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Dick DeVos Sets A High Standard For Giving

Dick DeVos Sets A High Standard For Giving published on

Philanthropy Roundtable recently sat down with Betsy DeVos for an interview that covered several hot button issues regarding education. The interview was an opportunity for Betsy DeVos to give her impression and thoughts on education. The topics concerning the interview revolved around school vouchers, school choice, charter schools, and home schooling.


Betsy DeVos provided very effective answers to the questions asked during the interview. The answers she gave during the interview showed a tremendous understanding of the education system and the issues that surround the education system.


I feel that Betsy DeVos conducted a good interview. The interview was a chance for people to get a better understanding of how children are impacted by the education system and how the lack of money can affect the education that children can receive.


Betsy DeVos is the wife of Dick DeVos. The name Dick DeVos is well known in business circles. He has served in key executive positions at Amway and with the Orlando Magic. At both organizations, Dick DeVos provided excellent leadership and helped both organizations move forward with successful operations during his time of leadership.


As the current President of the Windquest Group, Dick DeVos is still providing effective and successful leadership. Mr. DeVos has helped to improve and grow the Windquest Group in various ways.


The business success that Dick DeVos has achieved in his professional life is noteworthy. However, there is much more to Dick DeVos than business success. Mr. DeVos is a family man, a husband, a father, a son, and serves many other roles in his life. He is a man of compassion and understanding. One of the areas where Dick DeVos has been and continues to be a leader beyond business is with his charitable giving.


Mr. DeVos has helped many people from all walks of life through his charities, other charities, and his individual assistance. Dick DeVos has a passion for helping people. He helps many students further their education by providing scholarships. He helps his community through establishing and assisting with community initiatives. Also, he helps many by helping with projects such as developing a hospital, a medical school, and a convention center.


Dick DeVos has set high standards for every aspect of his life. He has achieved great success in business life, his personal life, and his charitable life by never settling. Dick DeVos gives his all in whatever task he is working on because he will settle for nothing less than giving his best.

The FreedomPop Plan Rescues Everyone with Outrageous Cell Phone Bills

The FreedomPop Plan Rescues Everyone with Outrageous Cell Phone Bills published on

I used to pay a fortune for my cell phone bill each month. It was something that I did not really like, but I had become accustomed to doing this because I thought that this was just the way that it was. I am so fortunate that a friend directed me to FreedomPop because now I have been able to remove the cell phone bill for my budgeting altogether. This is an excellent company that provides people with access to free home internet service as well. These are two of the biggest bills I have so I was glad to find a company like FreedomPop that would give me access to free cell phone and internet service.

As with most things in life that are free, I was skeptical about the possibility of getting a free cell phone service plan. After all, so many of my other friends were paying for cell phone service, and I was also accustomed to paying quite a bit for cell phone service as well. It seems like it would be an impossible thing for someone to get cell phone service for free, but after reading a couple of FreedomPop review comments on the web I was certain that this was something that I should consider.

I really don’t do a lot of cell phone talking anyway. I consider myself to be someone that keeps in touch with family through text messages on a semi-regular basis, and also check social media from time to time. I can count on one hand the number of phone calls that I make during the course of the week. That is why I didn’t see the value in paying for a cell phone contract at all. That is the great thing about using a company like FreedomPop. It allows people to use old cell phones so they don’t even have to worry about purchasing a new cell phone when they start using FreedomPop service.

It seems too good to be true, but it is. There are a lot of other people spend a lot of time worrying about how this company could possibly be making money when no one is being charged for cell phone service. I did not spend a lot of time trying to figure out how this company would be able to provide free cell phone service. I was simply grateful that FreedomPop did this.

The Ins and Outs of Hiring a Party Planner and Why Twenty Three Layers Is Constantly on Top

The Ins and Outs of Hiring a Party Planner and Why Twenty Three Layers Is Constantly on Top published on
When planning an event and falling under stress, one factor remains constant: You can hire a professional. Though this is an action that is relieving at best, it can often pose problems on its own. While some party planners are epic, to say the least, others fall short on a multitude of ends. Alas, they often must be hired, but that does not mean that crucial steps in opting for the right one should be ignored.

