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Rodrigo Terpins, On Juggling Rallying and the Corporate World

Rodrigo Terpins, On Juggling Rallying and the Corporate World published on

Rodrigo Terpins is a respected rally driver in Brazil and a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He is not the only one in his family who is into sports; his brother into rally driving while his father made a name as a professional basketball player in the 60s and 70s and is now the current president of the Latin America Jewish Congress. His brother, Michael Terpins is a decorated race car driver and a mentor to Rodrigo, and they all belong to the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which was formed by Rodrigo, Michael and two other partners in 2015.


Rodrigo Terpins was born and raised in Brazil. Rodrigo is a Business Management graduate of Saint Hilaire College where he gained knowledge on corporate governance and management. This led him to be a top executive in the women’s clothing store Lojas Maris, and also had a position in real estate company T5 Participacoes. Despite his forays in the corporate world, Rodrigo has a deep passion for rally driving and participates in the annual Brazil Sertoes Rally and his team has won the most trophies distributed among its members in general. He keeps in touch with his fans on social media and has dedicated his exemplary track performance to his co-driver through the years.

Floresvale is a wood business located in Brazil and was founded by Rodrigo Terpins. The founding idea was for ensuring environmental sustainability and to change the narrative of wood business in Brazil to a sector whose products are certified for use in Brazil. Most of the wood is usually not certified keeping the public worried about their environment. For more details visit


Rodrigo Terpins seeks the input of his partners before embarking on any major project. He also studies consumer trends for a better business approach, same to best market practices and competitors’ approaches for better business decisions. He advocates for the younger generation to take their studies serious so as to be abreast as to what is happening in the world on diverse issues.

For all his exploits, Rodrigo holds rally matters close to his heart.


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Southridge Capital Investment Ideas From Experience

Southridge Capital Investment Ideas From Experience published on

Southridge Capital LLC is based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Its CEO and principal is Steven Hicks, whom founded the company in 1996. The company serves the investment interest of small and middle market sized companies, especially in the northeastern US. He got the idea for founding Southridge Capital while employed at a small hedge fund in New York City. The principal of that fund was in the process of returning to his home country, and needed a year to transition out from that position, and allowed Steven Hicks the opportunity to begin Southridge on his own.


Southridge Capital is noted to offer about 55 active products to investors. The company also is active in researching those companies that may utilize its services. Since its founding in 1996, Southridge Capital has achieved $1 billion in growth companies worldwide and customizes its investments to the customer. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Southridge Capital is a investment advisory firm in the sub-industry of investment management. It specializes in investment banking and brokerage services or private equity, and is registered as a Connecticut investment group.


Steven Hicks as principal of Southridge oversees business development of the Southridge Capital group. He has an estimated thirty years experience in financial structures, derivatives and investment banking.


Steven Hicks describes his typical day at Southridge Capital to start with reviewing the day’s schedule and noting items to accomplish. Before the day advances much further, he checks to ensure investments that are current are holding stable. Academically, Steven Hicks holds degrees from King’s College in Briarcliff Manor, NY, and Fordham University in New York City. The next insignificant investment trend according to him may be cryptocurrency and pot.


Steven Hicks views experience to be that which breeds ideas, and often reads “Wall Street Journal” online to check the markets and observe potential investment trends. He credits creating a daily list of things to accomplish as one habit that has aided his professional longevity and success. You can visit their Twitter for more.



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OSI Food Solutions Keeps Up With Consumer Tastes And Trends

OSI Food Solutions Keeps Up With Consumer Tastes And Trends published on

OSI Food Solutions has a 100 plus year history of producing and distributing high quality food products throughout the United States and now around the world. The rich traditional heritage of this American company began in 1902 in Chicago, Illinois. More than a century later, it still proudly maintains its international corporate headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

The company has a largely meat based selection of products that stems from its early days as a shop founded and run by a butcher. Over the years, as the needs of their customers changed and expanded, as did OSI Food Solutions. They added fruits, vegetables, fish, bread products, and condiments to keep up with customer demand and The changing times. Several years ago, there was an increased demand for chicken products that remains as strong today. The company’s response was to double its chicken production. In 2016, OSI bought a 200,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Chicago. It was a former location of the large chicken company, Tyson Foods, and sold at a reported cost of $7.4 million. OSI Food Solutions offers a large variety of food products and solutions to its worldwide customers, and it has grown its number of facilities in Europe as well.

