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How Vijay Eswaran Kills The World Of Business On The Regular

How Vijay Eswaran Kills The World Of Business On The Regular published on

Vijay Eswaran is a successful businessperson who started his run as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in all of Malaysia – Mr. Vijay Eswaran is originally from Malaysia, where he still lives to this day – some 20 years ago, in 1998.

Since then, Mr. Eswaran has accumulated a net worth upwards of $500 million, made himself known publicly to the people of Malaysia due to his high value and the wild success of the company he created, and become the owner of more business subsidiaries around the world than fellow business investors who currently live in Malaysia.

Just like cakes, biscuits, potato chips, and macaroons require chefs to look up recipes and adhere to them throughout the cooking process, success in any industry requires people hoping to achieve such excellence in their careers to follow recipes laid out by previous masters of industries or areas they’re interested in.

Mr. Vijay Eswaran maintains a cookbook full of recipes that budding entrepreneurs can use to increase their chances of being respected, having long careers, and otherwise attaining positives in their working lives.

Take note of the few tips Mr. Vijay Eswaran raises in this blog post and try to apply them to your career. No matter the industry you’re involved in, you’ll find that these tidbits of highly helpful insights that can be applied across the entirety of business fields.


Act as if you have no ego


Mr. Vijay Eswaran likens people with strong, noticeable egos to those who wish to deter “the acquisition of new knowledge,” says a book titled Two Minutes from the Abyss, a helpful novel that none other than Vijay wrote himself.

People with an ego almost always don’t try to adopt others’ lines of thought or methods of reasoning. The larger the ego, the more resistant of others’ insights they are. Eswaran says this can be a career-killer, depending on how deep the manifestation of great ego is in people trying to do great things in business.


Never let anxiety run around in your mind without a plan


Most people have trouble conquering anxiety or even managing the natural stress response. Whether you’re prone to having lots of anxiety or not, make extensive mental or written-down plans to use anxiety to fuel the impact of your career.

Rather than living in fear, try to remind yourself that the reason you’re feeling anxious or fearful is that your mind realized that you need to succeed and is using such a response to make you work harder.