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Medicare Advantage plan

Medicare Advantage plan published on

Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance program contracted by the federal government to provide health care services in the United States. The program is categorized in three plans, preferred provider organizations, private fee for services, and health maintenance organizations. Either of the medicare advantage plan covers emergency cases and any urgently needed health care service.

There are other minor medicare plans such as medicare medical savings accounts, special need plans, and provider sponsored organizations at

The original Medicare is a program administered by the federal government while Medicare Advantage plan is administered by private insurance companies that offer medical benefits services. Medicare Advantage plan covers part A and part B of the Medicare benefits that are provided by the original Medicare program.

Each Medicare Plan like InnovaCare Health has its way of functionality; the Programs have different restrictions, rules, and charges which dictate when, where and how you can get the services. Some Medicare plans extend their services to offering extra services such as hearing and dental services while others don’t. Hence, it is significant to find out the services offered by a Medicare Advantage cover before you subscribe.

The part A of a Medicare Cover provides medical payments for In-patients while part B of the same Medicare Plan covers for out-patients. It also provides payments for the surgeons and physicians practice services incurred on You can only enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan if you don’t suffer from any End-stage Renal Diseases. However, people with ESRD or any other special needs are eligible for a Medicare Plan only if they are insured in Special Need Plan.

Medicare plans usually charges a premium fee in addition to Medicare part B premium. There is an ample fixed amount that is charged by every plan which is known as copayment. This is charged whenever you get medical services. Some of the plans also charge coinsurance fee which is a certain percentage of the cost of the services you receive.

One of the leading Medicare Advantage Plan which provides high-quality health care services is InnovaCare. InnovaCare organization uses the most advanced technology and efficient models and equipment for healthcare services.

Innovacare insurance is spearheaded by Dr. Rick Shinto. Richard who the president and the CEO work hand in hand with Penelope Kokkinides/ as the Chief Administration Officer. They strive to redefine and coordinate better healthcare services by offering innovative and quality care across the diversity.

Marc Sparks Funds Non-Profit Organizations

Marc Sparks Funds Non-Profit Organizations published on

The Dallas PRNewswire published Marc Sparks’ announcement on rewarding the second winner of Spark Tank. He founded the organization alongside Lynne Sipiora with the aim of mentoring small non-profit firms that support the society through providing profitable products and services. Spark Tank team announced the inner, Mommies in Need, an organization that offers child care support to small families in need. Besides, Mommies in Need provides affordable health care services to families including extra support and consistency at no cost. In her appreciation speech, the founder and president of Mommies in Need, Natalie Boyle acknowledged Spark Tank and Marc Sparks for rewarding them.

Thanks to Spark Tank, Mommies in Need has begun their search for multilingual professional nannies who can handle kids with special needs. Word has it that Mommies in Need have new openings to assist more families especially the stay – at- home parents who are going through a health crisis. For the short listing of an organization in Spark Tank, the company must have a minimum of two years operation. All shortlisted groups are offered ten minutes presentation to explain their mission, vision and objectives including a series of strategies implemented to achieve set goals.

After the organization’s presentation, Spark Tank presents a questionnaire to the team with an additional ten minutes for answering the questions in the questionnaire. Spark Tank evaluates the programs of the firms according to their presentation and if an organization had an incredible presentation, the panel offers the grant to the winners. Marc Spark’s aim was to mentor talented teams from non-profit organizations with a subsidy. In addition to the award, Spark Tank provides mentorship classes on leadership because most enterprises fail due to the inability of the team to express itself.

Marc Sparks established Spark Tank program from his entrepreneurial background to anchor community success. Because he is Dallas-based, the program has seen the Dallas community grow into more non-profit organizations through funded grants. In his speech, Marc Sparks says that the third round of Spark Tank applications is on until 1st October. Failure to send in applications by 1st October means no admission. After the round three nominations, Spark Tank will hold a competition for the first, second and third winners to determine the next recipient of the grant.

About Spark Tank
The Dallas-based entrepreneur, Marc Sparks owns a home office and commits to developing companies for entrepreneurs. Spark Tank features innovative ideas geared towards asking social service workers with entrepreneurial skills to mentor young entrepreneurs. Spark Tank was established to fund community projects. After his successful project at the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter, Marc Sparks committed his achievement to supporting the homeless, non-profit firms and talented entrepreneurs.