The company distributes mainly to the food service industry. The food service business utilizes certain prepared versions of food to more quickly and easily serve their own customers. Accordingly, they rely on OSI Food Solutions to provide them with chicken patties, chicken strips, beef burgers, hot dogs, bacon strips, sausage, cheese, and much more of the ingredients commonly found in fast foods. Companies including McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, and Starbucks are just a few of the many fast food chains served by OSI. The company is one of the largest food producers in the world and one of the top 100 food companies located in the United States.

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OSI Group and Leadership: The Success of Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group and Leadership: The Success of Sheldon Lavin published on

OSI Group is a world supplier of custom-made food products in the food service industry for world-known food brands. OSI Group has been innovative in this arena by expanding throughout the world and introducing new ways of sustainability to other companies in the field.

The Beginning of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has gained over forty years of practical industry experience. He began with OSI Group in 1970 when it was known as Otto and Sons, and was a small business in Chicago, Illinois. As he became a leader of OSI Group, the company went from a small company in the United States to having a presence in 17 countries. He has guided the company to working with many top food retail names, making it a trailblazer for other foodservice companies to follow.

Company Successes

In addition to taking OSI Group to new heights Sheldon Lavin has managed to do so while incorporating sustainability efforts into its business practices. Under his tutelage, he has reduced the company’s electricity consumption, energy consumption, and has found ways to recycle energy for reuse at the company’s factories. OSI Group is also committed to agricultural development and has been awarded 1.5 million euros from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund for is efforts in Spain.

In the Community

Aside from the strides he’s made in business, Sheldon Lavin has played a major role in community involvement. He participates in the Ronald McDonald House Charities, as well as other charitable organizations. In 2016, he was awarded the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his care and commitment to the areas where the company is located and operates.

Mr. Lavin’s success makes OSI Group stand out and continues its legacy of being a world-renowned leader in the food industry.

Vinod Gupta Is An Inspiration To All Entrepreneurs

Vinod Gupta Is An Inspiration To All Entrepreneurs published on

Vinod Gupta is proof that anyone can be successful despite their origin or their ancestry. Vinod is an extremely successful businessman these days, yet he grew up in one of the poorer areas in India. Vinod Gupta was sure of his potential and was determined to get an education for himself. Not only did he do this, but he did so very quickly as well. Despite the massiveness of opening a business for oneself, especially without any financial backing, Vinod Gupta started up his own business with less money than most people carry around in their pocket. There are all different opinions on where to start off a business, but the truth is it all depends on the person and how they handle their situations.


Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.


Vinod performed above average with his education and ended up earning his Masters Degree in Engineering and Business before starting up his very own business. This education was the foundation for Vinod’s success, laying out the blueprint for what he needed to do in order to achieve his goals. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Forbes’ 2018 “World’s Billionaires” list includes Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta.


Like most, Vinod took on a small-time position at his first job in order to get experience and start working for himself. It didn’t take him long to rise up the ranks and realize his potential to always achieve more.


Alongside his business prowess, Vinod Gupta is an activist and philanthropist, working diligently to help society and the communities at large that need aid. Just like his beginning was tough, Vinod aims to help those who are disadvantaged. Throughout his career, Vinod has donated millions to various different causes and has stood behind the betterment of education for both children and women so that everyone can achieve their goals. Get Additional Information Here.


According to Vinod, one of the main aspects of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to find solutions regardless of the obstacle or problem that arises. Plans will always change, and things won’t always work out how they are expected to. It is an entrepreneur’s job to understand the market and society in order to find the solution that works and creates success.



