate their accreditation in a manner that does not depict decency. Securus Technologies also worked to attest to the criteria levied below.


Advertise Honestly – Securus Technologies adhered to the set standards of advertisement set by the Better Business Bureau o receive accreditation.

Build Trust – They established and maintained a positive record of events and standards in the marketplace.

Tell the Truth – The company represented services and products honestly. Or all the items in the market, they disclosed them adequately.

Be Transparent – The company openly identified the location, nature, and partnerships in any business dealings. For all disclosure policies, they made sure they kept the business hidden from the public. For this reason, they made it possible for clients to purchase the set needs and criterion.

Safeguard Privacy – Securus Technologies protected all the date presented to them by their clients. For all the information that was sensitive, it was protected against any threat. They only collected personal information whenever it was needed in the business environment. For all the decisions the clients made, they respected them to the latter.




FreedomPop Has Free Cell Phone And Internet Service Plans

FreedomPop Has Free Cell Phone And Internet Service Plans published on

Any company that can continue giving free services for years to come is a great company that many people should join. FreedomPop has a service that is their staple, which is the free service plan. Anyone who thinks about FreedomPop will automatically think about their free services, which is the free cell phone service as well as the free Internet service. Although FreedomPop offers several Internet services, this FreedomPop review will focus on the free service for the mobile hotspot. Using the mobile hotspot is a great choice for those looking to have Internet service when they are away from Wi-Fi service.

With so many areas that pick up Internet service from FreedomPop, those who choose to get the portable hotspot will never have to worry about using the Internet, especially if they are in a metropolis area that’s well populated. The portable hotspot requires a deposit, which can vary in price from around $40-$130, but the deposit is refundable. Once the hotspot is obtained by its user, they’ll be able to get 500 MB of free data each month that runs at 4G speeds. The user can also choose additional plans that have 3G and 4G speeds.

With several plans available, the highest priced plan for the portable hotspots is $19.99 per month with 2 GB of data. The 500 MB will still come free of charge, and additional data will cost $0.015 cents per megabyte after the initial data is used up. Similar to the free cell phone plan that FreedomPop has, hotspot users can get free data by doing several things. FreedomPop has all kinds of surveys and offers that can be obtained and filled out, and additional data is given to those who complete any of these offers.

Adding someone as a FreedomPop friend can also give the user additional data, whether it’s for their cell phone service or hotspot service. Those with a cell phone with free service from FreedomPop can use their own cell phone and will obtain 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 200 MB of data. If a user doesn’t want to complete offers to get additional free data, then they can always choose the Wi-Fi option, which allows them to get all of their services through Wi-Fi for only five dollars each month. With millions of hotspots to connect to, the service can be used at all times in many areas.

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FreedomPop has No Contracts or Fees

FreedomPop has No Contracts or Fees published on

To say that everyone has a smartphone or a tablet these days maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but this is what the future is starting to look like. Smart devices are becoming much more mainstream and the data plans for these devices are making mobile carriers billions of dollars each year. A lot of this has to do with the fact that so many people are interested in unlimited data plans. There are other people, however, that may have no need at all for the extreme data plans that are provided by the top mobile phone carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. There is a generation of older people that are simply crossing over from the analog to smartphones and they only want enough data to get them through emergency situations. This is where a company like FreedomPop is able to shine.

This is a company that is heavily associated with providing free internet access in the home and free Wi-Fi service to people that are trying to save money. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay large amounts for unlimited data if you never utilize unlimited data for music or movie streaming. It is possible that this may become the norm in the future, but many people are still buying DVDs in stores. There are also other consumers that are purchasing music through Google Play or iTunes. These people do not have a need for music or movie streaming at this point. That is why they benefit from a free service like the one that is provided by FreedomPop.

A lot of consumers are going to be skeptical in the beginning when they hear their freedom pop is offering free phone service. It can be somewhat scary to put your faith in an organization that is offering free cell phone service. There have been a lot of good reviews for FreedomPop online, and this is what has given consumers the courage to drop their current cell phone plans.

One thing that many consumers are raving about is the ability to sign up for a service that has no contract. This is something that the major carriers or trying to get people to commit to. A contract can be very difficult to keep up if you find service that is better somewhere else. This is where a lot of people get stuck with paying fees for a contract.