Rather than establishing the budget for your event, it is more so fundamental to establish your reasoning for throwing this event in the first place. This very act will determine which type of planner you should attempt to find. Next, determine why exactly it is that you need a professional. Whether you do not have the time nor the patience, establish your why. From there, outline your budget and begin conducting your research of the professionals in your area. When narrowing down to a few promising choices, conduct interviews and make certain that you and the expert will be able to work together both professionally and in a way that will leave everybody free from stress. Discuss details, expectations, and check the professional’s references. Never be afraid to negotiate and figure out whether or not you will fire this planner or rehire them for future events. Though each of these steps may seem like a lot, they do matter. To eliminate the confusion entirely, consider Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in NYC.

Twenty Three Layers is a company with the best event planners in NYC. Every aspect of an event is considered by these professionals and their utilization of the newest trends guarantees that your event will be as posh as it is affordable and stress-free. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this company has been sought after by people both near and far, including celebrities. With enough credentials to boast for a lifetime, Twenty Three Layers opts to take the easy route instead by sustaining relatability, professionalism, and pizzazz in a rather tiresome field.

Why Devco’s New Brunswick Project Has Been Struggling In The Market Since Its Inception.

Why Devco’s New Brunswick Project Has Been Struggling In The Market Since Its Inception. published on

Devco, also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation has recently been the center of business and investment discussions both on the media and business sector. The main reason for Devco’s popularity is its debt default last month.

DEVCO is a very famous real estate firm that has specialized in urban developments. This company started its operations sometime in the mid-1970’s. This American urban real estate firm has been undertaking redevelopment projects through out the market since then. Among its main agendas has been the facilitation of public and private investments in the real estate sector of New Brunswick City.

Devco has so far participated in investing over $1.6 billion in the economic revitalization agenda of New Brunswick City. This money has gone to the redevelopment of over 2.5 million square feet of projects. Of late Devco has input over $450 million to various new investments in this city.

According to the latest revelations by the Press of Atlantic City, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has again defaulted a $1 million debt installment payment on behalf of Devco. This sum was the monthly principal and interest charged on the $20 million 2005 loan Devco had received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This makes the accumulative defaults for the last five years amount to over $7 million.

Devco invested this money on The Heldrich hotel and conference center construction in New Brunswick City. Atty. Chris Paladino of Devco says that its investment in this five-star hotel has not been doing so well in the market. This urban real estate developer adds that this is the main reason it has been struggling to pay its principles and interests.

This Devco blames the 2008 global crisis for the challenges facing its investment in New Brunswick. According to this firm, this crisis denied The Heldrich hotel a chance to grow in the market as it hit soon after it had launched its operations. Devco says since 2008, it has been trying to hold up The Heldrich Hotel and prevent its collapse and so far their efforts have started giving positive results. This urban real estate developer adds that 2015 was the best year for the investment and with this success persisting it would be able to clear its debts in no time.


Press of Atlanta City.

New Zealand’s Tax Facade

New Zealand’s Tax Facade published on

Not everyone likes to pay taxes. Many people sometimes choose where to live based on how much they are taxed in that particular country. New Zealand is not the exception to the rule. According to an article by the NZ Herald, written by Geoffrey Cone, which can be found at, it tells of how foreign trusts in New Zealand isn’t a tax haven, like many have come to think. Before addressing the article in the NZ Herald, it is important to understand who Geoffrey Cone is and how he has come to play a part in foreign trusts in New Zealand.

Geoffrey Cone is an attorney, known for his tax and trust advisory work. In his pursuit of becoming an attorney, he attended The University of Otago in New Zealand. During his studies he found tax and trust law to be of interest, eventually specializing in that area. After practicing law in his own firm, he went to work in the British West Indies as a litigator. This information as well as more pertinent information can be found at The website addresses how Cone in 1999 would begin his own practice, called Cone Marshall Limited. It is also stated on the website how Cone has achieved in New Zealand partially because his firm “specializes exclusively in international trust and tax planning.” What Cone has accomplished in the area of trust and tax planning offers insight into how he has played a role in the article by HZ Herald.