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Roseann Bennett Working To Help Those With Depression

Roseann Bennett Working To Help Those With Depression published on

Roseann Bennett has over a decade of experience in helping those most in need with alleviating the effects of mental disorders. Lately, Ms. Bennett is working with families and marriages that have a spouse effected with a mental disorder. Roseann Bennett is a licensed therapist works closely to help the patient but works with the non-effected spouse also to help work through feelings of anger, disappointment, or misplaced responsibility that also impact a partnership.


Ms. Bennett has found such a need for counseling services that she opened the non-profit organization Center For Assessment And Treatment in New Jersey in 2009. She will see anyone that needs her services, but she also specializes in seeing those people who may have been rejected care or seem disenchantment with mental health services.


In her practice, Roseann believes that it is better for the partner in need to make and come in for the first appointment themselves. It gives them accountability for their care. Some therapists and councilors do offer Telemedicine visits where patients can meet via video chat with their therapists, but Roseann Bennett believes in face to face contact with her patients if at all possible.


Telemedicine does have it place for those patients who can’t make the drive in or have other health issues.


While seeking treatment there are a few things that can help in between visits



Talking to others that are trustworthy in between visits can help unburden the patient and share more moments of emotionally connecting.

Recognizing the symptoms of stress and implementing stress reliving techniques as needed will help curb any escalating mental issues.

Making a list of what went right in their day can help someone stay positive and move away from the low points of the day.

Try to let go of things that can’t be controlled. Working on controlling those aspects of life that can be made better offers positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment.









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Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A.

Sameer Jejurikar – Impressive Background

Sameer Jejurikar – Impressive Background published on

As much as plastic surgery could make you look beautiful, it could have also serious implications for you if not operated properly. Hence, it is important that you consult someone who has hands-on experience in the field. For people in the Dallas, Texas area, you could bury all of your worries to rest as you have Dr. Sameer Jejurikar to take care of all of your needs. He is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas and did his undergraduate from the University of Michigan. He did his residency from the University of Michigan Medical Center and also attended University of Michigan Medical School where he was a part of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

Dr. J also worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where he sub-specialized in the field of aesthetic surgery. He is an active member of multiple membership organizations; some of them include American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also associated with the American Medical Association and holds a Diplomate position on the American Board of Plastic Surgery. When it comes to hospital affiliations, he is associated with Dallas Day Surgery Center, Texas Health Surgery Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, all of which are in Dallas, Texas.

His extensive network does not stop here. He has presented many publications in the fields of Aesthetic Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Microsurgery to name a few. Besides this, he also has Journal of Surgical Research and Annals of Plastic Surgery to his name. This list could go on and if you would like to consult Dr. J, he is more than willing to personally address any questions or concerns you might have. Just give him a call to get started.

Growth and Success of OSI Industries

Growth and Success of OSI Industries published on

OSI Industries is celebrating a century since its establishment as a Butcher shop to its current multination meat and food provider. It is the most leading food processing firm that is having a drastic growth and taking roots in the world since it has more than 65 offices in about 17 countries where more than 20,000 employees are employed. As it was starting, it was a family based business that operated for years from 1914 to 1975 when the management changed. There before the firm was managed by Otto & Sons and as their retirement approached, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as the partner since he was well conversant with the services of this company because he was serving as an investment consultant.

It was after Lavin taking control of the firm that it started to open more facilities to other countries so that it can reach more customers as it widens its market share. Mr. Lavin led the OSI Industries into capitalization that made him the CEO and chairperson of OSI Company in the 1980s. The growth was fast since Lavin had broad experience in investment sector and banking services and he incorporated the skills into this company ensuring its growth and success.

According to Forbes List of 2016, the OSI Industries is ranked #58 as the fastest-growing private company with outstanding sales of $6.1 billion. For effective growth, the management ensured that it has several joint ventures with leading companies in the world since that made it easy for market expansion in various countries. It was a significant technique adopted by OSI through joint ventures since that made it easy for it to have a global image that attracted more clients to prefer its meat and food services.