Are Loans Making New Jersey Into A Tourist Destination?

Are Loans Making New Jersey Into A Tourist Destination? published on

The loans that are obtained for the various buildings around New Jersey are really helpful because they come from a company that does this kind of work every day. Devco has been doing these loans for a while, and they are working with a lot of local governments to give them the money they need. The Press of Atlantic City makes sure that these loans are in the news, and they are talking about how they are helping a lot of cities in the state.
A city that wants to be a tourist destination will be able to get the loan they want for the buildings they want. They might start off with the idea for a hotel and convention center, and then a lot of other things will get built in the area for the same purposes. They want to capitalize on the commerce in the area, and they want to make sure that they are going to have a chance to attract people there.

These same communities usually have a lot of people who need jobs, and that is why they need to be sure that they are going to get the help they need to give everyone a new job. They want all the people that live there to be sure that they can go out and get a job quickly, and they also want these people to know that they are going to be able to live in the area.

Taxes will start to pay back the loans, and the community will have more money to make everything better. This is the perfect way to make a city in New Jersey into a better place, and Devco provides the money for it without a problem. Every city gets the cash it needs, builds what it wants and they have a better future for their people.


Reasons Why the DeVos Family Donates Billions

Reasons Why the DeVos Family Donates Billions published on

I stumbled upon news about how Rich DeVos greeted Leslie Tassell, the Lescoa auto parts founder, with an expensive compliment stating that he looked like a million dollars. Tassel ended up contributing a million dollars to a cause that DeVos was at that time supporting. The wealthy people of West Michigan derive social clout from the much they give and not from the clothes or cars they drive. Influence to them is derived from the amount of money a family gives to causes. The DeVos family name gets the pinnacle of the West Michigan’s social clout due to their philanthropy as well as other wealthy families like Meijer and Van Adel. The DeVos have shed the light for the first time that they have donated about $1.2 billion in their lifetime of giving. This earned the family the number 20 spot of the top 50 givers back in 2014 when they gave $94 million. The disclosure was made after years of the magazine prodding the family and the family said it hoped that the disclosure would encourage others to give. The family supports conservative politicians and issues but Forbes did not include such contributions. Other contributions by the family are to institutions that are conservatively aligned like think tanks. I found out that the amounts considered by Forbes were only those that actually reached the recipients.

About the Foundation

The Dick and Betsy Foundation was launched in 1989 to serve as the family’s vehicle for giving following the financial blessing it had received. The foundation is based on the model that was taught by their parents and the two seek to serve in the foundation like faithful stewards.

About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a graduate of the Forest Hills Public Schools and later Northwood University. He started working at Amway Corporation back in 1974 and held various positions. He became the Vice President in 1984 and he lead the expansion in over 18 countries. He became the CEO and President of the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise in 1991. He then returned back to Amway International and became president in 1993 and his stint saw the company record high profits and sales.

He co-chairs the Grand Action that aims at revitalizing the downtown Grand Rapids. He also serves as a board member in Willow Creek, RDV Corporation, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Spectrum Health System, West Michigan Aviation Academy and Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan. He has been a two-time national champion sailor, a qualified helicopter and jet aircraft pilot.

Emily McClure Gives Wen By Chaz A Gold Star

Emily McClure Gives Wen By Chaz A Gold Star published on

An often overlooked aspect of a person’s health, is their hair. Many people try to live healthy and active lifestyles, but forget that their hair can be unhealthy as well. Many typical shampoos and conditioners today sulfates or other harsh chemicals in them that weaken and damage a person’s hair and even scalp in some cases.
Chaz Dean is a popular celebrity hairstylist that decided to come up with a better way of cleaning and styling hair without the use of harmful ingredients. This was his inspiration to develop the widely acclaimed WEN hair care products. With the use of all natural ingredients, everyone can use this product to ensure their hair is healthy and luxurious. See,

Emily McClure, a writer for Bustle Magazine, has issues of her own when it comes to hair, due to hers being fine with no body. So she decided to give the Wen products a test for a week, since their cleansing conditioners are compatible with all hair types.
Emily decided to go with the best selling version of the product from Amazon. After receiving the product, Emily decided not to use as much as was recommend because it seemed like too much for her hair. Despite this, she described that the product was working wonders for her hair even quicker than she had expected.