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The FreedomPop Plan Rescues Everyone with Outrageous Cell Phone Bills

The FreedomPop Plan Rescues Everyone with Outrageous Cell Phone Bills published on

I used to pay a fortune for my cell phone bill each month. It was something that I did not really like, but I had become accustomed to doing this because I thought that this was just the way that it was. I am so fortunate that a friend directed me to FreedomPop because now I have been able to remove the cell phone bill for my budgeting altogether. This is an excellent company that provides people with access to free home internet service as well. These are two of the biggest bills I have so I was glad to find a company like FreedomPop that would give me access to free cell phone and internet service.

As with most things in life that are free, I was skeptical about the possibility of getting a free cell phone service plan. After all, so many of my other friends were paying for cell phone service, and I was also accustomed to paying quite a bit for cell phone service as well. It seems like it would be an impossible thing for someone to get cell phone service for free, but after reading a couple of FreedomPop review comments on the web I was certain that this was something that I should consider.

I really don’t do a lot of cell phone talking anyway. I consider myself to be someone that keeps in touch with family through text messages on a semi-regular basis, and also check social media from time to time. I can count on one hand the number of phone calls that I make during the course of the week. That is why I didn’t see the value in paying for a cell phone contract at all. That is the great thing about using a company like FreedomPop. It allows people to use old cell phones so they don’t even have to worry about purchasing a new cell phone when they start using FreedomPop service.

It seems too good to be true, but it is. There are a lot of other people spend a lot of time worrying about how this company could possibly be making money when no one is being charged for cell phone service. I did not spend a lot of time trying to figure out how this company would be able to provide free cell phone service. I was simply grateful that FreedomPop did this.

FreedomPop Joins with Third-Party Marketing Service To Help Cut Costs For Customers

FreedomPop Joins with Third-Party Marketing Service To Help Cut Costs For Customers published on 1 Comment on FreedomPop Joins with Third-Party Marketing Service To Help Cut Costs For Customers

FreedomPop helps anyone hoping to cut expenses by offering a unique and innovative mobile phone service. After purchasing a phone from the Los Angeles startup, customers receive a decent amount of free phone, text, and data per month. Those who want to increase the amount of data per month can pay for additional MB. Anyone looking for a thriftier option has the opportunity to complete third-party marketing surveys. Data is added to an account as payment for doing the surveys.

CBR Online takes a detailed look at the relationship between mobile advertising and mobile phones. In the article, FreedomPop is mentioned in context of the bigger picture that partnerships between budget mobile companies and advertisers may grow in the coming years.

Currently, the United States and the United Kingdom are the two major landscapes the phones are offered. Plans are in the works for expanding service to 25 more countries. Sales in the U.S. and the U.K. are massive, so the expansion should end up being a major success. Learn more from this FreedomPop review.





Skout Finds Out How Their Users View Kindness

Skout Finds Out How Their Users View Kindness published on 1 Comment on Skout Finds Out How Their Users View Kindness

What are you going to do when you get to the coffee shop today to get your coffee and scone? What if you did something more than stuff your face with a delicious danish and up your intake of caffeine? If you are thinking about doing something more for the world when you do these little things, then you are thinking about things that lead to random acts of kindness. What if you bought the person behind you in line a cup of coffee in addition to your order? The cashier would certainly notice that you are being kind, and they might feel the need to share this with their coworkers or customers. Other people in the coffee shop might notice or overhear the conversations that take place during this, leading others to see kindness. Kindness spread quickly. The person who gets the free cup of coffee will likely feel a special appreciation that could lead them to other great things in their day.

What does this have to do with Skout? Actually, Skout has just celebrated a fun week long engagement called Random Acts Of Kindness Week. If you haven’t already heard of it or Skout, then let me catch you up to speed. The week is celebrated from February 15th to February 20th, and you can keep the kindness going afterwards, of course. Skout is a social media and online dating platform that has applications being used by folks in 180 different countries to enhance their social outreach attempts. It allows people to freely network and communicate among themselves about their hobbies, personalities, interests, world events and more. It’s simple to get the hang of it. Skout uses the information a user submits to link them with other people of similar interests and background. People use Skout for a variety of reasons, including making online friends, making real life friends and finding ideal romantic engagements.

Apparently, 93 percent of individuals surveyed have actually done a random act of kindness before. The article also has a handy list of random acts of kindness to get you started! Check out the article by Uloop for more information on Skout’s survey and kind acts.