Moreover, OSI Industries has acquired numerous companies like Baho Foods and Flagship Europe and many more. Through this acquisition, it is crucial for OSI as it explores other markets in different countries smoothly increasing its share in the market. The mark that is set by OSI Company is impactful and influential to other companies since they have to emulate its steps so that they can be able to succeed in the food production industry. The 2016 California Green Business Award from British Safety Council was given to OSI since it showed outstanding environmental management risks. OSI received another award from North American Meat Institute (NAMI) where in 2018 it was awarded Environmental Recognition Award.


Boraie, a Dependable Partner in Urban Real Estate Development

Boraie, a Dependable Partner in Urban Real Estate Development published on

Boraie Development is the company to choose when you want to break into new frontiers. The urban real estate market has been lagging for far too long but not anymore. Boraie, thanks to its robust management structure, is now spreading its wings into the urban arena.



According to NJ Biz, the corporation which got developed decades ago has withstood the test of time to emerge a titan in its niche. Boraie, thanks to its many years of operation, has been able to forge partnerships with individuals highly in-sync with the construction industry, a move that has seen the company’s flagship projects getting fulfilled in little to no time.



I believe that it is these partnerships that have, in a way, contributed to Boraie Development’s successes. Today, the world is a better place because of Boraie and I will tell you why. The institution, ever since it got enacted, has penetrated deeper into the peri-urban landscape, transforming the terrain into what you currently experience in urban areas. In truth, Boraie Development has outdone itself time and again.



Newark, as it turns out, is the ideal case study, a testament of Boraie’s ambitions. The company which has previously stagnated is currently making efforts to transform Newark through a multi-million dollar project that has already borne fruit by helping realize an over twenty-floor exquisite-grade building. In short, Boraie is taking on a new breed of a client, one that is able to pay top dollar to get the job done.



Shaq Towers, as the new building gets known, got christened recently in an occasion that attracted dignitaries from left, right, and center. In the middle of it, all was Shaquille O’Neal, an NBA Hall of Famer. Recall, Shaquille had a successful streak playing professional basketball. Therefore, the former basketball player, all thanks to his significant wealth, is transforming Newark with the help of Boraie Development.



As they say, East or West home is the best. O’Neal, who also happens to be Newark native, has big plans for his hometown; plans aimed at making the region’s economy grow. Shaq Towers, a seventy-nine million dollar apartment has already brought good tidings to Newark by providing more housing opportunities for those who would so wish to relocate to that part of the divide. From the look of things, Boraie Development’s bold moves are paying off as it has always been the corporation’s interest to see to it that its clients and communities thrive.

Louis Chenevert CEO Life

Louis Chenevert CEO Life published on

The primary goal of every investor is to become the most named entrepreneur and be in the Forbes magazine. Well, despite the enthusiasm that all the entrepreneurs join the business world having, most of them don’t end up getting where they aspired to get. The investment world is not for the faint-hearted, it is for those who are passionate and patient.

Take Louis Chenevert for instance; he is one of the most successful investors in the world. He has been involved in the success of more than 50 businesses. Many business people are using his business mechanisms in their ventures, and they have proved to be working.

Louis Chenevert began as a student of Production Management in HEC Montreal. His lectures saw the energy he had, and they began searching for opportunities for him from his friends. After school, he landed a job at the General Motors. Here he worked for 14 years. Before he left General Motors, he worked as the Production General Management.

In 1993, Louis was hired by an engineering firm: Pratt& Whitney. The unit that Louis Chenevert was assigned significantly improved, yet other companies were complaining of the financial crisis. The company awarded him by making him the President of the company. When UTC saw the difference he was making in their subsidiary company (UTC), they hired him as the CEO of the company.

He worked as the CEO of the company until 2014, when he voluntarily retired. It is worthwhile to note that there were no scandals involved in his retiring. He wanted some time to focus on his family and his interests. He spends his time designing yachts.

Louis Chenevert says that relentless focus is among the attributes that lead to success. He adds that you have to choose your team wisely. This is because you are only as productive as your team. He advises employees to empower their teams. The current CEO of UTC is following this advice by maintaining the scholarship program. The program allows the UTC employees to acquire any degree of their choice for free. He says that the program has improved the quality of services at UTC.