Understanding more information about Geoffrey Cone provides a clearer understanding to his prior knowledge in trust and tax planning. In the article Cone explains how New Zealand is not a “tax haven.” On the contrary, Cone explains how New Zealand maintains tax transparency, something that is not included in countries with “tax havens.” Cone tells of New Zealand handles tax transparency highly efficient by how it communicates and assists other governments. Furthermore, New Zealand also requires residents to maintain proper tax documentation as well as financial records, which include the trust deed, settlement details, as well as other important documents. If these rules are not complied with, Cone explains there is a harsh punishment incurred on the resident. Cone ultimately tells of how New Zealand is not a “tax haven” because of the procedures one must go through in foreign trusts.

Sweetgreen: a New Twist on the Fast Food Business Model

Sweetgreen: a New Twist on the Fast Food Business Model published on

Just like a McDonalds meal is accessible to just about everyone in America at least 1 or more times a month, shouldn’t there be a healthy alternative the population can turn to? Shouldn’t classy, clean fast food restaurants be the norm instead of an oddity?


The founders of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman think the answer is, “Yes.” In addition, they are not alone. Many Americans are making the choice to eat healthier. Every grocery store and department store like Walmart or Target features natural food choices and healthier options. Some food chains even feature their own line of healthier items under signature labels.


Modern Trends in Healthy Eating


The dollars don’t lie. People have started to become more proactive about their food choices and their health. They’ve begun making choices with their pocketbooks as well, (at least on the grocery side of things). However, when it comes to dining out, it seems like only Californians and people in a few other places have a variety of healthy options.


In addition, though some cities have healthy restaurants, the price point is out of reach for most consumers. However, for just a few bucks, people with heart conditions, weight problems, diabetes and risk for all types of other health problems can go grab a giant, beefy concoction dripping with fake cheese, salt and oil. This is the unfortunate reality of the American fast food diet.


Just because people are busy and need food fast, should they really be forced to eat unhealthily? It’s almost as if they’re being punished for some sort of injustice, when in reality, they’re just trying to work more than 40 hours a week, take care of their families or complete a degree. They just don’t have time to cook.


Changing Fast Food 1 Restaurant at a Time


Sweetgreen is founded on 5 key principles. Those include, to:


  1. Win!
  2. Think sustainably!
  3. Keep it real!
  4. Add the sweet touch, and
  5. Make an impact!


The restaurant chain seems to be accomplishing these goals in spades every single day. Whenever business founders make a decision, they measure that decision by these 5 key principles to make sure the decision they’re making is in line with their overall corporate goals. In this way, they never veer too far off the path that led them to success. Sweetgreen’s success depends almost exclusively on the fact that its business model is so unique and value driven.

Dherbs Can Help You Have A Healthier Lifestyle

Dherbs Can Help You Have A Healthier Lifestyle published on

Dherbs has a goal to help promote the health and well-being of individuals everywhere. Dherbs wishes to encourage people to reach a state of health by their everyday decisions and actions. Dherbs offers products and information to those that are looking for ways to achieve the best health that they can attain. From their own website, the philosophy is that every person knows internally what is the best for them and they encourage them to follow that inner voice. Dherbs serves as a path for people to be able to return to a natural way of healing and living. They are committed to helping people take charge of their health. is a site that features their all natural healing products such as their body cleanses. The cleanses come in a variety of types. There is a full body cleanse, a pregnancy cleanse, a blood cleanse, and many others. There are also other natural supplements that can nourish and enhance the function of your body. also has many helpful blog articles that readers can browse through to gain more knowledge from professionals that wish to share their experiences. You can purchase all of the fabulous products that offers the public for a great price.


Dherbs wants to be part of a healthier lifestyle for you, and they say as much on Facebook, where they offer free healthy tips. Try their products and you will see a drastic change in your overall performance and will enjoy better health. They use all natural ingredients for all of their formulas and adhere to strict quality and purity guidelines when creating their special supplements and formulas.  But before you start any routine, do your research.  Look them up on CrunchBase, and do your research on social media as well.