She posted up many before and after pictures to show the results she was getting. Her hair looked shiny and full of volume, and she said it was silky soft to the touch. According to Emily, if one chooses to use the Wen hair care products on their hair, they need to keep to a regular routine in order to get good results and ensure their hair takes to the product. Need Wen? Check out to view the gallery of Wen products.

Read the Guthy Renker product review here:



Money Management Help From The Midas Legacy

Money Management Help From The Midas Legacy published on

As people get older, they start to think about retirement. Retirement for many people is when they can stop working and do the things they like in life. Being able to travel, help grandchildren and spend time in the outdoors are important life goals for many people. While such goals are very admirable, it is not always clear for may people how they can get there. This is where they may decide to seek outside help of all kinds. The right kind of outside help can be vital when it comes to helping anyone decide where to invest on their way to retirement.

The Midas Legacy Knows

One company that is truly devoted to the process of helping people retire when they want is The Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy, headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida, is a company where those on the way to retirement can find the kind of help they need along the way. They can explore what those here have to offer them as they consider the best way to carve out their own path to retirement. The focus at this company is always on the needs of the clients and their specific wants from their funds. The Midas Legacy know that their clients are counting on them for help as they make their way through life and discover how easy it can be to find the ideal way to save and earn well on their savings.

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The Midas Legacy – Giving Back

True Research Experts

Those at the Midas Legacy are research experts. This means that they know exactly how to help anyone research a specific fiscal strategy that may work for their needs. They offer services that can also help teach people how they use such strategies on their own and how they can figure out whether or not a given investment might be right for their own needs. This is why they have enjoyed such success with their investors. Many investors have happily turned to The Midas Legacy for help in all areas of their lives, allowing those here to help them discover how fiscal discipline can be applied in other areas of their lives as well. They know that such dedication can make the difference in a person’s life. Someone who is able to embrace discipline is someone who will do well in all areas of their lives and enjoy both their retirement and all that came before it for them in life.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy:

IAP Worldwide’s Unique and Vigorous Relationship

IAP Worldwide’s Unique and Vigorous Relationship published on

IAP Worldwide Services, or IWS is a facility that provides global-scale logistics along with the latest in quality of professional and technical services as well as facility monitoring and maintenance. They provide emergency services both public and private sectors. They have locations in approximately 20 countries worldwide and over 2,000 employees. They have been in business for over 60 years.

IAP works to be prepared to respond at a second’s notice to provide both logistical and technical expertise to services that have fallen victim to anything from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. They assist in both operating and maintaining buildings that cater to the military, scientific research and civilian sectors. The bases that they cover are often the size of suburbs or small cities.

To further demonstrate their loyalty to government, they provide contract vehicles such as resilient power to the Air Force and services to the Navy’s SeaPORT-e. IAP sets themselves apart by not allowing themselves to rest until each and every one of their clients is satisfied with their results.

Another thing that sets IAP Worldwide Services apart from its competitors is their belief that there are no default or standard solutions. They do what they can to provide creativity and innovation on the spot to their urgent and emergent solutions. They also do not believe that anything is too impossible for them to solve. Read more: IAP: Home and IAP Worldwide Services jobs at


They simply keep at it until they come up what they believe is the most appropriate solution to the client’s specific issue. They also take the time to celebrate the accomplishments of each individual involved with their company.

IAP Worldwide Services puts integrity first as well as welcoming innovative and creative solutions and results. As a result, among their top values are intellectual curiosity and vigor, leadership coupled with empathy and pursuing growth and learning as well as partnership within the company.

And since they put partnership between both clients and employees at their top value, they prize diversity as a way to operate the business. They even welcome any product and service ideas that they believe will make a very beneficial contribution to their business in all ways.

The WEN Difference

The WEN Difference published on

The WEN hair care line [] by Chaz Dean promises dramatic results for all hair types. After viewing the infomercials, Emily McClure a writer from Bustle decided to try it for herself.

WEN hair is sold on Total Beauty. It is a cleansing conditioner that combines shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It promises to clean and condition the hair without harsh sulfates. Wen hair replaced the harsh sulfates with ingredients like Wild Cherry Bark and Chamomile and Rosemary extracts, which means it will not lather like regular shampoos. It also means it will not strip the hair of its natural oils either. All of WEN products are made in the United States and are free from animal testing.

The first thing McClure noticed was the amount of product she needed to use was considerably more compared to her regular shampoo. She was worried it would weigh down her fine hair but decided to give the Sephora advertised product a chance.

