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Cotemar’s Commitment To All Their Stakeholders

Cotemar’s Commitment To All Their Stakeholders published on

Cotemar Mexico is a leading service industry along the Gulf of Mexico that offers a variety of services to the oil and gas industry in the country. The company handles the construction of offshore their maintenance and maritime services. In addition to this, the company owns various rigs that are used as holiday destinations for their clients in the industry as well. With their specialized ships and other maritime vessels, the company avails transport services to their clients around the gulf and the shore. This is also inclusive of their meals, laundry and dining services that are offered by the catering and hotel department. The success of the company has been praised by many in the industry that has caused a silent revolution in the industry.



For the company to ensure sustainability, they have a strong corporate culture that is communicated and expected by all the employees in the company. The company pays close attention to business ethics as it acts as a guide the company uses to steer in the right direction. More importantly, the company has well explained obligation towards their communities and employees to improve their quality of lives. There are programs and educational training setting aside that helps improve their employees both career wise and also health wise.



Quite a large number of employees at Cotemar expressed their delight and positive reviews working at the company. The employees agree that the training the company offers has played positively in their career advancements and has also had a huge impact in their safety at the organization. Besides, employees are quite happy and appreciative of the lodging facilities the company provides for them. This includes meals and facilities that they use at the end of the day for relaxation.



Cotemar is very concerned about their environment and its impact to it. The company has adopted means and ways to help ensure that their services don’t tamper with the environment. In addition, the company has created awareness on the safe ways of using the environment and how to sustain the environment.



Besides being a great employer, Cotemar pushes to ensure that they leave a mark to the people and the communities they serve. The company has adopted various projects and plans that help educate and enlighten the future employees who are now in colleges and universities. The career fairs are organized so as to equip them with skills and knowledge necessary for the future.