Wen By Chaz Is Growing In Popularity

Wen By Chaz Is Growing In Popularity published on

When it comes to hair care products, they do not make them any better than Wen by Chaz. It is the product that is a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all in one. Only someone like Chaz could come up with something like this due to his experience in the hair care industry. It is something that he has devoted his life to and when someone does that, it is hard to fail. As the days go by and more people are made aware of it, it has only gained more fans. People can’t wait to tell other people about it, rave about it, and even share it with their friends.

When there is something that can do all of that at once, it makes the mornings a lot easier. A lot of people don’t like to get up early in the morning, but they know they have to because of their job. This saves them time and it also leaves them walking out of the door feeling great and ready to tackle the day and whatever is on someone’s plate. When someone looks good, they feel invincible. The product certainly did make tremendous boosts in the confidence level of Emily McClure of in the following review link:

Follow WEN Hair Care on

One of the things that stands out about this product is that it works for any type of hair. Emily, a fashion and beauty blogger, has fine hair, and used the Fig version. It talks about giving bounce and shine and when someone looks at the photos that she provided, which she did over a seven day period, it proves that it does what it promises. It is rare that a product actually delivers on its promise, but Chaz is the type of person that is attaching his name to something he truly believes in and loves. For more info, watch the product infomercials on QVC and YouTube.

Need Wen?


Gooee Has A Special Interest In Smart Lighting

Gooee Has A Special Interest In Smart Lighting published on

The lighting industry is much different than it was a few decades ago. The main reason that the lighting industry has changed is the use of modern technology with lighting products. The use of technology has allowed the lighting industry to tap into this technology to make significant changes to how lighting is designed and developed. The use of technology has lead to many new innovations in the lighting industry. One of the newest innovations is the smart bulb.

Gooee’s smart bulb is vastly different than traditional bulbs that have been used prior to the smart bulb. With the aid of technology, the smart bulb is designed to work in conjunction with technology that can control the smart bulb. This technology is based on the technology that is used in many areas of modern life. The use of WiFi, Bluetooth, and the internet is common among technology users and the smart bulb works in the same manner.

Technology devices such as the smartphone can be used to communicate with the smart bulb to make changes to the smart bulb regarding lighting preferences. The smart bulb comes with a variety of features, which can be controlled through a technology device such as a smartphone.

Gooee is a lighting industry company that uses modern technology to make innovations in the lighting industry. The company has a solid core foundation of experienced and seasoned professionals who understand the lighting industry and the technology that can be used to develop new lighting products such as the smart bulb.

How Three Young Entrepreneurs from Washington made an Empire

How Three Young Entrepreneurs from Washington made an Empire published on

When Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet were sitting in college discussing what they would do after school, they had no idea that in 2016, they would have one of the most successful startups in the state.

While they always knew that the chances of them ending up in employment were slim, they did not act on their dreams until after they graduated from college. After college, they did not even look for a job. The three agree that they had been influenced by their parents who were businesspersons.

Like most young entrepreneurs, the three did not have capital to start a business. They persuaded their friends and relatives to donate to them some money that they could use as capital. Their family and friends came through and provided the money they needed to open the first Sweetgreen store.

After their first restaurant, the budding entrepreneurs knew that they did not have time to relax and needed to grow their business and open more store as they had stipulated in their business plan. They used their well-developed and comprehensive business plan to convince investors to pump money into their growing business.

Soon after, their business took off and went national. The people embraced and loved their business model. During an interview, Jammet, who serves as the co-CEO of Sweetgreen, said that their company’s products were not the foods they offered, but the values they instill in people. The values were based on the desire to achieve a sustainable and healthy life.

Even with the growth, they barely changed their business plan. This gave the investors a confidence in the company and the individuals running it. All they were doing was implementing their business plan through the revenues they generated and the money investors pumped into the business.

All the three original founders serve as co-executive officers to the company. They possess unique skill sets that have helped them to grow the business. For instance, Nathaniel Ru uses his financial analysis skills he obtained from the University to help their empire with financial matters.

Businesses run by several people enjoy different skill sets brought in by each of the individuals. Sweetgreen’s co-CEO, Nathaniel Ru, brings into the firm’s management the skills acquired through a degree in finance. The CEO is also fluent in both English and Spanish making him ideal with all engagements between the firm and the Hispanic community. Nathaniel is a food and yoga enthusiast.