As McClure massaged the product into her scalp, she noticed her hair beginning to feel thicker and was happy to discover fewer strands at the bottom of her shower. In spite of her initial hesitation, she was impressed with the results. WEN had given her hair more shine and bounce than regular shampoo.

McClure noticed her hair did get greasy between uses as it acclimated to the product. However, after receiving compliments from friends on the shiny condition of her locks, she decided WEN hair had made positive changes to her hair and gave the product a favorable review.


Adam Goldenberg Behind the EpiCenter of Footwear

Adam Goldenberg Behind the EpiCenter of Footwear published on

For years, big-box mall retailers have declined in sales, especially when going head-to-head with JustFab CEO, Adam Goldenberg. The e-commerce maverick has led a digital assault and disrupted shopping mall dominance. Even the most sophisticated shopper has become an online impulse buyer, devastating mainstay retailers, and transforming the shopping experience. “It’s going to get even bigger,” said Adam Goldenberg. With close to $1 trillion dollars in online purchases, e-commerce has certainly become the destination of choice.

Despite their lack of shoe finesse, Adam Goldenberg and partner, Don Ressler created a real threat to brick and mortar retailers. The pair co-founded JustFab which cuts out the middleman, and still is poised for sustainable growth. In fact, JustFab’s long-term growth has investors biting, and the company has already captured a large share of the shoes, bags and accessories industry. As of May 2014, 81 percent of women surveyed said they purchase footwear online, up from 75% the year before, according to

Over the past 10 years, Adam Goldenberg has founded Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, and snatched up ShoeDazzle. Along the way, in 2011 he garnered $76 million in JustFab funding, and ShoeDazzle garnered some $55 million in funding in 2013; and this doesn’t include the second and third rounds for investor funds. Both JustFab and ShoeDazzle are sites that have been built around a subscription platform, and JustFab has become the leader in womenÕs apparel.

Creating The Epi-Center of Footwear

At the age of 18, Adam Goldenberg sold his first company, Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media. By 20, he had become the COO at Intermix. By 21, a partnership with Don Ressler led to a new dominance for a transformational business. Their new e-commerce platform, JustFab isn’t merely shipping items to consumers, but also providing advice based on individual style. Consumers can personalize wardrobe choices, and the JustFab platform will then pair up complete looks. “Consumers have style boards that display how paired designs will look,” notes Goldenberg. Shoppers can also adjust their choices because the style boards allow for more creativity. JustFab removes a lot of the doubt people have about clothing. You can easily dress up, or dress down an outfit, all on one website, by choosing shoes, bags and accessories. Source:

More importantly, JustFab allows consumers flexibility, especially when shopping on a limited budget. According to Adam Goldenberg, JustFab is a legacy in the making. They’ve created the optimum customer shopping experience.

Bernardo Chua Makes Headlines Again

Bernardo Chua Makes Headlines Again published on

Bernardo Chua is a well known name in the multi level marketing industry. His name has been in headlines many times in the last two decades. He has recently found his name in headlines again thanks to the latest additions to his company, Organo Gold. This time Bernardo Chua was brought into the public’s eye thanks to the press release on

The article was released in March 2016. It was titled, “Bernardo Chua Motivates Retail Customers and Distributors With New Rewards Program.” The article discusses the new Perferred Customers rewards program that Organo Gold began offering during the Holiday season of 2015. The reward programs offers members special incentives and discounts only available to them. It also offers these members superb customer service and support options.

As his Facebook notes, Chua was born in the Philippines in September of 1974. There he was raised and received his education. He attended college at the University of East Manila. He then began working for his mentor, Leon Soon Seng, at Gano Excel Malaysia in the early 1990s. He then helped establish, and later expand, Gano Excel Philippines.

In 2008, Chua branched out on his own and began Organo Gold. The company produces high quality, organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other products using a special mushroom. The company’s products are available through independent distributors. The business began in the Philippines but quickly expanded. It currently operates in over thirty-five countries and is one of the fastest growing organizations worldwide. The headquarters are currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

There is little doubt that Bernardo Chua is a major player in the global multi level marketing industry. He has been in the industry for the better part of the last two decades. He has even received several awards for his outstanding work. Some of these awards include The People’s Choice Award and the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award. Mr. Chua has also been the recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal.  See his full list of awards and credentials on LinkedIn.